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Account or family tree A place of steadfast loyalties and friendships but where the long and brutal winter can make even the most intimate friends turn on each other with frightening intensity This is the place where Sheriff Paul Summers finds himself grasping for answers when the wild unpredictable woman who captured his heart years ago is discovered brutally and spectacularly murdered inside her family’s snowbound estate As the last person to see her alive and given his complicated history with the victim Paul is not only lead investigator on the case but in the eyes of many in Bruner the prime It takes a lot for me to put down a book I start It REALLY takes a lot for me to put down a book after 200 pages However this book got to a point where I couldn’t take any There are 3 things that I look for in a novel 1 plot twists and turns 2 Likeable or unlikable characters and 3 good writing “Heaven’s Fury” had NONE of these The book started outokay Decent Mediocre But after reading 200 pages of 308 I had had enough The story went nowhere I could care less what happened and I pretty much hated every character in the book PLOT TWISTS With the exception of one surprise somewhat early on there was nothing unexpected no ‘oh wow’ moments Just very boringCHARACTERS This is a big one for me I like books that have identifying with the characters I want to like the good guy and despise the bad guy I want to be able to relate to people to feel for them on some level and to feel like I have a vested interest in the outcome The characters were all so annoying especially the protagonist Paul Summers I cant recall ever reading a novel where our hero was such a worthless despicable human being He is very snippy and curt with townspeople He’s not a very bright detective He seems to have anger management problems He has no personality Worst of all is the fact he comes off—to me anyway—as an abusive husband Granted his wife is a real pain in the a However early on they get into an argument and our “hero” responds by pulling his gun pointing it at her head and threatening to kill her Later they get into another argument and this time he responds by throwing her to the floor and tying her up Ahh yes who doesn’t love a mentally unstable protagonist who abuses his wife Oh and not to sound all holier than thou but he also cheated on his wife Class actThere is no consistency at all to the characters in this book or to the relationship they have Paul’s best friend is some dude named Bear Bear and Paul have been friends for 25 years Bear has saved Paul’s life on two separate occasions Bear Paul mentions is like a brother to him Yet Paul is pretty sure Bear is sleeping with his wife HUH??? If your best friend was boinking your wife would you still feel he is like a brother?The wife—cant even recall her name—is mentally unstable or so it seems There is no rhyme or reason to her personality which changes on a dime At first she is insecure in her marriage and hates her husband They never have sex Suddenly she is loving caring cooking his favorite meals and strutting around naked or in revealing lingerie In one scene wearing lingerie she cooks him a meal and then sits on his lap and starts feeding him Suddenly for no reason as she is feeding him she shoves the fork deep into his mouth nearly choking him Out of the blue and for no reason What doe sour hero do? He throws her off his lap then has sex with her Our hero has no problem being rude to people and even physically violent When a lawyer calls his wife a whore he reacts by throwing the guy across his desk and then throws him against the wall and begins choking him Wow I’d sure love a small town sheriff like this wouldn’t you? So our hero throws lawyers around tosses his wife around in two other scenes puts his life at risk in shootouts However he is too afraid to stand up to Mrs Ericksen his secretary who is the town gossip and consistently hindering his investigation Add to this the usual cast of stereotypical characters the shady politician with his eyes on the White House the friendly gas station attendant the smug pompous wealthy guy the Native American woman who is one of the best trackers in the state and so on and so onSTYLE Granted this is subjective I’m not sure if Mr Frey’s other novels—which appear to be a different genre—are written like this But this is one of the worst written books I’ve ever read Again this is just my opinion Never have I read a novel with so much time and so many words devoted to the weather Even ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ in which weather plays an important role didn’t dedicate as many pages to the weather as this book It’s Wisconsin It’s winter It’s cold It snows a lot We get that But Mr Frey spent roughly at least 2 3 paragraphs every 4 5 pages explaining the weather the cold temperatures etc I also never read a book where so much time is devoted to physical location It’s not really necessary to repeatedly explain over and over and over which highway goes where why this highway is a better road than the other highway even though the other highway is less congested but the first highway takes a circuitous route while offering prettier scenery UGHAt times this felt like a novel turned into the Weather Channel turned into written word of Google Maps I also was shocked at how this small town sheriff repeatedly went into residences and homes illegally wthout probably cause or a search warrant Also it gets old when seemingly every woman in town tries to seduce him and every man worships the ground he walks on In the case of James Bond in the 60’s ok In the case of Paul Summers? NoSpoilerCindy is Paul’s former girlfriend who now shows up back in town He immediately realizes he has always loved her that he’s never stopped loving her that he should have married her instead of his wife and that she is ‘the one that got away’ We’re really not sure why The ‘love’ seems to be only physical since Paul only tells us how sexy and beautiful she is nothing about a connection or anything they have in common Perhaps it’s the fact she keeps trying to seduce him but okay As a matter of fact on one hand Paul tells us this while also realizing Cindy is a habitual liar and plays with people At one point Paul after cheating on his wife and sleeping with Cindy claims that he will leave his wife if she agrees to leave her husband He obviously loves her for some reason Then Cindy is found brutally murdered And Paul? Does he cry? Is he sad? Is he remorseful? Does he miss her? Is he hellbent on avenging her death and moving heaven and hell to find her killer? Nope not really Cindy’s dead and Paul never thinks of her againend spoilerThis was the first Frey book I’ve ever read It will definitely be the last This book—the characters the storyline and the writing—were all awful This was one of the worst books I’ve read in a very long time One star is one star too many

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Heavens Fury Suspect in her killing Battling rumors of an evil cult’s being formed just outside of town the disappearance of another citizen and a wife whose grasp of reality is uickly slipping away Paul must race to find the true guilty party before a massive winter storm leaves them all cut off from the outside world and at the mercy of a remorseless killer As the approaching storm gathers in intensity so do the twists and turns that bring Paul ever closer to unraveling the big secrets that haunt this small town In a stunning conclusion Paul witnesses firsthand the startling power and beauty of heaven’s fur In northern Wisconsin a sheriff who has come to the end of his professional line gets caught in a love triangle and a series of murders that threaten his life Its a good enough drama but the writing is pretty pedantic and overly dramatic I have read other Stephen Frey novels and this is not his best

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read Heavens Fury kindle º Kindle Edition Þ moneyexpresscard Ç New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey thrills readers with the mesmerizing tale of a small town sheriff who must confront the worst violence that man and nature possess  Bruner Wisconsin is really two different towns On one side are thNew York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey thrills readers with the mesmerizing tale of a small town sheriff who must confront the worst violence that man and nature possess  Bruner Wisconsin is really two different towns On one side are the magnificent summer estates of wealthy families who value their privacy and privilege above all else A few miles away but a world apart are the homes of the working men and women who cook clean and tend to the needs of the summer visitors It’s a place of staggering natural beauty but where death can come unexpectedly and with no regard for a person’s bank This book bounced back and forth between interesting and annoying making me wish it would end but still have enough of a spark of hope left that I wouldn't just uit listening OK mystery but the characters all left me wanting for development and feeling they were all a little schizophrenic with how much they flip flopped around