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New LeatherBondage is not journalist Carl Guttuso's thing He has no need to tie a man up or beat the crap out of him and call it sexy No one is doing that to him either or so he thought During an interview the charismatic BDSM Dom James Pauly asks Carl to be his submissive lover to learn about the lifestyle from within and Carl agrees to a six week contractJames has not been romantically involved since his last sub left when. It’s nice when you start a new BDSM book by an author you have never read before and find that the acknowledgments include a real BDSM group It implies that the author did some of her own research and wanted to get to the heart of the story in a realistic manner It seems like too often lately we get books with these types of plots that are based on reading other erotic Ds books I started the book off with a hopeful heart and it didn’t disappoint even though it didn’t give me as much internal self actualization as I would have liked from the main characters Carl starts off as a regular Joe with some standard perceptions of BDSM He says this in the first page “Bondage was not his thing He had no need to tie anyone up or beat the crap out of him to call it sexy The reverse was also true no one was doing that to him either” A few pages in he’s become interested in a Ds couple he has observed at the bookstore and his ease dropping leads him to a potential human interest story Determined he strikes out to find out to write a series of articles As he steps into the lifestyle it doesn’t take long for him to “get it” in ways he never thought he would James tries to bring him along slowly into the idea of Romantic Domination Newbie that he is and being rushed into the scene Carl finds his manly identity challenged when he fails to find his footing in some of the pain related scenes that he and James play This pushes both he and James to make some drastically bad decisions The book suffered for its length More time was necessary to really grasp the metamorphosis that both Carl as a newly minted sub and James as a determined Dom with little experience in teaching an initiate go through I wanted time in both their heads The ending came too uickly It seemed rushed with Carl going from the attitude above to a fully devoted submissive within a matter of 12 to 14 total days together spread out over 6 weeks Astutely Carl mentions while he is writing his articles how hard it would be to get it right if he wasn’t actually living it just observing I wonder how true that came to be for this author since I feel like we missed some key steps in Carl’s growth and acceptance of the serenity he found in his submission I hope that we get a chance to revisit them down the road to see how they turned out The side characters seem to support story telling and I hope that was the intent

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Mes dismayed by yet another sub's demands for pain refuses to be rushed He hopes to keep Carl past their contract but it may be all he can do to keep him for the six weeksFor both men the arrangement becomes a journey of self discovery that could tear them apart in spite of their growing attractionWarnings This title contains graphic language mm sexual practices anal sex bondage and whip playApprox word count 3800. 31% DNFThe writing was just so stilted and awkward with its phrasing scenarios and even word choices I mean it's Dominant not Dominate The characters didn't develop at all and by that I mean we have no establishment that remains consistent I have no character meat to sink into and the facts that I'm given don't hold upI mean one isn't a big fan of X sexual act hasn't done is in years but they do it and it's glossed over No inner commentary No outer Just wham bam thank you ma'am orgasm I'm not getting any emotional development at all Are they just dollsTo add the unpleasant we have a male lead named Carl and all I can think of is the llama named Caaaaarllllllll Or Jimmy Neutron's bestie Not ideal thoughts for a steamy BDSM novel So all that together with some boring sex Yeah I'm good Thanks but no thanks

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review New Leather ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free õ Bondage is not journalist Carl Guttuso's thing He has no need to tie a man up or beat the crap out of him and call it sexy No one is doing that to him either or so he thought During an interview the charismatic BDSM Dom James Pauly asks Carl to be his submissive lover to learnJames refused to whip him beyond what was safe In Carl he sees a second chance to connect with a man who wants than the pain James can give him He recognizes the sexual interest in Carl's eyes and thinks the handsome young reporter will be perfectCarl is surprised by the desire he feels for a man who admits to subjugating his lovers but the intensity of the games they play becomes addictive and Carl wants much Ja. 375 stars A simple story about a journalist who happens to be gay that wants to write a story about the BDSM lifestyle The journalist is sure BDSM isn't for him but he seeks out a well known Dom to show him the ins and outs to get the story he wants Both the Dom and the journalist were likeable characters and I enjoyed how the story played out even if it was totally predictable