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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Robert Cormier They entered the house at 902 PM and trashed their way through the Cape Cod cottage A. This book takes at least 10 years of my life FULL REVIEW From  the very start right from the first lines Cormier sets the tone for this book And I just knew this book would upset me And man was I right After I finished it I wanted to scream cause I was frustrated and mad beyond words Well I guess I actually did scream But the emotions that this book manages to raise make it such an incredible and unforgettable journey and I'm sure this book will stick with me for a very long time I can't write this review without spoiling so spoiler alertThis book is written from 3 point of views Jane Buddy and the so called Avenger The different pov's alternate and I had to get used to this at first I guess my lazy side prefers clearly divided chapters preferably with the name of the respective character in the title But after a few pages it was ofcourse no problem at all I always like to read different pov's and also in this book it was interesting to see how everything comes together Jane and Buddy are two broken teenagers both coming from a destroyed family So when they find each other it feels like it is meant to be But knowing that Buddy is one of the guys who trashed her house the event that actually disrupted Jane's family and knowing that the trashing is linked with her sister's coma you just know this can't end good right Right Sigh Buddy is obviously a messed up kid Maybe even the loser kind of guy His family faces tempestuous times and he isn't a fighter Instead he finds solace in drinking Still he isn't a bad guy He just makes very bad decisions I knew his heart is in the right place when he freaks out the moment his fellow trashers are attacking Karen It is also obvious that he feels guilty for what they did to Jane and her family He tries to change to stop drinking But he makes a mistake again by not telling Jane the truth I think those 2 would actually had a chance Call me naive or a hopeless romantic but I think Jane had it in her to forgive Buddy When reading this book and noticing the ominous and sinister writing style of the author you know the ending will be upsetting That means Jane is bound to discover the truth Predictable would be that Karen wakes up recognizes Buddy from that night and tells Jane However Cormier chooses for originality and throws in a mentally disturbed person who in the end reveals everything to Jane I have to admit Cormier really got me there I thought I knew all along who the Avenger was but damn the author mislead me And I loved thatTo be honest I had a lot of possible disturbing endings in my mind some say I have morbid thoughts So from all the possible bad endings I guess this is the best alternative But nevertheless it is heart breaking After the big revelation I kept hoping there was some way Jane Buddy could get through this Cause they are so good and sweet together less broken I guess my romantic side is stubborn Then with Jane's last thoughts she makes me see what I refused to see It was beautiful there for a while wasn't it JaneShe thought of the trashing and Karen in the coma all that time and her father and mother and Artie And those yellow stains under the paint in her bedroom Was it she said suddenly sorry for him she discovered how distant pity was from hate how very far it was from loveBecause Buddy was not strong enough or smart or courageous enough or whatever to confess everything their relationship was beyond repair  And what they had how sweet it might have been was maybe not so beautiful after all End noteA book that can make me feel practically every emotion humanly possible deserves the full 5 stars

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Read & Download We All Fall Down 104 î They entered the house at 902 PM and trashed their way through the Cape Cod cottage At 946 PM Karen Jerome made the mistake of arriving home early Thrown down the basement stairs Karen slips into a coma The trashers slip awayBut The Avenger has seen it all T 946 PM Karen Jerome made the mistake of arriving home early Thrown down the basemen. Brilliant if not slightly controversial in regards to themes for a Young Adult audience I thoroughly enjoyed the thought provoking notions and ideas this novel createdGreat use of allusion juxtaposition and POV Good read for senior students and an excellent opening for conversationThis is not necessarily a YA read so give it a go

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We All Fall DownT stairs Karen slips into a coma The trashers slip awayBut The Avenger has seen it al. This is a freuently challenged book like most of Cormier's books about a group of teenagers who break into a house vandalize it and assault the young teenage girl who makes the mistake of coming home early The violence is ugly brutal and exceedingly real The book unflinchingly depicts it and then moves beyond it to address the conseuences of this violence for everyone concernedCormier deals with dark subjects in a complex and mature way So many books for young adults romanticize violence in one way or another but his do not They show it in all its nasty empowering glory They're disturbing and make you feel dirty once you've read them but they also make you think and analyze the whys and wherefores and that's what good books doThis one is disturbing enough to give you nightmares but compelling and truth telling all the same Given the amount of violence our young adults experience in their day to day worlds books need to help them explicate it for themselves