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review Dommemoir × eBook or Kindle ePUB à WARNING This book changes women's attitudes about relationship dynamics foreverIn Geneviéve's journey of discovery she dabbles in the BDSM lifestyle which forces her to recognize and acknowledge her true nature Her memoir woven together with that of a male slave draws the reader into an intense odysY that breathes complex and compelling life into its hero the devastating Lady Geneviéve and the fortunate submissives who worship at her feet placing you in the delicious bondage of its dark and compelling landscape Larry Brooks USA Today bestselling author of Darkness Bound and Bait and Switc. This book had me having to remind myself that it is a work of fiction The characters are very real Lady Genevieve embarks on a journey to discover her path to a clean house but finds love and happinessI fell in love with the two slaves immediatelyTheir love for Lady Genevieve both Domme and sadist was so sweet and yet heart breaking The author gave us an insiders view of the awaking of a Domme and two slaves as to there true natureIt is a wickedly funny journey that left me thinking about the characters long after I finished the last page Once I started I could not put it down Recommend if you like to read about the Dommesadist and slave dynamic includes some MM

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Odyssey of sexual expression triumphing over sexual repression while delivering fascinating insight about a different kind of loveDommemoir delivers on so many levels that it defies categorization It uickly sucks you in and envelopes you in the bondage of its spell Dommemoir is a character stud. Monica’s Review In all my reading I have never read about BDSM and being a professional FemDom I G Frederick did a wonderful job in how she expressed Lady Genevieve’s livelyhood and her view of being a FemDom before just letting the reader have it Fredrick takes it to a different level in having a memoir of Lady Genevieve but also a memoir of her Male Slave NicholasFrederick interpreted Slave Nicholas' memoir very well It is very interesting to see how a person sees themselves as a slave to a woman The Slave Nicholas experienced this lifestyle since a very young age and how he felt so comfortable with it Slave Nicholas expresses his feelings towards Lady Genevieve and adores her to the point of being branded to show that he is property to someone I got to see how he tried to live what a person calls a normal life but that life is not for him There was one piece in this memoir that stuck to my mind—a uote from Slave Nicholas I love my Mistress adored everything about her In some ways she was like a drug and I was a complete and total addictFrederick interpreted Lady Genevieve's memoir very well Lady Genevieve lived her life with her husband but like any relationship not all of them will last Finding her way back to the world of BDSM is something that she seems not to be able to get away from She needs the attention at all times since her previous relationship did not give her that Finding someone that would tend to her 247 to all of her needs and solely to her is what she looked for This is something that I believe all women want—someone to love and for that other person to love them no matter what Yes she does take it to the next level but this is the lifestyle she chooses to live It is very interesting since I have never known too much about the lifestyle Here is a uote from her memoir a naked slave kneels on the floor in front of me massaging and kissing my feet I own him mind body and spirit He finds the fulfillment and contentment he seeks in life by devoting every minute to pleasing and serving meSlave Nicholas and Lady Genevieve's lives are not really that different of what we might call a normal life After reading this book I have a better understanding of how they live and have a better understanding of their lifestyle This book will make you see that there might not really be a real difference Just one example that I will share in the book they call it branding their property We call this a tattoo with our significant other's name But the only difference is that the tattoo is done with a needle and ink and branding is a hot iron rod shaped in what you would like This book allows you to see in the eyes of the dominant and the slave I recommend this book if you have no idea what a FemDom lifestyle is and would want to see it through their eyes3 Tea Cups

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DommemoirWARNING This book changes women's attitudes about relationship dynamics foreverIn Geneviéve's journey of discovery she dabbles in the BDSM lifestyle which forces her to recognize and acknowledge her true nature Her memoir woven together with that of a male slave draws the reader into an intense. I've just had the honor of been given a free copy of this book for review by the author via BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review and hope that this review is of help to readers and the author thank youIn short I think this book is about love and finding the 'one' or as in this case the 'two' set within a strong femdom scene of female godesses and male submissivesI've given this 4 stars simply because I think it is well written especially compared to a lot of other books in this genre It is a slick read with consistent characters and a plot that does make senseAt the same time there is nothing extraordinary in there neither in style detail or plot As such this should have been a 3 but as I said it is overall well done and if you like 'that' sort of thing you'll be well entertainedFetish and BDSMThis book is about a particular fetish of dominant women and VERY submissive males I don't want to call them slaves as generally all is consensual no one is really abused and the submissive males do enjoy what they are doingThere is no torture in this very little discipline and only a bit of fetish related sex though there is a lot of sex in this see below in fact I feel this book is about DOMESTIC SERVITUDUEThe problem is this does nothing for me personally neither does the overly consentual submission of males grovelling at their godesses feet BUT everyone their own and if you like that kind of thing than you will be very well entertained and aroused indeed This I think might touch male readersFor female readers there is a strong element of femdom control and OWNERSHIP including collaring piercing and branding all again consensual and not focusing much on the pain Again you will find this exciting if it is your thingSex and EroticThere is uite a big of sex going on in here which is strongly focused on males orally serving their goddess and the occasional peggingThe scenes are not badly written ie they don't make you cringe not at all in fact but and I can't explain why they didn't fully 'do it for me' I can't explain why but I didn't feel 'aroused' when reading it I think I felt the writer was a bit detached from what was happening looking at it with as a detached observer penning it down in pretty words Again this surely is a matter of tasteThe CharactersVery well composed consistent charactersA bit of character development going on there but and about this below under plot it gets a bit tedious at some points as we are encountering the same situations and characters again and againGenerally I felt the characters were believable and interesting enough to 'care'The PlotThe plot is uite basic our heroin after her divorce finally understands that she is a true dominant and embarks on the search for the other one This initially doesn't go too well as she finds a number of matching partner's who then for one or the other reason run away Ultimately she ends up with two 'boys' whom she collarsThe problem I have with this plot is that it is uite a bit repetitive and I had a couple of 'here we go again' moments At the same time the plot is not wrong and the details of the various engagements are interesting so yes overall an ok read from this perspectiveI must admit a couple of scenes had me chuckling for instance a nosy neighbour concerned with the goings on in our heroine's flat Regarding this I would say that this book though about love and relationships is in fact on the lighter side of things certainly not what we would call 'dark'The ending I felt was a bit abrupt I felt a bit cheated long build up to find a two submissives and then happy end we all live happily ever after with two collared slaves But I must admit I cant right now think of a better ending eitherIt just felt as many book that at some point the author had run out of steam and it was like ok we know where this goes let's finish it off uickly rather than labouring the point A bit of a shameThe Writing StyleAs I said before well written easy to read At times I felt the author didnt know how much to explain to the non initiated which put me off in times Surely if you are into this kind of thing you know what a collar is and means or you'll deduce it from the storyOh and a note to author and publisher please don't do a Glossary It's not needed or means the author has done a bad job In this case the former The only time Glossaries are allowed are in scientific text books and Frank Hebert's Dune where the Glossary arguably reads better than the novel But then you could say that Dune is kind of a scientific text book well ishAnyway back to style well written as I said but at the same time not a style you'll recognise or not a book to be read because of the styleInterestingly the story is told in or less alternating chapters from the position of the Mistress and her submissives This generally works except I find in the cases where the same scene is told twice from different perspectives I have seen this been done in erotic literature before and found it always boring But I know that some people do like this I personally felt it didn't add much to the storyConclusionWorth a read if you like the scenario setting fetish it is about I'd say it's a good read for a holiday or on the train