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READ & DOWNLOAD ¿ A Cup of Friendship á In a little coffee shop in one of the most dangerous places on earth five very different women come together SUNNY the proud proprietor who needs an ingenious plan and fast to keep her café and customers safeYAZMINA a young pregnant woman stolen from her remote village and now abandoned on Kabul's violeT streetsCANDACE a wealthy American who has finally left her husband for her Afghan lover the enigmatic WakilISABEL a determined journalist with a secret that might keep her from the biggest story of her lifeAnd HALAJAN the sixty year old den mother whose long hidden love affair breaks all the rules As th. Having read a number of fiction books about Afghanistan A Thousand Splendid Suns being my favourite I was keen to read this book following five women in Kabul However I came away disappointed and frustrated with the book and the authorThe first mistake the author made was taking on the challenge of trying to write five believable well rounded characters each with interesting and individual stories in a book of less than 400 pages The author has seriously over estimated their skills as a writer in my opinion I found two of the characters Candace and Isabelle astonishingly pointless as they added nothing to the plot Their own storylines seemed under developed and crude Isabelle in particular seemed like a character 'taped on' to the book and the mention of her rape and visit to the Only Jew in Kabul was obviously the author separately trying to give the character some legotimacy Candace came across as deeply unlikeable and jaw droppingly naive It was obvious from the first page of her introduction that Wakil was only using her for money yet the author stretched out this thinner than crepe paper story till the end of the bookI found myself only caring about the Afghan characters of the book I would flick through the pages until the plot returned to their stories It felt like the author had no faith in her Afghan characters so introduced the pointless European and American characters to appeal to a Western audience If she had concentrated on only the afghan characters including the Hazari coffee house worker who I felt could have been a much central character wit of a story line the book would have been richer deeper and interestingThe authors writing style was irritating as she's an American I can almost forgive her for the inaccurate use of 'bloody hell' by the British character but found the use of the term 'thick British accent' annoying What the hell is a thick British accent Geordie Cockney Scouse Turns out it was Middle Class Southern accent the accent all British characters have in American film and TV Also I lost count of the times the women touched each other's arms Isabelle touched Candace's arm Sunny touched Isabelle's arm etc etc Bizarrely one of the women but the back of their hand on the others shoulder at one point whyOverall I found this book in need of at least half a dozen rewrites and a removal of two characters at least to be classed as a good read

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In a little coffee shop in one of the most dangerous places on earth five very different women come together SUNNY the proud proprietor who needs an ingenious plan and fast to keep her café and customers safeYAZMINA a young pregnant woman stolen from her remote village and now abandoned on Kabul's violen. I HATE chick lit to me it is not a genre its an insult The rampant vapid female consumerism frothy plots whiny heroines and stereotypes drive me mad A Cup of Friendship or The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul is not the worst kind of chick lit It does attempt to have an interesting storyline an exotic but gritty setting and female characters who are not obsessed with shoes and brand names However it is full of stereotypes poorly fleshed out characters and implausible ending The plot constantly threatens to become interesting a tragedy is always imminent something of conseuence could actually happenbut it never does Characters never blossom as the book shuffles to its tedious Hallmark card ending Halajan is the only character of interest with her no bullshit attitude long hidden forbidden love story and passion for Rumi but she alone is not enough to save this book from saccharine tedium This book could have been so much a celebration of the power of the feminine to triumph to bloom and blossom in the harshest of circumstances instead it was a ho hum book of very little brain or heart Another literary cheeseburger instead of a feast

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A Cup of FriendshipEse five women discover there's to one another than meets the eye they form a uniue bond that will for ever change their lives and the lives of many others The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul is the heart warming and life affirming fiction debut from the author of the bestselling memoir The Kabul Beauty Schoo. This book didn't really work for me At first I was irritated by the 'let me work in lots of foreign words and explain these different cultural viewpoints to you' tone Then I couldn't get into the characters since they didn't seem to bond with each other and then were shown working together as very close friends uite suddenly Actually several plotlines seemed to drag on and then suddenly resolve themselves often outside the story Issues with the young woman's sister and adult son's internal dialogue about what is right and the safety of a fatherless infant The thread about frustration with corruption lost its power when she herself used bribes and connections and broke laws herself working the corrupt system I did not feel satisfied at the ending as things had been challenging in Kabul at the open of the story and seemed to improve as the story went off and then she decided to leaveOne part of the voice I felt was imprtant was that the author expressed the frustrations of the Afghan people being 'helped' and treated like children by other countries and foreign based NGOs