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characters ò Country Driving ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ From the bestselling author of Oracle Bones and River Town comes the final book in his award winning trilogy on the human side of the economic revolution in China In the summer of 2001 Peter Hessler the longtime Beijing correspondent for The New Yorker acNtion to urban China researching development over a period of than two years in Lishui a small southeastern city where officials hope that a new government built expressway will transform a farm region into a major industrial center Hessler whom The Wall Street Journal calls one of the Western world's most thoughtful writers on modern China deftly illuminates the vast shifting landscape of a traditionally rural nation that having once built walls against foreigners is now building roads and factory towns that look to the outside worl. A slow start but ultimately a fascinating human centered insight on economic growth and urbanization in early 2000s China Hessler nestles his way into the lives of rural Chinese as they navigate making better lives for themselves and their families in a country that's experienced repeated political and economic overhauls in the recent past It was interesting to compare cultural similarities and differences between rural Chinese and rural Rwandans as well as map Chinese influence in Africa in the same period What does it mean when the Great Wall becomes a cell phone accessory Or when computers discs are most useful because they bounce light Everything was tangled in these parts; there was no distinction between progress and improvisation

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From the bestselling author of Oracle Bones and River Town comes the final book in his award winning trilogy on the human side of the economic revolution in China In the summer of 2001 Peter Hessler the longtime Beijing correspondent for The New Yorker acuired his Chinese driver's license For the next seven years he traveled the country tracking how the automobile and improved roads were transforming China Hessler writes movingly of the average people farmers migrant workers entrepreneurs who have reshaped the nation during one of th. This is superlative The author is engaging and gives us wonderful and sometimes heart rending insights of the people in China; and at other times he is hilarious in describing the odd situations that pop up now and again in a country that is vastly different from Western society But this country at the same time is producing a wide variety of the goods used by Western societyPage 294 my book There was nothing terrifying than a drive through the city’s coastal suburbs Fifteen years ago this region was all farmland Now you judged transitions by advertisements on the side of the road First I cruised through a neighborhood where virtually every billboard displayed hinges and then I began to see signs for electric plugs and adaptors Soon they were replaced by plastic light switches; next came fluorescent bulbs At last I came to the district of Ru’an which according to the local government was home to exactly 1208 manufacturers of automobile engine accessories brakes and steering systemsThe author is fluent in Mandarin spoken and written so he is able blend in and take in the activities around him like family suabbles business deals China is a country undergoing massive transitions Rural people have moved in the millions to urban areas to work in factories and do construction The landscape is being physically flattened for the making of these factories and the vast network of roads surrounding them Many of the people moving have little education many are illiterate – their life is in upheaval but possibilities are endlessBusinessmen mostly men network with others Part of this social process involves the handing out of cigarettes There are hundreds of brands of cigarettes which signify the class of the person; for example there are cigarette brands smoked by people in rural areas – and expensive types smoked in urban areas By handing out a particular brand signifies who you are or aspire to be in this changing worldYoung girls are leaving home to move and work in the cities and manufacturing sites They are becoming independent The author provides a stunning account of a fifteen year old girl who gets jobs at a factory for her entire family she masueraded as an 18 year old to do thisThe book is in three sections The first is a road trip along the Great Wall The second takes place in a small rural village that undergoes within a few years the transition to a urban lifestyle due to the entrepreneurship of the villagers Lastly the author spends time with workers and managers in the start up of a factory that is making bra hooks and bra wires – by the thousands in whatever colour desired for the hooks and all sizes for the wiresThis is a great book about a country on the movePage 362 “Going to a new job is like gambling” Master Luo explained “You leave and you hope that the new factory does well If it doesn’t then you probably can’t go back to the old job and the old life What’s in the past stays in the past”

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Country DrivingE most critical periods in its modern history Country Driving begins with Hessler's 7000 mile trip across northern China following the Great Wall from the East China Sea to the Tibetan plateau He investigates a historically important rural region being abandoned as young people migrate to jobs in the southeast Next Hessler spends six years in Sancha a small farming village in the mountains north of Beijing which changes dramatically after the local road is paved and the capital's auto boom brings new tourism Finally he turns his atte. We read this for the August Book club but we didn't get a chance to discuss it because of schedule conflicts I liked the book overall It had a bit detail than the ususual expat book because it was outside of Shanghai and Beijing The one thing I kept thinking of while I was reading it was whether it was already all out dated The book was published in 2010 but much of it was based on his research and trips from the early 2000's So much changes so fast in China everything is another whole generation past what he experienced Here are some of the items I found most interesting or thought provoking or were new insights considering I've already read about 5 expat memoirsthinly veiled novels1 I never knew the use of headlights was banned in Beijing until the 1970s That explains alot to me2 The old man who asked him if he was Chinese I thought you weren't Chinese That made me laugh3 I really wish some of the sections on the great wall had pictures He is fine at describing things but it is hard for me to really imagine things from his descriptons4 In the part where he talked about the differences between the three country brothers and the Beijing kids he said I never saw kids like this in Beijing in the capital nearly everybody is an only child coddled and spoiled from birth It really evoked the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for me and it really is like that in China how much the people in the cities have vs the subsistence life styles in the country5 I didn't know the bus drivers were paid on a percentage of ticket sales that explains why the bus was so overstuffed in a long haul bus accident I heard about a few months ago6 Unbelievably it is the second time I have heard a story of the office paper from the USUK sent to China for recycling it was also in a book about Chinese uality7 I really liked the stories in the Village where he slowly befriended the towns people I think that was the most engaging section of the book It was interesting to see the families changing with the influx of money and the opportunities8 Also to see how they tried to navigate the politics shows me why I am so bad at it here9 I think the stories of the people who work in the pleather factories are tragicOverall I really liked the book