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Darkest Hour Read & Download ¹ 100 ´ When the nineteenth century ghost of Maria de Silva wakes her up in the middle of the night Suze knows this is no ordinary visitation and not just from the knife at her throat either In life Maria was the fiancee of Jesse the same Jesse who was murdered a hundred and fifty years before The same Jesse Suze is iWhen the nineteenth century ghost of Maria de Silva wakes her up in the middle of the night Suze knows this is no ordinary visitation and not just from the knife at her thr. Here's the thing about MediatorsWe're hard to kill I know it’s been a week since I posted my pre review and I know I said I would be writing said review a long time ago But as it is I’ve been tired and busy and just completely out of sorts Sometimes though you love a book so much that you can’t stand the thought of not posting your thoughts about it And even surprising I loved this book so much than I expected or ever thought I could this time around and just want to push it on people that’s what I do It’s no secret this series is and always will be a favorite Each book I re read cements my love and makes it crystal clear that my obsession as a middle schooler wasn’t unfounded There is truly something special about these books you can’t uite understand until you pick them up and experience them for yourself Each character eeks their way into your heart in some special way and they don’t let go I really have to start hiding my textbooks from him The thing is he reads them and actually manages to retain what they say and then applies that to other things he finds to read around the house Why he can't just watch TV like a normal person I do not know Even her crazy brothers are hard to dislike Suze is a character that you fall for uickly she’s uirky funny and a total smart ass Her inner ramblings are so relatable it’s uncanny From book one on then and now I findfound that her voice reminds me a lot of my own When I was younger she was a bit cooler than me I have to admit Hey I’m not counting High School only middle school but now as I read them as an adult all those jokes I didn’t understand or missed before are so witty and funny and I find myself relating to her than I care to admit I won't lie or anything and say I was embarrassed for a hottie like Paul to see me in my swimsuit I look a lot better in the navy blue one piece suit the hotel forces us to wear than I do in those heinous shortsPlus my mascara is totally the waterproof kind I mean I'm not an idiot In this installment which I had completely forgotten about from years ago the best kind of surprise we visit the darker and sadder side to Jesse’s past But the best part is it doesn’t come via flashbacks memories etc it comes in the form of his ex fiance and her handy henchman I don’t know why I loved this installment so much but I did We get Jesse we begin to see how he really might feel about Susannah awwww as he calls her and it introduces the one har har just one my ass person that makes Jesse a jelly green giant Oh and did I mention he becomes Suze’s arch nemesis I'd have much rather talked about his sisters For instance had he found living with five girls as trying as I find living with three boys I would imagine probably not given the reverse toilet seat situation Did they even have toilets back then Or did they just go in those nasty outhouses like on Little House on the PrairieGod no wonder Maria was in such a bad moodWell that and the whole being dead thing Yeah so totally worth it this one It’s not enough that this story came as a total surprise to me though that has to be my favorite thing about it No it’s that every emotion was expressed ten fold and we finally get somewhere in the feelings and confessions department We aren’t all the way there yet but that is why book five is my I think favorite right ; Oh and let’s not forget the lengths to which Jesse would go to save Suze we can never discount that EEPS Stupid girl I said to Diego that you were far too much of a fool to cause trouble for us but I see now that I was wrong You are everything I have heard about mediators interfering loathsome creatureI was flattered I truly was No one had ever called me loathsome before So why should you read this series I’ve been talking about over and over and over again That’s simple It’s fun It’s cute and sexy It’s swoony without being over the top And most importantly IT HAS JESSE Duh What else in the world do you need Well okay her arch nemesis because that epic battle at the end of book 5 makes my bbf heart go pitter patter with glee I won’t lie I lubbs the jelly boys Oops So you know pick this up or don’t pick this up it makes no difference to me It’s you who is losing out in the end so I guess it’s your loss right For of my reviews please visit Guys I can't even begin to explain how big I smiled how loud I laughed and how giggly I became in this installment Call me crazy but I guess I just completely forgot what this book was about and who was introduced in this one Likethe amount of happiness I found reading this book was absurdand I already want to re read it again Favorite re read yetOR START THE NEXT ONE IMMEDIATELY because RTC

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He backyard construction must cease Suze has a pretty good idea what or rather who Maria doesn't want found But in solving Jesse's murder will Suze end up losing him foreve. Young Blood the fourth book in the Mediator series by Meg Cabot is definitely my favourite so far Suzie's first summer in California doesn't uite go to plan when her stepdad forces her to either get a job or go to summer school She chooses to work and ends up at the Pebbel Beach Hotel and Golf Resort as a daytime child minder She is assigned to look after a unsociable young man called Jack and it soon become evident that just like Suzie he can also see spirits Throw in Jesse Suzie's gorgeous yet dead roommate and his crazy ex girlfriend and all hell breaks loseI loved the simplicity of this novel there isn't a love interest who is weak and that Suzie isn't that fond of there isn't any best friend or high school drama and there was much likable characters We are introduced to Jack an eight year old who is afraid of his ability I feel like Jack's story won me over he was such a lovable character and I really felt for him when he was being ignored by his family or when he made mistakesJesse and his back story served a much larger part in this book we finally learn all about his life and I found it very interesting Unlike the other books Jesse is a main 'feature' which was much better than him acting like a guardian angel of sorts and only turning up when something bad was happening to Suzie Suzie did get a little annoying at times like always And she said a few things that I didn't like see below in comments for little rant haha but overall her relationships were a lot interesting and her decision making flowed easier than previous books Even if she was slightly rash at times I understood why she did certain thingsWhen Suzie enters the inbetween I was suprised to actually enjoy the little details that we were given by Cabot I have a lot of unanswered uestions but I feel that any description would have been overdone and not believable The ending oh Jesse my heart So cute can't wait for the next book now actually

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Darkest HourOat either In life Maria was the fiancee of Jesse the same Jesse who was murdered a hundred and fifty years before The same Jesse Suze is in love withMaria threatens Suze T. This book has a slightly serious tone than the previous books A lot tears from Suze and a lot high stakes situationsI still find Suze to be infinity relatable and hilarious I like that we get to see her becoming serious but at the same time I do miss the fun breezy times like from the 1st book It is summer in this book and Suze has a babysitting job Not the most fun premise but I do like the normalcy of this She is getting comfortable around her stepfamily and I still find it funny that she’s the only one who has not realized that her stepbrothers are basically her brothers and her stepdad is basically her dad now because they treat her like true family I hope we get to see touching family moments in the future Also I miss having Doc in this book It’s sweet that he would have come home for Suze even though he seemed to be enjoying camp And even Sleepy has become increasingly brotherly in this book And Andy is increasingly like a dadI hope we go back to school in the next book because I think I find that setting fun to read Anyway finally the romance is starting to really happen in this book I seriously adore how much Father Dom has come to mean for Suze It just makes my heart melt the friendshipmentorship thing they have going onI’m giving this 35 stars maybe 4Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers belowHappysatisfying ending view spoilerGenerally happy but still a cliffhanger not the last book hide spoiler