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Free download ↠ Witch-Doctor's Apprentice: Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon (Library of the Mystic Arts) ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ When Nicole Maxwell first visited the than forty years ago she had no idea that she woTo save these plants and the people who know how to use them before they are destroyed foreverOn the occasion of this newly revised edition Ms Maxwell has created an appendix which catalogs all of the plants mentioned in the text with their scientific names the names by which they are known locally and their medicinal uses This edition also includes a newintroduction by the noted ethno botanist Terence McKennaA spirited and engrossing personal narrative as much about people and places discomforts and dangers the beauty of the jungle and the arc leap of wordless communication across cultural barriers as it is about bringing natu. Charming autobiography af a pioneering female ethnobotanist Real short on the actual ethnobotany

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When Nicole Maxwell first visited the than forty years ago she had no idea that she would make a life's work of the people plants and lore to be found there Decades before Americans became aware of the riches to be found in the knowledge of plant medicines which native shamans had passed down over thousands of years Ms Maxwell a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society was scouring the ram forest for clues to this ancient medical traditionNow on the eve of the decade in which mankind will have its last chance to determine the fate of this region and its wealth of traditional knowledge Citadel Press's Library of the Mystic Arts i. My favorite book of all time It is about a mature woman who decides to go to the in search of medicinal plants The holy grail is a birth control plant She trades glass eye balls and all kinds of treasures She travels by canoe Great role model

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Witch Doctor's Apprentice Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon Library of the Mystic ArtsS proud to bring out a newly revised edition of this classic work Long hailed as one of the major works of popular ethno medicine this book is both an engaging adventure story and an engrossing account of the traditions of plant medicine to be found among the tribes of ia and its re release could not be timelyScientists now fear that one plant species per day is being made extinct by man's ravenous appetite for progress Of the plants which are found only in the rain forest only a tiny percentage have been tested for their full medical possibilities Witch Doctor's Apprentice is an inspiring and amusing plea to modern civilization. I just finished reading Witch Doctor's Apprentice Hunting for Medicinal Plants in the by Nicole Maxwell introduction by Terrence McKenna I saw it at Half Price Books in Austin a few months ago when I was shopping for The Wild Life of Our Bodies about which later and couldn't very well NOT buy it JeezFirst off she's a really fun writer She's a medicine hunter making repeated trips to the I believe in the 1950's and 60's This book is her memoir of her adventures I thoroughly enjoyed the way she says what she says As I've been studying German I've really been coming to appreciate what a playful language English can be and she definitely likes to play She's had incredible experiences and I guess you'd have to have a sly sense of humor to not just endure but thrive in such circumstances It's one of those books that's just plain fun to read so there's thatI keep waiting though for some mention of the witch doctor's apprentice I know that publishers make up titles and design bookcovers and she may have fought hard against the name Who knows I'll give her the benefit of the doubt I certainly bought the book because I had judged it by its cover I thought at some point there would be someone who was an apprentice I probably would not have purchased a book called White Lady Mucks around in the Jungle It's true Oh well in this case I'm glad I got trickedI learned than I expected about everyday life in the just stuff like bugs and rain and food The basics She's engaging enough that I have a sort of hyper real impression of what it's like to ride on a river boat that's carrying a ornery pig and an ever increasing number of barrels of rubber sap for example She had so much contact with so many different native tribes that she's able to give some fairly fine grained and subtle information about social interactions I'm interested in the topic of how various cultures demonstrate and reciprocate respect and there's plenty to feed that interest in these pages And she has that light hearted bemusement that comes from real familiarity She likes some groups than others some individuals than others her interactions have the texture of human to human connection There are times when I strongly disapproved of her trickery in getting information out of people although I did think her motives were sincere if naive Part of the appeal of the book though is that she is a very real flawed person She makes mistakes gets overtired acts like a jerk loses track of her priorities You know like a person doesAnyway as far as information on medicinal plants like tangible usable information there's only just enough that I plan to keep the book Just barely though Mostly she gets obsessed with some birth control and fertility promoting herbs Not my bag What's she's a terrible botanist It turns out at the end that several of the plants she's collected are varieties of the same species Because of this she assumes they have similar properties and that the distinctions she's been taught are cultural I wanted to yell into the book Bell pepper and cayenne are the same species Do they have the same properties in your mouthAll in all a fun read in the herbal entertainment genre Nothing groundbreaking