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DOWNLOAD Songspinners î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Musik ist eine Droge berauschend für den einen schmerzlindernd für den anderen für Orial vielleicht ein Todesurteil Als sie den verstümmelten Fremden entdeckt der sich in die Grabkammer ihrer Mutter flüchtete wird Ihr Leben zu einer Gratwanderung am Rand des WahnsinnsBkammer ihrer Mutter flüchtete wird Ihr Leben zu einer Gratwanderung am Rand des Wahnsinns. This was ok but it was not her best work It is about a young woman who has a musical gift but her father will not let her play music because this gift sent her mother mad

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Vielleicht ein Todesurteil Als sie den verstümmelten Fremden entdeckt der sich in die Gra. Wow 45 ratings and 5 reviews That's just offensive for a book this good and an author this skilledThis is the sixth work from Sarah Ash that I've read and it's probably no definitely my favorite It's an epic read in a fairly slim novel of 325 pages about religious corruption finding oneself amid chaos and revolution grief dealing with depression from a disability as someone who experiences the same let me tell you it's no easy matter and other important and relevant themesBook content warningssuicide attempt cwsexual harassment cwAt the core of Songspinners there are three characters Orial Magelonne daughter of the sanatorium's doctor with a musical gift both powerful and deadly; Amaru Khassian the famous composer and outlaw who lost the use of his hands in a fire; and Acir Korentan a Guerrior of the Rose dedicating his life to the vision of the poet prophet Mhir a vision that also caused the fire in Khassian's opera houseThese three well crafted and vastly different characters are brought together through events that at first seem unlinked but then swell together in a climax where all their stories mesh in a satisfying and bittersweet way In the beginning young Orial Magelonne's existence seems confined to the sanatorium and pleasing her father though she disobeys his most important rule avoid music at all cost Music is in her blood an urge she can't escape Amaru Khassian escaped the opera house fire and turns up in Orial's city seeking refuge and medical aid He meets Orial and then Orial can't avoid music any even if she tried She becomes Khassian's amanuensis transcribing his heretical opera and bringing her closer to the madness that killed her mother the musical gift bestowed upon the Magelonne women shines bright but only for a short time Finally Acir Korentan is sent from the neighboring country to persuade Khassian back either as a convert to his faith or as a prisonerThis setup begins the incredibly intricate epic of Songspinners Its world is built well and filled with a cast both well rounded and colorful from passionate and cranky Antiuarians who refuse to retire to Divas who hide their real feelings under a constant mask of theatrics It has a mythology that feels vast and ancient and religions that seem genuine and inspire real passion Scenes leap off the page and images have stayed with me long after reading the last lineIf I had to make some sort of critiue it'd be about the character Fiammis the lady assassin I wish her character had page time to be given the same care as the other secondary characters Without that expanded scene time her character seemed flatter than some of the rest of the cast and I was often told what I should feel toward her rather than experiencing it organicallyA second critiue I wish it was longer I would have adored this book with 300 pages If only because I love it so much

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SongspinnersMusik ist eine Droge berauschend für den einen schmerzlindernd für den anderen für Orial. uite sadly this book was one of the most disappointing ones I ever started with good expectationsSet in an admittedly interesting fantasy world ranging somewhere around the 1900s the novel's only strong point the story deals with the female protagonist's search for her mother's strange death and the struggle of composer Khassian and his diva an eunuchAnd here we go At one point I started to keep a list of all those bits and pieces that pulled the story far beyond the ridiculous The writing style is unskillful to say the least the characters range between flat ridiculously silly and downright annoying and the plot which didn't sound bad in a nutshell suffers from logical flaws en masse stupid character behaviour and the writingThe whole story from the first page on starts rather constructed and forced never developing any of the flair of that credible writing creates In a world in which the author feels the need to create exotic atmosphere by shallowly renaming everyday life items coffee uaffe and similar the characters stumble around in armwailing theatrical drama The whole story lives off a first huge logical error the composer Khassian lost his hands completly in a fire Of course he neither got the slightest other burns or injuries from this accident nor did he inhalte the slightest bit of smoke The author freuently seems to work with constructions like these ignoring logic in order to be able to write about dramaIn this story every character from protagonist to the experienced leader of another country's army who for some inexplainable reason could be spared at his uproaring homecountry in order to deal with a minor rebel elsewhere indeed They all start to shiver suddenly or showcase single tears running down their cheeks for random reasons This might've been less ridiculous if it had happened less than twice a page but alas these emotional outburst on the sight of a poem happens so regularly with every character that you can't help but roll your eyesCharacters inconsistently change moods within the sentence formerly calmly talking characters can scream hysterically at the end of the same sentence only to be calm and stoic again a sentence later None of the characters ever developes realistic traits they stay shallow and sillyFinally the story also seems to have lacked an editor While in one scene Khassian angrily tells another character the current situation in his homecountry a chapter later another character tells Khassian the same thing and Khassian breaks out into despair and armwailing because apparently he never heard of this beforePersonally I think this novel resembles a bad fanfiction written by a 14 years old person with all it's angst inconsistencies logical errors and short jumpy undetailed scenes with in your face explanations by the authorWhat good ideas might've been there in the first place have been effectively destroyed by ridiculous characters silly writing awkward style and missing logic