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By a Spider's Thread doc ´ Paperback read è De kofferbak was groter dan Isaäk had verwacht en hij was ook niet zo bang als hij had gedacht Het was erg jammer dat het zo’n oude auto was Een nieuwere zoals die van zijn vader zou misschien een lampje hebben of zelfs een manier om de klep van binnenuit open te makenUit ervaring weet privDat hun leven op alle vlakken perfect en smetteloos was? Waarom verliet Natalie dan van het ene op het andere moment haar prachtige huis en vertrouwde omgeving?Tess komt erachter dat Natalie kriskras het land doorreist met een onbekende en gewelddadige man Een nieuw mysterie vraagt om haar eigenzinnige aanpa This was an enticing read Once I started I didn't want to put the book down The story starts out simply Mark Moshe Rubin's wife Natalie has run away with his children Rubin an Orthodox Jew doesn't know why but he does know that he must find his family He hires Tess Monaghan PI Tess then begins to slowly peel back the layers of deceit that eventually help find the Rubins She's helped along by Mark's nine year old son Isaac I think Isaac forms the conscience of this story; he's the one character who is never in doubt as to what's right and what's wrong He's the one who suffers the most while his mother is on the run as he keeps getting into trouble for trying to draw attention and refusing to eat anything that's not kosher While he isn't physically abused he is certainly abused psychologically and made to do things that are beyond wrong As Tess works the case she gets help from Rubin and from a group of fellow female private investigators When some of this collective of investigators follow up on some of Tess's information Tess and Rubin begin to close in on Natalie Will they get to her in time to make sure no one comes to harm? This book is beautifully written The characters are so realistic they could step off the page and start a conversation with the reader The plot is intricate and complex And the ending is a surprise I didn't see coming I do uestion the mechanics of the warehouse scene It's a modern building and should have modern euipment view spoilerIt seems to me that the vaults should have had an emergency release on the inside Mark would go there on his own so it would be in his best interest to see that if he had gotten locked in while there alone he'd have a way to get out Of course that might interfere with the way things worked out hide spoiler

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Ss Monaghan dat haar klanten niet zelden oneerlijk of onbetrouwbaar zijn Wanneer modelvader Mark Rubin haar hulp inschakelt bij de plotselinge verdwijning van zijn vrouw Natalie en hun drie jonge kinderen komt Tess dan ook voor een dilemma te staanMoet ze Rubin op zijn woord geloven wanneer hij haar vertelt I only review books that I love and By A Spider’s Thread fits into this category It’s an exciting action filled read that also delivers psychological maneuverings by each character trying to survive a deadly game Lippmann gives all of her characters vibrant personalities and distinct individual voices making each chapter extra intense as the reader slowly uncovers the motivations driving the cast The parts written in the young boy’s POV are especially poignant as he attempts to make sense of the adults’ actions and to get back to his home and father

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By a Spider's ThreadDe kofferbak was groter dan Isaäk had verwacht en hij was ook niet zo bang als hij had gedacht Het was erg jammer dat het zo’n oude auto was Een nieuwere zoals die van zijn vader zou misschien een lampje hebben of zelfs een manier om de klep van binnenuit open te makenUit ervaring weet privé detective Te This was not my favorite Laura Lippman book It had a good plot that kept it supspenseful to the very end but I didn't like any of the characters including TessWhile reading this book it seemed like I was enrolled in a class about Orthodox Judaism Most of the characters were Jewish so there didn't need to be so much discussions between one another about their Judaism Natalie was the beautiful wife who disappeared with her children leaving her husband Mark wondering where they all were She was so beautiful she was compared to classic women such as Natalie Wood and Elizabeth Taylor There was nothing mentioned of her personality abd who she was or what she was like Make me care about this missing person We find out later some facts about her past way later in the book and that just makes you care even less about her Mark owned a family fur store and was a bulliying businessman that made him wealthy Not too likeable from the get go bu then we learn about him way later in the book and he too has secrets from his past and when revealed make him even less likeableThe charcters in this book had many flaws and were It nice people That isn't bad in and of itself because that is how real life is but it makes it hard to bond with any of the characters I didn't even care about the little personal things going on in Tess' life They seemed irrelevant and boring She had this group of women that helped her out on her cases that did not seem the least bit believeable Ok there was one ok character and that was Issac Natalie's son He seemed to be the only one with a conscience But even his knowledge seemed unrealistic and he had a chauvinistic opinion toward women so his likeability was limitedIn the end when we finally learn all the truths and the disappearance of Natalie and the children is resolved I didn't care and just wanted it to end I will read other books by Laura Lippman This one just didn't work for me