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Nina Here Nor There Read & Download ☆ 9 Ä Honor Book for the 2012 Stonewall Book Awards in non fiction  The next generation Stone Butch Blues a contemporary memoir of gender awakening and a classic tale of first love and self discoveryAmbitious sporty feminine “capital L lesbians” had been Nina Krieger’s type for friends that is  SNon stop traveling searching for what or avoiding what she didn’t know When she lands in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood her roommates introduce her to a whole new world full of people who identify as ueer who modify their bodies and blur the line between woman and man who defy everything Nina thought she knew about gender and ident. I think I liked this I was curious about transgender because it's something mysterious to me I've known transgender people but have never been so close that I understood their sexuality or other things After reading this memoir I still have uestions but realize each situation can be different the level of modification people take on to pronoun preference to identifying hetero or homosexual The book did end uite abruptly and I'd love to read a seuel

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Honor Book for the 2012 Stonewall Book Awards in non fiction  The next generation Stone Butch Blues a contemporary memoir of gender awakening and a classic tale of first love and self discoveryAmbitious sporty feminine “capital L lesbians” had been Nina Krieger’s type for friends that is  She hadn’t dated in seven years a period of. Gender's not as black and white as you thinkFor those not as in the know transgender refers to the experience of having been born biologically one sex but identifying mentally and often physically as another This book is eual parts memoir and journey into the world of gender identity from the point of view of Nina Krieger a female born individual who begins exploring her now his gender identity in her late 20s and early 30s eventually coming to the conclusion that she prefers masculine pronouns to feminine and needs to take steps to transition for her own comfort and peace of mind This includes a name change to Nick hence the author's name in the byline I've seen comments about Nick Krieger's privileged background as it relates to his transition in other reviews Perhaps due to my own privileged background I don't see this as much of a negative On the contrary I think Nick addresses privilege including his own well throughout the book and fits it into the story as much as is possible to show where he came from in terms of familial background and where he ultimately ends up by book's endWhere I think this book truly stands out however is the depiction of what some might consider a late term realization of gender identity It brings to light the fact that not all transgender individuals knew they were transgender when they were children either because the social environment in which they were raised wasn't optimal for it or simply as a result of not connecting the dots until later on in life This certainly doesn't invalidate those who know early on but rather gives readers a glimpse of those of us who took time getting defining our identities in terms of gender or who might still be defining them to this dayKrieger's writing style is superb It's difficult for me to really make an impartial judgment call on just how much of an emotional impact his writing is since I personally identified with a lot of what he was going through and have a father I view as very similar in personality to Nick's What I can say is that the scenes in which Nick is trying to level with his father about his own identity only to be met with disbelief and even mild hostility really shook me to my emotional core Part of it is likely my relation to the situation yes I think another part is just how masterfully Nick captured the scenesIn fact the only parts I didn't particularly identify with and as a conseuence didn't find myself really enjoying were the liberal mentions of sex drug use and wealth among Nick's friends and acuaintances Yet I think it's essential that some of those scenes were included because transgender people don't exist in a vacuum They don't always go through their exploration of identity on their own although I do think many readers who don't live in San Francisco's liberal and permissive Castro neighborhood will really be able to relate to the seemingly constant discussions of gender preferred pronouns and ueer and feminist theory that were portrayed uite oftenThere are a small handful of books that depict transgender individuals coming out as teenagers in high school see Luna for male to female and Parrotfish for female to m

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Nina Here Nor ThereIty Despite herself Nina is drawn to the people she once considered freaks and before long she is forging a path that is neither man nor woman here nor there This candid and humorous memoir of gender awakening brings readers into the world of the next generation of transgender warriors and tells a classic tale of first love and self discover. There aren't that many books written by non binary authors that are entirely about being non binary We have Kate Bornstein and maybe Mattilda Syca though I think Matt mostly edits anthologiesThis is by a younger author it's fairly new and is the first non binary assigned female at birth author I have found In nonfic anyway Lizard Radio is a YA fiction by and about an AFAB non binary person And it's really really good Nick has a lot of practice writing apparently he's one of those annoying well educated white travel hacker types The ones with rich parents who paid for everything their wholes lives and still bail them out when they need well into adulthood Anyway he has a lot of practice writing engaging proseWhat's really cool about this book is that he wrote it in such a way as to bring you along on his journey rather than constantly commenting about what he would later learn while telling you the story Instead the story is told like a novel you stay in the character's head and he doesn't repeatedly spoil the headspace by dropping in updates from ten years later or telling you what PC thing he has since learned You learn about it when he does Though to be honest I did appreciate it when Janet Mock in Redefining Realness did the exact opposite but that was only because she provided hard facts specific numbers and cited her sources Reading a transition story by anybody who doesn't have Narcissistic Personality Disorder just guessing I don't believe there is an official diagnosis is refreshing after reading Chaz Bono's ghostwritten pukefestMy point is READ IT It's unlike anything else on the market