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Torn From the Inside OutTable minute or day that will be forever etched into our mind’s memory I have unforgettable memories that are so vivid that I see them in Technicolor and I hear them with surround sound Long after I am dead I believe I will remember Two of those memories were the days of my escape to freedomtwi. In Torn From the Inside Out Sara Niles takes the reader through the escalating cycles of abuse Watching her grow from a lively and curious child to a tortured and demoralized wife and mother is a compelling if painful journey This is not a book for the sueamish but it is a book for anyone who has been impacted or has someone in her life who has been a victimsurvivor of domestic violence Born and raised in the rural south of the 1970's Sara's story could as easily be about a girl raised in a big northern city now Documenting her abuse at the hands of her husband Sara Niles holds back nothing As the reader travels the long road with her it is sometimes difficult to remember this is not a work of fiction It seems almost unbelievable that such cruelty could occur in recent history As our eyes are opened we must ask what we as a society can do to prevent these crimes to continue what support can be offered to victims of abuse and how the laws can be re written to benefit the abused

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Torn From the Inside Out Summary Ð 108 ì This 2004 edition is obsolete and out of printNarrative Memoir In 1987 Sara Niles was forced to flee for her life with five small children during a cold February thunderstorm In the process of my evolution I became a victim of domestic war an emotional casualty for a major portion of my life entwined eThis 2004 edition is obsolete and out of printNarrative Memoir In 1987 Sara Niles was forced to flee for her life with five small children during a cold February thunderstorm In the process of my evolution I became a victim of domestic war an emotional casualty for a major portion of my life entw. Being a product of abuse this book tug at many memories of mine that I choose to forget My heart ached for Sara and her children in every scene of abuse The author did such an amazing job writing the scenes that I felt as though I was standing right next to Sara during most of the book Be prepared for raw emotions to come out while reading this There is nothing terrifying then walking away and I commend Sara on the courage she pulled from within to do it I really liked how she introduced us to her childhood because I feel it is a vital part to her life story and it would have felt empty if she opened the book at the beginning of her marriage I feel so horrible that the author had to live through this horrendous relationship with her husband It honestly broke my heart to read her story but I commend her on the strength she had to get out of it and the courage to write about it and share it for other victims I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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Ined entrapped and emotionally involved until I learned how to become free Freedom has never been easily gained and has often come at high cost throughout history but one thing I will always know is freedom is worth every fight and all pain Sara NilesIn every life there is a timeless and unforget. “Torn from the inside out is a non fiction account of a woman who spends thirteen years in an abusive marriage Synthesizing an entire book down to that one sentence robs it of the true horror that this book representsThe book follows Sara from her life as a child to her life as a battered wife What I expected and found in this book is the horrible repetitive numbing nature of domestic abuse In doing only that Sara has done a service with her book For those of you not familiar with domestic abuse you’ll find that Sara expertly guides the reader through the unfortunately well worn path and progression of this pathology Starting with the initial disbelief and ending with a numbness and acceptance of repeated awful terrors Sara weaves a tapestry of pure evil and hopelessness Sara has a fine evocative touch with her pen The story begins with a rendering of an almost idyllic life in the rural south during the nineteen sixties Poetic and flowery without being cloying Sara’s style is highly evocative Almost immediately the reader finds themselves immersed in the culture and the period of Sara’s youth Slowly throughout the book the tone changes to fit the events and people that become a reality in the life of a battered woman fighting for the survival of her and her children Sara’s narrative expertly fits the events in her bookSara has done her job leading the reader as she was led into the psychopathy and lies of abuse The uestion becomes for the reader Why read a book that is disturbing and terrifying and worst of all true to life While the book is a “good read” it also has elements that are shocking and raw The answer to this uestion lies in Sara’s assertion that we are entrusted with the well being of others especially the children who are put into our care Consider first that thousands of women are killed each year due to domestic violence Consider also that the children who witness endless and senseless violence from a father who is a sociopath have their world view warped and their self image twisted Often this leads to substance abuse mental health issues and often to becoming abusers themselves If this were only true in even a hundred cases a year a reader might consider this a marginal problem What is true is that there are thousands of women abused ever year which represents thousands of families and thousands of children whose lives are essentially ruined for the years that they are witnesses to abuse and uite often for years after Torn From the Inside OutThis book is worth your time If nothing else it will make you think At best it will sensitize you to an issue that affects society and the reader in ways that have only begun to be examined by law makers police and mental health practitioners