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FREE DOWNLOAD Ó Amelia Earhart ó She died mysteriously before she was forty Yet in the last decade of her life Amelia Earhart soared from obscurity to fame as the bestknown female aviator in the world She set record after record—among them the first transAtlantic solo flight by a woman a flight that launched Earhart on a double career as a fighter “What Happened to Amelia Earhart” myth by disclosing who Amelia Earhart really was a woman of three centuries born in the nineteenth pioneering in the twentieth and advocating ideals and dreams relevant to the twentyfir. I love biographies that provide a complete and relatively unbiased telling of a life This one strips Amelia Earhart of her myths spy genius pilot and presents her as she was an ambitious pilot who always did her best but was ultimately overcome by obstacles she could not control She was not the most talented of women pilots her marriage was practical not romantic and she had serious difficulties with her mother and sister However this book presents all that while retaining respect for her accomplishments and courage A very good biography of a very interesting woman


Lantic solo flight by a woman a flight that launched Earhart on a double career as a fighter for women's rights and a tireless crusader for commercial air travel Doris L Rich's exhaustively researched biography downplays the. This was the first book about Amelia Earhart that I read and at the time I thought it was good But having later read Susan Butler's and also Mary Lovell's biographies of Amelia Earhart I have rated this in last place of the three Doris Rich did not go into the depth that either Susan Butler or Mary Lovell did About the best I can say about Ms Rich's version is some of the background she provided relative to the early days of commercial aviation in the United States how difficult it was in the days before pressurized cabins when the maximum altitude was about 10000 feet and the aircraft necessarily had to deal with much more turbulence than now when flights routinely achieve 35k40k feetbr br The book was informative but there are much better biographies of Amelia Earhart

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Amelia EarhartShe died mysteriously before she was forty Yet in the last decade of her life Amelia Earhart soared from obscurity to fame as the bestknown female aviator in the world She set record after record among them the first transAt. What can I say after finishing Amelia Earhart A Biography It is a mighty fine book Written by Doris L Rich this book feels well researched This biography is intelligently written and perfectly paced It is very linear it doesn't go back and forth but follows the story of Amelia's life uite evenly You get the feeling that every period of Amelia's life was of an interest to the biographer and that seems to me a good thing This biography is not very long around 300 pages but the book is packed with information and the writing is in that sense very dense It pains a very interesting picture of a known heroine Only at times did I feel like the author wasn't objective and tried to push her own opinions about Amelia There were many things about this book that I liked and only a few that I didn't so perhaps I could go so far as to say that I loved reading this book It provided me with a whole new insight into the life of Amelia Earhart br br Amelia Earhart here is a woman that almost everyone has heard of but few know in detail I suppose that is the case with many legendary aviators Often the legend obscures the person I was somewhat familiar with Amelia before reading this book but there was also a lot that I didn't know especially about her private life On overall I do feel I've learned a lot from this book For example I had no idea that Amelia's father was a drunk that her upbringing was so uncertain or that she faced financial problems all her life I didn't know she had to work so hard for so long to balance five jobs at once and on top of that to give endless interviews and lectures often exhausted and overworked I knew about her bravery and aviation accomplishments but I didn't know about her kindness patience selfdisciple and all the hard work she had to put it into everything she ever did Amelia had to work hard for very cent As she one said airplanes don't grow on treesbr br Because this book is so rich in historical information I really took my time reading this one I feel it is the kind of book that demands concentration I didn't want to miss anything so I read it slowly I really like how the author focused more on Amelia's life than on her death for it is her life that matters the most Amelia was such a brave kind and hardworking person and that is what we should remember respect and admire about her I found her life story fascinating and I feel like I learned a lot about her by reading this book Much has been said about her death and this book touches on that subject but isn't her life what should primarily interest usbr br Another think I like is how realistic this book is It doesn't glam things up From urine drenched cockpits female pilots had no way to relieve themselves on solo flights did they to description of hardships and perils of early aviation Early aviation was extremely dangerous Regardless of gender all early aviators risked their lives and were uite heroic Without their sacrifices commercial aviation would perhaps still be in development Some aviators still risk their lives now when I think of it There are always explorers who will push the borders and many will probably die untimely dearth in the process One could ask oneself what is all for Was it really necessary for Amelia to risk it all There are certainly many uestions one could ask not only about her life but those of many other female aviators br br There is only downside to this book While it is very real I can't really be sure of how historically accurate it is I have a feeling the writer tried to push her own mind a few times especially in matters of GP and Amelia's marriage In addition the author rarely lists her sources I would have appreciated more footnotes and explanation of where did Rich get her data from How can I be sure of how well the book is researched if I don't see the footnotes explaining where the claims come from Sure some things are common knowledge but not all of them In addition the extremely negative way in which GP is painted toward the end doesn't really have historical backing It is all gossip more or less We don't know for sure whether Amelia was unhappy in marriage with him When a woman dies one always blames the husband But things are a bit more complicated than that br br Still even if I'm a bit uncertain about some parts of this biography on overall I did enjoy it It is very educating and you can always do your own research if you want to check on something or if you are not certain about some aspect of this early aviation heroine's life Anyhow I do recommend this biography I think the author really did a great job of painting Amelia's personality for us while presenting a lot of interesting personal information Whether it is 100 percent historically accurate I can't say but a book like this one is a great place to start If you have an interest in aviation or Amelia's life story you'll surely enjoy it br