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Cheaper by the Dozen Free download í 6 ☆ Dad had enough gall to be divided into three parts Dad was Frank B Gilbreth to the world a distinguished innovator in scientific factory management and to his family of six boys and six girls a lively unpredictable and wholly beloved autocratTheir house in Montclair New Jersey was a sort of laboratoryAmily council There was the matter of the dog for instance Dad firmly believed that any pet which didn't lay eggs was an extravagance that a man with twelve children could ill afford But the vote was twelve to one with Mother abstaining and the dog was added to the general bedlamThe Gilbreths astounded the Nantucket natives who considered the Gilbreth homestead a pair of lighthouses with a cottage sueezed between a must stopping place for visiting tourists paralyzed the Montclair schools and routed the visiting psychiatrists Their high jinks are faithfully reported by two of the famous dozen in this uproarious book. I have always had a special spot for this charming book and always will

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Dad had enough gall to be divided into three parts Dad was Frank B Gilbreth to the world a distinguished innovator in scientific factory management and to his family of six boys and six girls a lively unpredictable and wholly beloved autocratTheir house in Montclair New Jersey was a sort of laboratory for the elimination of waste motions motion study as the elder Gilbreth called it The children made excellent if occasionally unwilling guinea pigsOnly a motion study expert could have coped with their temperamental Pierce Arrow nicknamed Foolish Carriage But Dad found no difficulty in blowing all three horns one elec. Forget that wretched Steve Martin movie and read the charming original Authored by two of the 12 this is the first of two memoirs about a large family’s madcap adventures In tone it reminded me most of Gerald Durrell’s The Corfu TrilogyFrank and Lillian Gilbreth were pioneers in the field of motion study often hired as efficiency experts for industry – and they ran their home like a well oiled machine too Nevertheless there was than enough love and humor to go around Frank was the kind of man who never having touched a brick in his life would walk up to a bricklayer and tell him just how best to do his job and be completely right but he also took a personal interest in each of his children and was to be seen loitering around their schools and chaperoning the girls on dates Lillie gave birth to six boys and six girls between 1905 and 1922 For a joke a neighbor once sent round a birth control advocate When all the children were in “Foolish Carriage” their Pierce Arrow car they looked like an orphanage on an outing For their summer vacations on Nantucket they had to buy not one but two lighthouses to fit everyone And when the 1920s hit Frank had the challenge of multiple daughters trying on flapper identities all at onceThe Gilbreths also had than their fair share of medical drama On a train trip back to the East Coast after visiting Lillie’s family in Oakland California all seven children extant at the time came down with whooping cough Later they all had their tonsils out at once – an experiment in efficiency that nearly turned disastrous when the doctor confused Martha’s tonsils with Ernestine’sThe book ends with a death something I certainly wasn’t expecting But overall it’s a sweet celebration of life when asked what he was saving time for Frank answered “For work if you love that bestFor education for beauty for art for pleasureFor mumblety peg if that’s where your heart lies” For all his bluster and brisk efficiency he knew what mattered in life Lillie too had mastered living in the moment; she once turned to her children and marvelled “Right now is the happiest time in the world”For a book published in 1948 that covers the first few decades of the twentieth century Cheaper by the Dozen is still remarkably fresh The only element that seems somewhat dated is a description of a Chinese cookI read the 2013 Open Road Media edition via NetGalley which has bonus end material including mini biographies of the authors and a terrific series of black and white family photosThis book gave me plenty of laughs at a time when I really needed that distraction; I highly recommend it as lighthearted and heartwarming reading

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Cheaper by the DozenTric two of the bulb variety as he stepped on the gas steered madly through traffic puffed on his cigar cuffed a noisy youngster in the back seat and bellowed Road hog road hog at the unwaryThe annual trip to their summer home in Nantucket Massachusetts was always fraught with drama They inevitably caused a sensation when they passed through a small town and were once taken for an entire orphanage on an outing Stops were of course freuent and once when one of the twelve got left behind the loss was not discovered for several hoursDemocracy was religiously practiced in the Gilbreth family through the medium of the f. Although this book was sold to me as a 7th grader as a heartwarming memoir of children raised by an efficiency expert I realized not too long thereafter that the book presented an insidious hidden agenda In real life the Gilbreth father was an acolyte of efficiency engineer Frederick Speedy Taylor 1856 1915 considered the founder of the theory of scientific management Taylorism as it had come to be called destroyed the craft underpinnings of much of the manufacturing industry in the US and segmented factory workers' activities into simple repetitious mind numbing tasks While this may have increased the wealth of the owners and over time provided a steady wage for some industrial workers a fairly decent critiue of Taylorism and in particular management's treatment of workers as replaceable cogs in a well oiled machine rather than human beings with inherent capabilities and imagination can be found in Harry Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital If I were subjected to the indignities inflicted on the Gilbreth children by their father I would have gone on strike or run away from home as soon as possible The recent Steve Martin movies of course have little to do with the raison d'etre of the book any movie with Steve Martin and Eugene Levy can be guaranteed to yield plenty of laughs Not so the book