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Betrayer (Foreigner #12) Summary ✓ 104 ´ Betrayer Foreigner Book 12The twelfth novel in Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its conseuencesIn the wake of civil war Bren Cameron the brilliant human diplomat of the alien atevi civilization has left the capital and sought refuge at his country Betrayer Foreigner Book 12The twelfth novel in Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its conseuencesIn the wake of civil war Bren Cameron the brilliant human diplomat of the alien atevi civilization has left the capital and sought refuge at his country estate Najida But now he is trapped inside Najida which has been surrounded by enemies with Ilisidi the powerful grandmother of his ally Tabini aiji atevi leader of the Western Association But Ilis. This series is consistently satisfying in a way that very few SF can be It's very political very immersive and so deeply rooted in an alien world Humans and Atevi navigate the turmoil in the provinces as Tabini regrows his political strength Tabini's grandmother Ilsidi has sent Bren into enemy territory to broker a deal among the most chaotic associationsThis is a huge amount of trust And amidst various accidents Bren has been forced to appear like he's betraying all his associations with Tabini and Ilisidi It's exciting and it's very very political but Cherryh pulls it off wonderfully I just love how Bren always comes through as an extraordinary diplomatIf that wasn't enough to hold our interest of course we get a huge dose of action as war breaks out and alliances shift and Bren is caught in horrorshow of field movement and gunfire These novels aren't normally this full of action either but this is the end of this mini trilogy so it's perfectly natural I can't help but think of this as anything but a long long story arc over years from Bren's early days to his middle age encompassing so many huge changes over an alien world with humans stuck on a small island in a world full of very dangerous aliens What would it be like as a tv series A long running tv series It's very close in my mind to say Shogun and the similarities keep coming only I have to admit I love this one

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Idi the wily and dangerous aiji dowager is not inclined to be passive and in a brazen maneuver sends Bren into enemy territory to the palace of Machigi the leader of the rebelsBren's mission is to negotiate with Machigi a young atevi lord who has never actually seen a human and somehow persuade him to cease his hostile actions against the West Bren knows that the autocratic Machigi rules a fractious clan and that his hospitality is not guaranteed Bren's genius for negotiation enable him to m. Interesting development of the younger characters in this series Only wish the complicated political situation had been a little easier to follow Many new geographically new towns and peoples Still a favorite series and will dive into the next trilogy arc soon

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Betrayer Foreigner #12Ake a daring trade offer to Machigi one that seems to interest the young warlord But Machigi is suspicious of Ilisidi's motives and to Bren's utter shock evokes an ancient law that jeopardizes Bren's life Can Bren stay alive and not alienate Ilisidi or Tabini while also representing the interests of their enemyThe long running Foreigner series can also be enjoyed by casual genre readers in sub trilogy installments Betrayer is the 12th Foreigner novel and the 3rd book in the fourth subtrilogy. Ms Cherryh’s works have been a favorite of mine for some time; she’s the only author I buy in hard without thinking about things I love the writing the complex characters the twisting plots and seeing very minor characters contributing like secondary character in other author’s works In Betrayer we have the continuing saga of Bren Cameron a human who’s the translatorintermediarytechnical diplomat between humans and Atevi for those that haven’t followed the series there are 11 previous books; start with the first Foreigner you’ll have a better understanding of the environment Now in the Marid and working to establish peace between the Marid and the rest of the Atevi Bren is Ok this is a walk about book with action Bren is traveling from the Marid to his estate Several times Ms Cherryh bring up about Bren getting softer and not adept at moving in the outdoors; not surprising given that Bren is basically a person who stays indoors Possible a better uestion is how his bodyguard retains their fitness This is a little hard to understand since the same four bodyguards are around Bren all the time I don’t doubt that they’re the elite of the Guild but being in an environment where they’re not using their “outdoor” skills would tend to mean that they wouldn’t move like Special Forces There are subtle aspects to the plot particularly dealing with the relationships between the Ragi the Marid and the Eastern Association Here’s where Ms Cherryh is setting the stage for her next book as these different culture blend toward one harmonious people Ms Cherryh implies that a future book will deal with the Kyo coming to visit the Atevihumans This is of interest because each of the Atevi people have their own uniue ways about them the Ragi have reminded me of the Japanese for years the Eastern Association is closer to the Scot the Marid is interesting because it reminds me of the Iberian Peninsula at the time of El Cid with the political flavorings While I wasn’t as enthralled with this one as I was Deceiver most of it has to do with Bren wondering about the Marid with limited usefulness and his being amazed by his Atevi bodyguard capabilities both physically and technologically this one’s been beat a little too hard Ms Cherryh continually mentions the strengths of the Atevi but fails to look at the disadvantages of a people who’re between 7 and 8 feet tall It takes a lot of groceries to keep a frame of that size moving and usually it’s less dexterous As for the technology I find it interesting that the Atevi have a tech level that’s between early 20th Century in the country and later 20th Century in the cities yet the Guild are in the early 21st Century Ms Cherryh’s provided them a reasonable technological capability for a “special” organization without describing an infrastructure that can support it; a weakness given the environment she’s described This is a 35 star book that I’m calling a 3 star book While good compared to other SF books on the market I don’t think it rises to a 4 star capability for Ms Cherryh The book feels like a continuation that stretches and could have been cleaned up earlier Merging this with how open ended we’re left makes me feel that this one’s a weaker one in the Foreigner series