FREE DOWNLOAD Ã Time Riders Î Maddy should have died in a plane crash Liam should have died at sea when the Titanic sank Sal should have died in a tragic fire But a mysterious man whisked them away to safetyMaddy Liam and Sal uickly learn that time travel is no longer just a hope for the future; it is a dangerous reality And they weren't just rescued frErted that a threat is at hand unleashing the evil of the Nazis to wreak havoc with Earth's present and future Can Maddy Liam and Sal fulfill their destinies as keepers of time to save the world from utter destruction An exhilarating adventure that shifts readers back in time to Nazi Germany and then forward into an ever changing prese. Unf I really wanted to like this book than I didTime Riders has a simple but brilliant concept time police Whenever anyone goes back and tries to change the timeline they dash in guns a blazing and fix it along with the help of Bob a sort of android y being whose unemotional attitude leads to some occasionally hilarious oneliners The main characters aside from aforementioned android are Liam a boy who should have died on the Titanic in 1912 Maddy Carter who should have died in a plane crash in 2010 and Sal Vikram meant to have died in a fire in 2026 Instead they became Time RidersSo the concept is great and the story itself is pretty good although I will stress it gets very dark at times There's a great deal of death graphically described and some really cringey moments of destruction and horror Without spoilers one character gets treated to an absolutely nightmarish end although time travel rectifies this The problem Scarrow seems to think big but his actual writing was well I don't know To me it felt amateurish He tends to tell rather than show and occasional moments of descriptive prose feel forced and unnatural Some writers err on the flowery side of writing some on the plainer and I think Scarrow's happiest without heavy description There were also some truly astounding puffs of unlogic that annoyed me For instance it's explicitly mentioned and referred to a couple of times that Liam has a fear of water and can't swim Yes So he willingly joined the crew of the Titanic did he That one really stood out to me although there were others and occasionally there were small historical slip ups that irritated me too For instance Hitler's mentioned to have come to power in 1932 it was '33 and I don't think it would take than a Google search to find this out This particular error can't be blamed on them changing the time line; or at least there's no such explanation given Otherwise a couple of minor overly contrived bits of good luck for the protagonists pulled the story through for a happy ending but I didn't mind this too much; it just barely made sense and otherwise the book would have had a seriously depressing ending Great concept not brilliant execution I'll probably read the next one though simply because my brother lent them to me D Free reading is not to be sniffed at

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Maddy should have died in a plane crash Liam should have died at sea when the Titanic sank Sal should have died in a tragic fire But a mysterious man whisked them away to safetyMaddy Liam and Sal uickly learn that time travel is no longer just a hope for the future; it is a dangerous reality And they weren't just rescued from their ter. TimeRiders TimeRiders #1 Alex ScarrowAlex Scarrow is planning to span the TimeRiders series over 9 books in total The series is about an agency which consists of three teenagers who have cheated death and who travel in time to fix history broken by time travel TimeRiders is a time travel story about three kids saved from death to protect the future from time travelers who mess with time تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هشتم ماه می سال 2016 میلادیعنوان تایم رایدرز؛ نویسنده الکس اسکارو؛ا شربیانی

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Time RidersRible fates they were recruited for the agency of TimeRiders created to protect the world from those seeking to alter the course of history for personal gain By reliving the highly documented events in New York City on 911 they can closely monitor history for any deviations large or small When just such a change is detected they are al. If books won accolades for the gripping start of their plots then this first volume in the series ought to have won award after award after award It is a really clever concept where young people destined for a horrible death are rescued by a stranger suddenly appearing in the moment of catastrophe The option given to them either stay and die as was planned or take the step into the unknown and become a 'Time rider'The job of these new recruits is to live in one day of time continually repeated but watch for any slight change in the repeated action changes that would signify someone had entered into history at a different point and had skewed history The flaw in the plotline was the fact that the timeriders themselves were aberrations in history They ought to have died and therefore their presence in the 24 hour time capsule they inhabited was a sensitive balancing act They needed to pass through each day without affecting or changing the throb of history other than the moment when they encounter glimpses of new details in an otherwise identical dayThis first novel in the series introduces the main characters and their first adventure which is to go back into time and prevent Hitler being advised against invading Russia The plot and initial concept is excellent the sadness I felt about this was it missed an opportunity to investigate in a uite ingenious and challenging way the alterations in history that might have happened Scarrow chose instead to veer wildly into apocalyptic destruction and zombie terror instead of writing a thought provoking and intriguing storyOnce again of course this is a book for young adults and not picky hyper critical middle aged blokes so I would hate to denigrate the novel in anyway that would stop its target audience from picking it up It is clever and exciting and I will definitely read anotherThe relationship between the lad Liam and the artificial intelligence Bob is a delight and really works what doesn't work is Scarrow's attempt to differentiate the young people by their idiosyncratic way of speaking Liam's irish brogue Sal's Indian street speak just clunk and grate I really hope Mr Scarrow in the next book just makes use of 'Sal said' 'Maddy suggested' 'Liam shouted' etc So not a towering work of literature destined to stand forever unless one of the timeriders slips forward and inserts it on a bookshelf in 2136 but well worth a read as a clever idea which I hope will be honed and less self conscious as the series continues