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CHARACTERS è Sparring Partners (The Dojo Chronicles #1) Ö What if everything you always thought you wanted could be yours simply by saying I do Billionaire Jordon Bennett needs to find a wife now to secure his position as CEO of BH Holdings Reed Mohr could use a miracle to help pay for her alternative elder care facility PottWhat if everything you always thought you wanted could be yours simply by saying I do Billionaire Jordon Bennett needs to find. This book has been in my possession for a while now but as some of you know or are most likely in the same situation my to read pile is rivaling Mount Everest Sometimes I even dream about which book to read next and in my dreams all the e books are jumping up and yelling “me first” Most of those books feature hot men is various poses and states of undress so they are very tempting That is why this book was hiding in the back in a corner because the cover for this book is a bit unremarkable and it felt left out in between the hotty coversHowever where the cover of this book might be unremarkable in my eyes you know me I'm shallow as a baby pool the story behind the cover is everything but unremarkable I have to admit I was surprised and that doesn't happen all that often any Let me tell you whyThe book starts with the words 'You need a husband' Which is true for Reed Mohr She needs a husband to help her pay for the elderly care facility Potters Woods like she needed a husband two years prior to help her adopt a troubled 14 year old teenager Just as the words 'You need a wife' ring true for billionaire Jordan Bennett otherwise he's out of a jobNot exactly the most promising start of a romance book mesa thinks As is the first meeting between Reed and Jordan shortly after Jordan receives the news he needs to find a wife in less than four days Though the instant Jordan meets Reed he sees something in Reed's eyes that he thinks he can work with He reads Jordan correctly because she is a fierce independent woman who stands for what she believes in and fights for those she loves After some witty word bandying and Jordan's thought are brilliant Jordan heard enough The art museum needed to post a sign saying No redheaded elven harpies with great eyes escorting yogurt throwing overgrown teenagers allowed Violators will be spanked by the throw ee the first date is set and off we go on an intriguing journeyThis was a rocky start of the book for me My eyebrows were raised almost the entire time and I was wondering where this would go However the witty conversation between Reed and Jordan as well as Jordan's thoughts kept me intriguedWithin no time at all the two are married and this is when the fun starts The story evolves in a uite the romance hmmmhot steamy sex scenes with believable conflicts throughout the book I loved the underlying use of the Dojo where Reed and Jordan spar It fits the title because they are partners in than just holy matrimony They keep each other on edge but also complete each otherSparring Partners also has a solid support cast one of whom is Jesse Reed's adopted son who saw a lot in his younger years than any kid deserves Jesse was one of my favorite characters He's a uirky teen who is smart and compassionate and doesn't let what happened in his past rule or ruin him One of my favorite scenes is the one towards the end in which he stands up for his momThe other characters are not just there to be pretty either they all have their part to play Like Reed and Jordan they grow throughout the storyUnderlying the main story is that of Reed's new agey free spirit aunt Finn and Henry an employee of Jordan While I liked it and it fit the story I'm not always a big fan of a story in a storyThe books centers around Potters Woods the elderly care facility Reed set up and it is a beautiful place It had me hoping there would be a lot places like Potters Woods in the world It would make life for the elderly so much better The author really put some thought in Potters Woods and I loved thatAs a last comment I liked the use of the popularized poems of Rumi throughout the story Rumi is Jalaluddin Rumi a 13th Century Sufi poet Usually I'm not a big fan of the use of poems or uotes at the beginning of chapters but these fit the storySparring Partners is a funny witty and beautiful read that offers a uniue story with lovable characters It's a book I can really recommend


A wife now to secure his position as CEO of BH Holdings Reed Mohr could use a miracle to help pay for her alternative elder car. Contemporary romance with sex It's unprotected but the couple is married This was a tough one I was tempted to go down a star I did like the story however improbable I liked the Hh I liked all the other characters I'm probably going to read the next one in the series Give it a try

CHARACTERS Sparring Partners (The Dojo Chronicles #1)

Sparring Partners The Dojo Chronicles #1E facility Potters Woods Inside and out of the dojo can these two survive sparring with each other Find out in SPARRING PARTNER. Surprisingly interesting