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review The Golden Ocean 100 Ù In the year 1740 Commodore later Admiral George Anson embarked on a voyage that would become one of the most famous exploits in British naval history Sailing through poorly charted waters Anson and his men encountered disaster disease and astonishing success They circumnavigated the globe and seized a nearly incalcuable sum of SpanisSum of Spanish gold and silver but only one of the five ships survivedThis is the background to the first novel Patrick O'Brian ever wrote about the sea a precursor to the acclaimed AubreyMaturin series that shares the excitement and rich humor of those books The protagonist is Peter Palafox son of a poor Irish parson wh. Ahoy all ye sea faring adventure lovers Ahoy All ye land lubbers like me This was a great book to catch the salty sea wind in your sails and set sail on a grand adventure Treasure lovers will also find their joy within Written as if ya were thar riddled with scurvy and struggling with the British navy men and Peter

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O signs on as a midshipman never before having seen a ship Together with his lifelong friend Sean Peter sets out to seek his fortune embarking upon a journey of danger disappointment foreign lands and excitementHere is a tale certain to please not only admirers of O'Brian's work but also any reader with an adventurous so. Copypasted from my posts on LJ when I was reading itThis afternoon I went to my grandmother to enjoy a nice long bath God I need a nice bath sometimes I felt all refreshed and chipper when I came out of it though that might also have has something to do with reading on in The Golden Ocean as well FitzGerald's sea sickness cracked me up and Peter getting into a fight with the other mids I shouldn't laugh but POB is so wonderfully funny about it Not to mention it's also very interesting to see how Ransome who was a very likeable chap to Jack Byron in the last book is now a bully just because the other boy is Irish okay and possibly because he's a complete lubber I wonder whether he'll changeIn any case it's a wonderful book so farNow I'll go to bed to read a bit in 21 The arrangement these days seems to be to read The Golden Ocean during the day and The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey at night TGO is hilariously funny by the way Mr Stapleton has just explained the concept of keel hauling to Peter Haha 'And do you know what keel hauling is''Not exactly sir but Mr Saunders has promised to show me this evening'Bwaha XD And of course any time any time at all when logic is attempted to be applied to anything nautical Why is the uarterdeck bigger than the halfdeck Why go up the futtock shrouds instead of using a perfectly serviceable lubber hole that was built for the purpose How can you spend the watch below aloft Why call it a gundeck at all if there are no guns Why is it called a one decker if it has four storeys Navy logicOH OH And Peter was sitting across from Jack Byron at the dinner table And he was mast headed I like to think that Jack was one of the other boys who were and they looked at each other form different ships but didn't know it I ADORE how these two books keep tying in with each other There was a mention of Palafox at the end of The Unknown Shore as well Well they would tie in of course but it's still a lot of fun Not to mention that I'm getting thoroughly used to the route they're taking Haha three books following the same path first Jack and Stephen in Blue at the Mizzen then Jack and Tobias in The Unknown Shore and now following Anson himself in The Golden Ocean I wish there were a glossary or footnotes for the Irish phrases though I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of the Irish references like what Teague refers to or little snippets of conversation not to mention I can't pronounce most place names Now No talking about TGO Chapter three awaits Hey for home England and beautyPeter Palafox is growing fat and slightly obnoxious I kind of miss FitzGerald and can't stop thinking that at this moment while Peter's stuffing his face Jack and Toby are stranded somewhere and about to live in HELL for the next few months years and last but not least I'm growing to really really like Anson Anything else Oh yes Ransome has redeemed himself which we all knew he would because Jack Byron liked him and Keppel has no teeth left which is kind of tragic for a little kid who's probably only just gotten his set of permanent teeth a few years ago but he gets to have a cool lisp now so it's okay Now let's go harry the Spaniards WhoohoohoohooThe Golden Ocean has no discernible OTP This distresses me 335 men and no OTP Unheard ofPeter PalafoxSean O'MaraSee the book started out with Peter and Sean so I started out thinking that they might be a second version of the JackToby dynamic we had in TUS only they're not as close and there doesn't seem to be anything than ordinary friendship coupled with a bit of a class and rank difference Not that that would make any difference of course but there's not enough there to convince me of an OTPPeter PalafoxPeregrin FitzGeraldWell I had great hopes for this one and I was kind of rooting for FitzGerald the entire time hoping he'd come to the sailoring side of things after a while and they'd grow up to be a sort of Irish JackHeneage kind of pairing Only they obviously didn't because FitzGerald never became a decent sailor and got off the ship Upside he didn't get a chance to die around the HornDownside I didn't have time to slash him properlyPeter PalafoxRansomeWhat's Ransome's first name I don't know If it turns out to be Arthur I shall be greatly amused In any case I can't see the pairing They're close friends by now but meh If Jack Byron wasn't so attached at the hip to Toby I might pair him up with Ransome though It'd be fun It's like prototypeJackAubreyprototypeJackAubrey which would either be disturbingly attractive or just disturbing The two of them together make up an entire JackRansomeAugustus KeppelThe only pairing I might possibly be induced to consider so far I think which is of course horrible of me because I don't even know how to term that Is that RPS Is it FPS What is it Anyway they're very protective of each other they've got a sort of short hand around each other Keppel is marginally nicer and affable to Ransome and Ransome positively dotes on Keppel especially after the scurvy so I think I can see this best of all but in this book that's not really saying much AnsonSaumarezJust because it's fun to Shush But yeah it's not real It's just my overactive imagination saying that something had to have kept Anson so happy during all those storms I know that onepersonilikeanotherpersonilike is not a valid strategy for OTP huntingAlso Sean thinks the earth is shaped like a cheese and Mr Saumarez wishes to press the devil into the service I love this bookFinished The Golden Ocean before bed yesterday and read the first chapter of Persuasion because Rosamundeb has told me to read it ages ago and I'm in an Austen kind of mood Somehow I only just noticed now what a small step it indeed is to go from O'Brian to Austen By the way is it just me or is there something of the later Killick in young Sean O'Mara DMostly for myselfGeorge Lord AnsonBut the Commodore had dealt with that after his address to the assembled men one of his very rare addresses for he was not a louacious commander there had been no further breath of mutiny; and although the men had at first confronted their seemingly impossible task with no than apathetic obedience Mr Anson's certainty his immense prestige among them their affection for him and the example of his cheerful indefatigable industry had worked an extraordinary change'The hands will not be driven' he had directed at the council of the officers 'They will be shown These are good men they need encouragement not hard words I need not add' he had concluded dismissing the supposition with a smile 'I need not add that the officers will show no sign of dispondency at any time whatever'Philip Lord Saumarez'What is this shocking noise about' asked Mr Saumarez'If you please sir' said Keppel 'we are painting Mr Palafox blue''What a stupid blunder' cried the first lieutenant 'Don't you know that green is the proper emblem Come come; mix yellow with your blue and you will have green the only correct colour When will you begin to realise that you must think before you act'Mr Midshipman Augustus KeppelThe hatch was now open and the very small boy sat on a locker looking up it and singing in a remarkably high pitched soprano'The secret expedition hoThe secret expedition hee'over and over again Peter stood contemplating the pink cheeked singer and wondering first where FitzGerald was and secondly how this child could have got aboard; and presently the song came to an end'Tell me my boy' said Peter 'have you seen''Who the do you think you are' asked the kid with an unflinching stare'You should not use such words' said Peter uite shocked 'And you should not use such an infernally impertinent form of address to your seniors' piped the very small boy

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The Golden OceanIn the year 1740 Commodore later Admiral George Anson embarked on a voyage that would become one of the most famous exploits in British naval history Sailing through poorly charted waters Anson and his men encountered disaster disease and astonishing success They circumnavigated the globe and seized a nearly incalcuable. This is the first of O'Brian's other series about life in the Royal Navy during the Age of Sail It`s only one tenth as long as the enormously famous AubreyMaturin series and set nearly 100 years earlierA fiercely proud Irish boy and his companions dash off rather naively to serve on a ship destined to traverse the globe and encounter numerous adventures along the wayWhat makes this truly different from those other Royal Navy books is that we see life on ship from the perspective of junior officers rather than senior ones with characters that are much different and broadly comicIf you like anything else by O'Brian I'm confident you'll enjoy this one and if you enjoy a well told historical adventure this should go down well Fine writing as usual