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Summary THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Something terrible happened in Salem in 1692 but it isn't what you think THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem by author researcher Suzy Witten presents a startling new theory of the Salem Witch Hunt which is certain to put thOns with the mysterious afflictions finally explained A controversial debut by a new Historical storyteller A Walt Disney Studios Fellowship Finalist 2010 IPPY Silver Medal for Historical Fiction Historical Fiction 456 pages paperback and eBook for ages 17 and older; mature content with some sex and violence Published by Dreamwand wwwtheafflictedgirlsc. I had the good fortune of being present at the creation and evolution of this wonderful novel over many weeks participating in a professional writers' workshop I would look forward to each new chapter brought in by Ms Witten for our reading and critiue because the story grabbed me from the start and I could sense that we were being led toward a radical new interpretation of what happened in Salem during those tense and tragic times It takes a great deal of courage for an author to take on and uestion the accepted traditions of American history and culture but this author has that courage and even a keen awareness of the deep psychological and mythic undercurrents often manipulated by the powers that be for their own designs

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Something terrible happened in Salem in 1692 but it isn't what you think THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem by author researcher Suzy Witten presents a startling new theory of the Salem Witch Hunt which is certain to put this 300 year old unsettled mystery to rest by expertly guiding readers through the Historical Record to revelation Part parable pa. The Afflicted Girls 978 0 615 32313 8It is my belief that any historical novel must be subjected to two uestions in a review first is the material historically accurate and second is the material pleasant and engaging to read In answer to the first uestion as an avid student of the Salem witch trials I can say that The Afflicted Girls is the least historically accurate Salem artifact I have encountered Much of the novel feels like a very loose re write of Arthur Miller's The Crucible popular antagonist Abigail Williams is again given an age upgrade from her historical 11 years of age to a sexually tantalizing 16 years of age so that she can feel up men rape young boys and have masturbatory fantasies about her uncle Parris Major societal details have been changed far too many of the characters are literate as a plot device and pretty much all of the Puritan girls running around Salem are sexually active and without a single thought to accidental pregnancy some brief mention is made of birth control herbs As for the trials the actual details of the trials have been totally rewritten The order in which the accused were arrested tried and executed is arbitrarily changed One of the accusing girls protagonist Mercy Lewis never actually testifies in court and her role as accuser and then accused and then accuser again is completely rewritten Several people who were either executed or left in prison until finally bonded out at the end of the trials have now been rescued in a completely narrative breaking adventure jail break seuence This isn't even to mention that the entire novel only covers the events up to and including the first initial set of hangings barely a fraction of the Salem story Indeed so much has been removed changed or omitted that I do not understand why the author didn't just use different names and make this completely fictional instead of marketing this as a Salem novelSo now that we've established that teachers won't be handing out copies of The Afflicted Girls in history class the next uestion is is it a good story The answer for me at least is 'no' too much of the narrative is sensationalized and lurid for me to have derived enjoyment out of it Protagonist Mercy Lewis is a textbook example of a Mary Sue character she's an orphan who taught herself to read has the uniue talent of being able to completely read and commit to memory any sheet of paper just by glancing at it and can recognize and uote back Shakespeare at the drop of a hat and she does this a lot All this and she's survived years of childhood trauma being raped repeatedly by her master George Burroughs a minister who not only raped her repeatedly but did so whilst reciting a Black Mass in Latin Somewhat frustratingly Mercy has the distressing talent of being raped by almost every person she meets to paraphrase Ben Yahtzee Croshaw if you left her alone in a waiting room for an hour she'd find a way to get raped by a chair What is disturbing is that these scenes are always presented from the attackers' points of view as something exciting and erotic for the reader rather than from the victim's point of view as something horrible and traumatizing Add on the fact that Mercy has a bad habit of picking herself up afterward as if nothing happened and in one case excusing and falling in love with her attacker and you have a recipe for very unpleasant reading material The violence isn't just limited to Mercy Lewis this 450 page novel feels less like a vehicle for telling the story of the Salem trials and like a dark erotic novel There isn't a single major male character in this novel who isn't a rapist Rev Parris purchased Tituba specifically for gratification and sold off their children for pocket money; Thomas and Joseph Putnam both have extremely brutal scenes with Mercy and Joseph the main love interest of the story freuently and deliberately hurts his girls in order to humiliate them; the doctor who attends the afflicted girls openly goes about raping them with their mothers in the same room and also has the uniue ability of being able to detect an intact hymen by smell a detail that was less lurid and ludicrous; and I could go on and on Almost every chapter contains a sexual interlude most of them violent cruel humiliating and uncomfortably detailed and varied pretty much every possible variation of the sex act is on display here Abigail Williams being the antagonist doesn't get raped by anyone although she basically outright asks one man to do so and is offended when he refuses but she does drug a boy and force herself onto him Apart from anything else this novel is written very poorly and the pacing is frustratingly slow and tiresome For a novel concerning the Salem trials it is worthy of note that the first accusation doesn't occur until the mid point of the novel that's over 200 pages of backstory and rape before the Salem story even starts The author freuently breaks off mid narrative to give parenthetical backstory often about things the reader doesn't care about For instance if Abigail walks into her uncle's study and smells the faint whiff of tobacco the author will then break off a full page to explain in parenthesis how Parris got the tobacco when he last smoked it how his wife feels about that particular habit and how she usually aired the room better but somehow forgot to do so today so that was why Abigail was able to smell it upon her arrival This sort of narrative break happens freuently and the book is poorer for it I feel that with a talented editor to excise these parenthetical intrusions the book would be shorter the story would be tighter and the whole thing would be worth reading assuming the lack of historical accuracy and the high incidence of sexual violence didn't put you off NOTE This review is based on a free Advance Review Copy of this book provided through the author Ana Mardoll

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THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of SalemRt star crossed romance and part supernatural venture this is an intuitive human history and inhuman spun with a modern twist Centering her story on Salem Village and its inhabitants exploring their dark household corners as if she is solving a crime the author adeptly details how the disintegration happened while spinning familiar facts in new directi. Imagine a town carved out of wilderness nearly four hundred years ago by a small group of settlers The leaders who ruled this colony were guided by the Bible and English law and by their own ruthless determination Residents who did not bow to the colony’s governors and ministers were expelled The colony survived internal conflict and a brief war with the region’s indigenous people and came to prosperSixty years later most of the old leaders have passed to their heavenly rewards The second generation is in control and their children and grandchildren are chafing under increasingly rigid laws There are colonists now battling over divided estates The soil never rich is depleted after a half century of intensive farmingDiscontent and dispossession envy old feuds never settled and newly risen conflicts have the region simmering Add to this sullen mix a strong belief that witchcraft often stands behind one’s downturn in life the loss of a newborn child the death of livestock or even a wet dream about an attractive female tavern keeper Salem Village Massachusetts in 1692 is primed to explode and witchcraft accusations provide the spark With an intriguing new cause for the possession of Salem Village’s bewitched girls Suzy Witten’s “The Afflicted Girls” is a dramatic account of the Salem witchcraft outbreak In this poignant tale teenaged girls in the grip of hallucinogens and misguided by boredom malice or simply drunk with power turn neighbors against one another Magistrates and ministers accept “spectral evidence” with deadly results when the possessed girls report visions of their tormentors cavorting with SatanIf demonic possession wasn’t enough Ms Witten also presents a woeful look into the life of an indentured servant subject to the abuse and lusts of her masters I wanted to whisk poor Mercy Lewis away from the Putnam family and give her a new chance at life I also wish to heartily recommend “The Afflicted Girls”Jo Ann Butler a descendant of the Putnam family is the author of “A Scandalous Life Rebel Puritan” published in 2011 by Neverest Press She can be reached at joannrebelpuritancom