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Enter the magical colourful poignant world of Bracken and Rebecca Mandrake the tyrant Boswell the. Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a book about moles because it a great story of love hate violence forgiveness and courageA re read for me this has always been my favourite of the Duncton books There are six in all three in the Duncton Chronicles and three in the other series But this is the best of them I felt that the others got a little too bogged down in philosophy and Horwood turned slightly preachy with his pacifist molesDespite that I will be on the lookout for the others in this series as I had forgotten how well written they were These moles are full of life and personality yet at the same time they remain moles throughout the bookIn essence this is a love story between Bracken and Rebecca but it is also the story of how violence and hatred can be overcome

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Duncton WoodE this enchanting story tells of an ancient community losing its soul but saved by courage and lo. As the tagline on the book suggests this is A clash of good and evil in the savage kingdom of moles It bears comparison to Watership Down but the moles are anthropomorphic As well as speaking they worship the Stone they scribe books and they have the capacity to loveIt is this capacity to love that brings us the story of Bracken and Rebecca two moles who grow up in the Duncton Wood system At the time of their birth the system is being overthrown and then led by two evil moles Mandrake and Rune We learn over the course of the book that there are reasons for Mandrake's ability to be so cruel his upbringing on the wild slopes of Siabod bred him that way but Rune is pure evilRune is perhaps the most interesting character in the book I find Bracken a bit wishy washy and whiny to start and then slightly dense in the middle and then hard to idenitfy with at the end Rebecca is a sweet character but I don't like the way she sighs in her speechThis novel is all over the place regarding pacing When Horwood is concentrating on the goings on in the Duncton system describing the moles and their daily lives he is at his strongest These parts of the book fly by and I am never less than interested in what is happening to Mekkins and Rose and the Pasture molesAt times Horwood goes into a whimsy of describing every tiny thing and there are a couple of occasions in the book that made me almost want to put it down in disgust when Bracken is first exploring the Ancient System; when Boswell and Bracken journey to Siabod; when Bracken secretly attends the singing of the Song These parts of the book really dragI also disliked greatly the descriptions of mating these were far too sensual for what is in essence a book about animal however human they may act at times One instance in particular between Rune and Rebecca is almost obscene and made very very difficult readingAnd the rapeincest scene that we get is a step too far These parts of the book made me feel deeply uncomfortable and lead me to believe I would never want to re read however entertaining other parts of the book areAnd there are fun parts The descriptions of the ever changing woodland the plants and the animals are superb Horwood clearly has a great deal of sympathy and appreciation for the English countryside which comes out in his work A number of his characters are excellent value for the entry fee Mekkins is great fun; Rose is gentle and loving; Boswell is both mysterious and down to earthYou have to suspend your disbelief massively in order to read this book As well as the moles writing they undertake massive journeys Boswell and Bracken in particular travel from Duncton via Uffington to the heart of Wales This is necessary from a plot point of view but I just cannot pretend to belief that two little moles could accomplish thisThe worship of the Stone colours every little part of this book which Horwood declares in his notes at the end is an allegory probably for pagan worship I understand that this only increases in the future books of the series which disappoints me because I found it a little too preachyAll in all a very uneven book which was entertaining in parts but couldn't hold my interest over the long haul

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characters Duncton Wood ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Enter the magical colourful poignant world of Bracken and Rebecca Mandrake the tyrant Boswell the scribe Hulver Comfrey and all the other moles of Duncton Wood Set deep in the English countryside this enchanting story tells of an ancient community losing its soul but savScribe Hulver Comfrey and all the other moles of Duncton Wood Set deep in the English countrysid. If you’ve encountered it at all you’ve probably heard this book described as a cross between Watership Down The Wind in the Willows and The Lord of the RingsThis description my friends is a bare faced lie The only thing this book has in common with the first two books is that it features anthropomorphic animals but it contains none of the whimsy or sweetness of Willows and if you’re one of those people who can’t help but well up when you hear Bright Eyes then this book will have you reaching for the cheap whiskey and razorbladesYou thought that sweet little bunny popping its clogs was traumatic Folks that ain’t nothing on this book There are multiple rapes baby murders and even as the cherry on the cake an incestual rape It was at this point my wife dropped the book like a hot turd and I honestly can’t say as I blame her I have thicker skin than the missus and even I found it a bit much to be honest The worse part about it for me was the way the author seemed to be trying to turn the incestual rapist into a sympathetic figure in the second half of the book Nope Not gonna sell that to me I’m afraid Raping your daughter is not something you can come back from mateEven the consensual sex scenes I found extremely creepy; I mean who really wants to read raunchy sex scenes about moles shagging Bloody weirdos that’s whoIt’s not all bad though It is a genuinely powerful fantasy epic and it’s very well written although Horwood could do with showing a bit often and telling a bit less particularly when it comes to character traits The world building in particular is very goodI will be continuing with the series but I’m really hoping all the rapey stuff is behind us I definitely need a break before I start the next one I feel a bit dirty