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Betrayal (Haunting Emma, #2) Read & download ↠ 9 µ Amazing E-Book, Betrayal (Haunting Emma, #2) Author Lee Nichols This is the best favorite book isbn 9781599904221 format Paperback and others 288 pages and has a text language like EnglishThis is the best favorite book isbn 9781599904221 format Paper. Emma Vaile is a high school student and something called a Ghost keeper and she is the most powerful one in centuries She has to defeat Neos who is the master of wraiths Will she and her allies win or will Neos Only time will tell

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Back and others 288 pages and has a text language like English. I was really excited for the continuation of Emma’s story The plot was still amazing in this book as Nichols has brought a whole new concept to the paranormal genre I love the world that she has created with the different types of ghostkeepers The reason Emma is so impressive is that she has all the powers that everyone else has independently and then some In the second book her powers continue to grow exponentially and she proves what a loyal and protective person she is There are several really interesting twists that the plot takes in this story where the “impossible” happens and it leaves the reader shocked I really enjoy that in a story No I won’t disclose but you can read for yourself The slight unpredicatability of the story is an attractive part of the book I do think that the ending strings need to be tied up sooner rather than later I don’t want this to turn into another drawn out series with the same conflicts spanning 12 or books I enjoy seeing different conflicts and resolutions in the series over time I have no idea what Nichols has planned for the future I am just stating that I hope she has new conflicts in mind for later books Spoiler I really don’t like Emma and Bennett’s relationship in this book It’s nothing against the author but I think other readers might have trouble with it as well The whole idea of staying together no matter what even in a potentially destructive relationship doesn’t sit well with me Their relationship takes some unhealthy turns and it was hard for me to stomach that with the bookOverall I give it a 45 It didn’t completely wow me but it kept me interested and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series The storyline is great and the fictional world has the attention to detail that is difficult to achieve published at wwwdonotdisturbmybooksblogspotcom

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Betrayal Haunting Emma #2Amazing E Book Betrayal (Haunting Emma #2) Author Lee Nichols. Reviewed for MM's by SophieI picked up Betrayal right as I finished Deception see link for review and let me tell you Mundie Moms I was filled with anxiety in a good way We know by now all about Emma’s strength and her legacy But Deception ended with such a reveal that I was left thinking “Oh boy how will this work out” Those are the best kind of endings aren’t they A reveal not a cliff hanger I think soSo on to Betrayal and my non spoilery thoughts We all know as readers that second books are tricky Often times there are plot developments that we uestion or don’t like but Lee managed to avoid every one of those potential pitfalls Instead she presents what is a logical extension of the decisions which were made in the first book And I can’t even being to praise her writing – the plot the characters and her dark ghost filled world all are brilliantly presented The stakes are higher and everything gets and twisted Don’t you love when that happens in a book I know I doThis time around the secondary characters are a pivotal part of the story And the family of friends that Emma has built around her in her parents’ and brother’s absence is presented in such a realistic way Their relationships are tested so very believably I felt like I was experiencing my own friends’ emotional ups and downs Even the villain Neos continues to be a credible threat We learn about him and how very un stoppable he’s become Nothing but nothing brings out my fangirly side like a good villain And by good I mean bad of courseWell nothing except an impossible romance that is You know the kind – forbidden yet destined Bennett and Emma have just that I can’t even begin to describe my love for this pairing because I will spoil all plot developments completely It’s enough I think to remark that Bennett easily makes my Top 5 Favorite Fictional Boys list And yes MMs he can work a sword rather well So here’s to another Hot Boy with Sword who is just dreamyI encourage you to not wait and pick up this series as soon as possible The third installment Surrender comes out in December