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Cast in Moonlight by New York Times bestselling author Michelle SagaraBarely a teenager Kaylin Neya is a thief a fugitive and an attempted assassin She also has a smart mouth sharp wits and mysterious markings on her skin All of which make her perfect bait for a child prostitution sting in the city of Elantra if she survives h. Three awesome novellas from three fabulous writers I bought Harvest Moon because of Michelle Sagara's contribution Cast in Moonlight a preuel to the Chronicles of Elantra series and I certainly wasn't disappointed Teenage Kaylin was an interesting contrast to the Kaylin that we all know and love from the Elantra novels She was already picking up some bad habits from Teela before the end of the novella howeverWhat really interested me however was Mercedes Lackey's story A Tangled Web Set in her 500 Kingdoms world which I admit I know nothing about but now have a yen to read Lackey has created a fabulous world where the Olympian gods are pawns of the beliefs of the mortals around them I am so happy to read a story where Hades is not the evil villain but rather he and Persephone are in love tragically their elopement is interrupted through the stupidity of Thanatos and they must fight to stay together while remaining within the boundaries of Tradition Add in a Valkyrie who is not happy at being mistakenly abducted and kept in the Underworld and her mortal husband who will do anything to rescue her and I am fast becoming a fan of Lackey's writingCameron Haley's novella Retribution had an interesting take on the world of magic and spirits and spells When an execution on an Israeli gangster leads to a death curse mob lieutenant Dominica Riley must pull out all the stops to try and defeat the mysterious Sam and retain her position within the organization Another series that I'll have to check out now

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Harvest Moon Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms #5 5Er first meeting with the Hawks Retribution by Cameron HaleyIn the underworld there are tricks to killing Like executing rivals at crossroads so ghosts won't follow you home But sometimes retribution is hard to avoid and now a supernatural hit man has a contract on Domino Riley's life Luckily she knows a thing or two about death. A very odd mix of stories that feature a harvest moon and only the first by Lackey fits the cover of which makes me think of fairies and moonbeamsOverall 35 stars A Tangled Web by Mercedes Lackey Light FantasyA retelling of the Greek myth pertaining to Persephone and Hades with some added Norse mythology A cute story if a little thin on actual plot I'll probably forget it by next week 25 stars5 Cast in Moonlight by Michelle Sagara FantasyUrban Fantasy hybridFascinating mythology and world building intriguing characters and races If I hadn't already been interested in reading the Chronicles of Elantra series this would have done it Pretty much a perfect story that stands alone uite well 5 stars Retribution by Cameron Haley Urban FantasyA solid short story dealing with a sorcerer and enforcer for a mob boss Has some interesting ideas and is a promising beginning to a new series While it does have cursing it feels authentic and fits the scenes and characters This is definitely not a story for the faint of heart 3 stars

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Harvest Moon (Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, #5.5) Review ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ç A Tangled Web by New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyKidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms nothing's ever simA Tangled Web by New York Times bestselling author Mercedes LackeyKidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms nothing's ever simple and the wrong blonde goddess is stolen by mistake leaving Prince Leopold without his new bride At least until he braves the realm of the dead to get her back. Review of A Tangled Web by MERCEDES LACKEY A TANGLED WEB is the reason I wanted to check out HARVEST MOON I always love a good recreation of the HadesPersephone relationship and ATW sounded like it would be a cute fun readMy first problem with this piece is that it felt too casual I wasn't buying the motherdaughter relationship between Persephone and Demeter The former sounded like a brat with ADD and the latter sounded like one of those psycho mothers you thank the heavens you're not related toI did not enjoy Hades acting like such a wimp He's the God of the Underworld even if one is going to recreate a story I don't know he rubbed off on me the wrong way because he was so timid at the startThe relationship was cute but overall I wasn't feeling very invested probably because I wasn't buying Persephone and Hades as characters I would have enjoyed their relationship developing further Instead of being told about how the two spent a year together I think the story would have been interesting following that year and watching the two fall in love As it is I'm expected as a reader to simply accept the fact that the two love each other without ever being shown that loveOne of the primary reasons I wanted to read the text in the first place was to witness that love Major bummer that I didn't get toWhile I am interested in Norse mythology I don't know as much about it I felt like I was thrown into this side of the story without any warning and there really wasn't as much of an explanationback story for these characters Once again did not feel invested I hate to say it but I usually skimmed the scenes that switched to this POVOverall I'm rather reluctant to continue with this anthology however I will try to do so at a later date