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free read The Alleys Of Marrakesh ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ë Popular Book, The Alleys Of Marrakesh Author Peter Mayne There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780907871088 format Paperback and others 190 pages and has a text language like EnglishAperback and others 190 pages and has a text language like Englis. Read whilst I was in Morocco and it was the perfect place to read it Despite it being the record of someone's small experiences over fifty years ago many of the places and types of people remain the same I just thought it generally delightful and in parts very funny I wouldn't feel the need to ever read it again but then I don't particularly want to go to Marrakech again either as much as I did enjoy my time there

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Popular Book The Alleys Of Marrakesh Author Peter Mayne There are. Why did Mayne educated like EM Forster at Tonbridge School leave England Insatiable wanderlust Nothing of the sort according to Wikipedia which sketches out his father’s colonial career in the British Empire However whilst reading “The Alleys of Marrakesh” though I felt well and truly immersed in the Moroccan heat and bustle of that town; I sensed that Mayne purposefully directed me to what he wished to show me; whilst I learnt relatively little about himself That Mayne clearly fell in love with the Marrakesh way of life is undeniable He wrestles with how he can earn money in order to afford to continue to live in the town He values the Moors simple and gentle trust in a God who determines their futures; negating any need for them to strive for individual success or to be miserable about their condition in LifeMayne writes with detailed and astute observations on the very un British peoples who surround him His description of the hammãm steam baths and the joint wrenching masseuse is an absolute gem; following on as it does the deft sense of humour he applies to devastating effect in drawing attention to the inappropriateness of the white skin of the Northerner “The dead white skin of the Saxon strikes most people here as well as dead white skin and I must admit that under this African sun the Saxon resembles the fatty parts of cold mutton” p45The I read the this book grew into a series of delightful vignettes into the peoples of and their lives in Marrakesh; yet therein accumulated small seeds of dissatisfaction Variety in plenty but as it seemed a certain variety of the similar; excepting curiosities such as mention of a ‘recipe’ belonging to Bou Djem’a for the sweetmeat halwa halva incorporating hashshish from his bled a rural plot of landp85 I bet that’s where Alice B Toklas obtained her infamous recipe for hashish fudge unwittingly published by Penguin in 1954 my error was to read this book in one go rather than eking it out over a number of months Or maybe I ought to leave my sticky page markers in so that in future I can simply pick up this book and re read my favourite sections Given that my copy is an aged classic Penguin edition leaving the sticky page markers in might not be such a great idea That could be a good reason for obtaining and marking up an e book edition

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The Alleys Of MarrakeshMany interesting things in this book isbn 9780907871088 format P. This is a short account of the author's stay in Marrakesh in the 1950s told with classic English wit and insight The author lived in a working class neighborhood for a time to improve his Arabic and his uick grasp of that language really brought depth to his narrative Unlike many travelogues from the era that read like a camera panning across a scene Mayne actually introduces us to three dimensional people and lets them speak for themselves Many of the stories are uite funny and I really felt like I was getting to know some of Mayne's oddball neighbors and other people he came to knowMy only complaint was that I felt the book to be too short I would have like to learn about these people but unfortunately Mayne ran out of money and had to return home The book cuts off abruptly with some stories unfinished and a few missed good byes Sounds like the end of any trip