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A prominent turn of the century social critic and lecturer Charlotte Perkins Gilman is perhaps best known for her short story The Yellow Wallpaper a chilling study of a woman's descent into insanity and Women and Economics a classic of feminist theory that analyzes the destructive effects of women's economic reliance on men In Herland a vision of a feminist utopia Gilman employs humor to engaging effect in a story about three male explorers who stumble upon an all female society isol. I clearly did not get the memo on this one I thought Herland probably had such a low average rating on Goodreads because it was dated which it is obnoxiously so but I didn't realize what a hate filled piece of propaganda this book really isIt came up again when I recently reviewed The Cerulean a book about an all female society People have been mentioning this book to me for years A secret society of women have created the perfect utopia by killing off the remaining few male survivors of a volcanic eruption and oh my actually doing things for themselves Killing off all men does feel like a dated kind of feminism but okay I'll bite It's entirely possible I would have wanted to kill off the men too if I had been alive in 1915Yeah but it's not just the men It's the mentally ill and disabled It's anyone who doesn't fit into their idea of perfect It is at least it seems any woman who isn't white This is not me reading things into it The women of this society are very open about their negative eugenics There followed a period of “negative eugenics” which must have been an appalling sacrifice We are commonly willing to “lay down our lives” for our country but they had to forego motherhood for their country—and it was precisely the hardest thing for them to do It's one thing I think for oppressed women to imagine a society where their oppressors don't exist It's uite another to imagine breeding a race of perfect humans who are white female able bodied and neurotypicalBut even allowing for these attitudes that seem abhorrent today it's a very basic and poorly written story I don't think it was meant to be farcical but some moments definitely seem like it such as when the three men wander into Herland in the beginning and are yelling “Girls” whispered Jeff under his breath as if they might fly if he spoke aloud “Peaches” added Terry scarcely louder “Peacherinos—apricot nectarines Whew” These men toddle around scratching their heads and saying ridiculously twee things The men are so obviously and overly condescending in parts of the book just so the women can correct them on it and explain why their notions of gender are stupid But it all just doesn't seem that feminist today Is it feminist to imagine a perfect all female society where the women have been bred to be stronger and smarter than men Isn't the underlying implication that women as they are are not good enough And the pregnancy All these women care about is pregnancy and motherhood The ultimate goal is to have children It seems that even in a feminist utopia women are still tied to their biological role Abortion is unthinkable of course “Destroy the unborn—” she said in a hard whisper “Do men do that in your country” There are a couple of interesting ideas about education and not force feeding kids the Montessori methods are viewed highly I liked the discussion about not naming children after yourself as it suggests a form of ownership which is also clearly a critiue of women taking a man's name in marriage But I'm scrambling around for a couple of good things to say about it Overall not a good experience for meBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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Herland By Charlotte Perkins GilmAted somewhere in South America Noting the advanced state of the civilization they've encountered the visitors set out to find some males assuming that since the country is so civilized there must be men A delightful fantasy the story enables Gilman to articulate her then unconventional views of male female roles and capabilities motherhood individuality privacy the sense of community sexuality and many other topicsDecades ahead of her time in evolving a humanistic feminist perspecti. 45 starsGilman is savage I love it

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SUMMARY å Herland By Charlotte Perkins Gilman ✓ A prominent turn of the century social critic and lecturer Charlotte Perkins Gilman is perhaps best known for her short story The Yellow Wallpaper a chilling study of a woman's descent into insanity and Women and Economics a classic of feminist theory that analyzes the destructive effecVe Gilman has been rediscovered and warmly embraced by contemporary feminists An articulate voice for both women and men oppressed by the social order of the day she adeptly made her points with a wittiness often missing from polemical writings This inexpensive edition of Herland will charm readers with the tale's mischievous ironic outlook In Herland one of Gilman's most important works she used a uniue adventure yam to combat the injustices and ineualities she saw during her lifeti. After a lot of thought I've decided to give this book five stars No this is not a gripping read nor will most of the characters stick in your mind for years to come But this is probably the best feminist book I've ever read not to mention the most approachable Besides it's page length of 144 pages it's approachable in it's text It takes a naturalistic approach in it's content rather than relying on romanticism so it is very diplomatic and practical It attacks concepts instilled in women by a male driven society which I think is very favorable alternative to a male reader since it absolutely does not attack or belittle men on an individual basis In fact the characters in this entirely female society are incredibly open to the three men that come into their town and treat them as euals even though they don't add anything at all to their societyThat being said this book is delightfully savage when it comes to uotes It was written in 1915 and I daresay that it describes our society almost better than feminist books do a hundred years later Virginity submissiveness rape nonworking women are all things women in Herland have never experienced in their women powered society all of the babies are born out of immaculate conception so there are no men there at all So when these topics are brought up by the men from America these women uestion them with genuine curiosity and openness And its hilarious to see the men turn red and dodge uestions that they can't seem to answer because I swear if you asked a man today you'd get the same flustered answers Overall this book explores the concept of feminism in a very timid yet complete way You don't feel like ideas are slammed down your throat at all nor do you feel like hating men I highly recommend this book to any woman because even if we are feminists living in a male driven society can be discouraging So while we talk about how we can be strong if given the chance there's always that doubt in the back of our minds This book SHOWS us how women can be strong and exactly what a society would look like if it were run by women And trust me the women are badass from beginning to end