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epub ð Steinernes Fleisch read ↠ cornelia funke Ø Jahrelang ist es Jacob Reckless gelungen im Zimmer seines verschwundenen Vaters unbeobachtet die Hand auf den Spiegel zu legen und so ins märchenhafte Reich dahinter zu gelangen Dort hat er als erfolgreicher Schatzjäger unter anderem im Dienst der Kaiserin gearbeitetSs sein Vater mit seinen Erfindungen den grausamen Goyls bei ihrem Kampf gegen die Menschen geholfen hat jenen seelenlosen Wesen also deren Haut und Herz aus Stein bestehtJetzt aber ist Jacobs jüngerer Bruder Will dem Schatzjäger ins geheimnisvolle Reich hinter dem Spiegel gefolgt – und gerät dadurch in tödliche Gefahr Plötzlich droht er selbst zu einem Goyl zu werden mit einer Haut aus Jade Der Jade Menschengoyl aber soll mit einer ungeheueren Macht ausgestattet sein d Some people call Cornelia Funke the German JK Rowling She apparently hates to be called so I like that about her Of course she would after all she is her very own person with her very uniue style The only connection they both write or at least started with children's booksI always read books in their original language if I can but although German is my mother tongue I usually don't find German authors appealing classics aside With Cornelia Funke it's totally different Her writing style is enthralling and reminds me that my language can be magical and beautiful too and has a lot of historyThe first book I've read of this author was the famous Inkheart that made her an instant international success I wanted to be a silvertongue sooo badly and never ever wanted to leave the world of LittlefingerSo imagine my surprise when I started this new trilogy called Reckless that's the main title for all three books in German with subtitles like Steinernes Fleisch meaning flesh of stone and LOVED IT SO MUCH MOREWords don't do my feelings justice which is funny considering that a story consists of nothing elseCornelia Funke is like a siren singing her song drawing you in just with a happier ending And it's not just her impeccable way of showing the beauty of the German language but also her very own illustrations that are a feast for the eyes Oh yes in case you didn't know she started out as an illustrator then wrote her first book and has been illustrating her own books ever sinceThis story is about the brothers Jacob and Will Reckless whose names were inspired by the brothers Grimm they were called Willhelm and Jakob They had a very rough start in life because their father simply disappeared which view spoilerbroke their mother leading to her death even and hide spoiler

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Ie sich der Goyl Herrscher Kami’en zunutze machen könnte um endgültig über die Menschen zu siegen So jedenfalls hat es die Dunkle Fee erträumt die an der Seite Kami’ens herrscht Und während Jacob mit Wills Freundin Clara und der Gestaltenwandlerin Fuchs verzweifelt versucht den Verfall von Wills fleischlicher Haut in Jade aufzuhalten ist Will längst als Leibwächter des Goyl Königs eingeplant Eine unerbittliche Jagd gegen die Zeit beginnt die Jacob kaum gewinnen kan Some books stay timeless despite your age but I’m not sure if this is one of them I first read it around 3 4 years ago and I remember loving it and immediately wanting to read the rest of the series Fast forward to now when I finally decided to continue with the series but it’s been so long that a reread of this one was in order And I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much this time around Some parts were still uite magical and enjoyable but I kept thinking to myself how young it seemed The character of Fox is really what makes this story for me I love that character something fierce In the end I did still enjoy it but I think the magic of the story was slightly spoiled by my age

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Steinernes Fleisch Reckless #1Jahrelang ist es Jacob Reckless gelungen im Zimmer seines verschwundenen Vaters unbeobachtet die Hand auf den Spiegel zu legen und so ins märchenhafte Reich dahinter zu gelangen Dort hat er als erfolgreicher Schatzjäger unter anderem im Dienst der Kaiserin gearbeitet ist dem Schuh von Aschenputtel ebenso hinterher gejagt wie dem Tischlein deck dich dem Knüppel aus dem Sack oder dem Goldenen Ball der jeden in sich hineinzuziehen vermag der ihn berührt Und er hat erfahren da Oh dearWhat a disappointing book The very pages stunk of mediocrity The main issue with 'Reckless' lies solely with the characters Cornelia Funke plunges us right into the middle of the story with no detail on the characters what so ever Jacob Will and Clara are possibly THE WORST leads in a novel I have ever read about There is absolutely no chemistry between them I couldn't care less about what happens to them I imagine Cornelia Funke's brainstorming of these characters was a little a lot like this CorneliaK so Jacob is the main character Will is his brother and Clara is Will's girlfriend Getitgotitgood now onto the story Editor No wait a second Corny you need a bit detail Cornelia Really Okay ummmWill and Clara met in a hospital and totally fell in love EditorFREAKIN' PERFECT Im not even kidding that is all the information we got on these characters Will and Clara the couple who is 'head over heels desperately in love' never show any affection for each other Ever The plot of 'Reckless' is basically this Will gets turned into a Goyl a species of monsters made out of stone who are evil for the hell of it and Jacob and Clara have to save him The problem one of trillions is this Will gets no page time before the transformation His first scene is him turning into the Goyl This means that the reader doesn't care for him and I couldn't give a rats ass weather he is saved or not Oh and for the majority of the 345 pages everybody treats Will like his is a baby Just because he is the younger sibling doesn't mean he needs to be treated like a two year old when he is in fact graduated from high school The characters are so annoying and less one dimensional or I guess then even this personAlso the un named world behind the mirror seems like a cheap much less thought through version of The Inkworld in Inkspell and Inkdeath also by Cornelia Funke Normally I love Cornelia Funke she is in my list of favorite authors along side Stephen King JK Rowling and Roald Dahl The 'Inkheart trilogy' are some of my favorite books and The Thief Lord is sensational Maybe I just had super high expectations for her new book I had after all been following Funke's blog updates since she announced the idea for 'Reckless' eagerly counting down the days to its release None the less this was really not enjoyable