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Download À America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle 102 ê Trudy Ederle loved to swim and she was determined to be the best At seventeen Trudy won three medals at the 1924 Olympics in Paris But what she planned to do next had never been done by a woman She would swim across the English Channel in fourteen hours and set aTrudy Ederle loved to swim and she was determined to be the best At seventeen Trudy won thre. On August 6 1926 Gertrude Caroline Ederle a German American swimmer born in New York City and known as Gertie to her family and Trudy to her friends became the sixth person to successfully swim the English Channel and the first woman to do so In a time when women were considered the weaker sex and newspaper columnists as well as everyday citizens opined that women belonged in the home rather than in the water Ederle not only succeeded in swimming the Channel but beat her male predecessors by almost two hours observers commented that had the weather not been so unfavorable and the water so rough her time would have been four hours shorter Lauded by President Calvin Coolidge as America's Best Girl Ederle was given a ticker tape parade upon her return to New York CityObviously we're not talking about someone who was unknown in their day or whose achievement was considered insignificant so if you're wondering why you've never heard of Ederle don't worry you're not alone Until picking up Adler and Widener's picture book biography the first title to be devoted to her story although there have been two subseuent adult books America's Girl The Incredible Story of How Swimmer Gertrude Ederle Changed the Nation and Young Woman and the Sea How Trudy Ederle Conuered the English Channel and Inspired the World I was also unfamiliar with Ederle I am glad to have that omission rectified as hers is an inspirational story one that has significance for women in sport but also for an understanding of a particular moment in American history when records were being broken and the heroes being lionized by the media weren't just film and music stars or professional athletes It's a shame that her story disappeared for so long although this isn't uncommon with female figures of note even when their contributions are very significant and recognized in their day but I'm glad that it has resurfacedAmerica's Champion Swimmer Gertrude Ederle is an engaging title one I recommend to young readers with an interest in swimming or sport or who enjoy biographies of people who were the first in their respective fields and paved the way for others Truthfully I think the narrative is stronger than the artwork which didn't greatly impress me but the overall effect is still very appealing

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Y a woman She would swim across the English Channel in fourteen hours and set a world record. Another woman whose accomplishments we've not heard of unless we are in her field Gertrude Ederle nearly drowned when she was a child so her dad worked to teach her to swim She found her element She started swimming competitively at 15 and the next year she set a record swimming from Manhattan to Sandy Hookshe bested all the men who'd swum that route She then took on the big one the English Channel On her second try she also beat every man's recordShe got a ticker tape parade in New York and it appears that the world promptly forgot all about her The notes in the back tell of the toll her life took she lost most of her hearing maybe because of measles maybe because of her Channel swims She fell and spent FOUR YEARS in a cast and was confined to a wheel chair But she taught herself to walk again She spent years teaching deaf children to swimI'm sorry that was not included in the picture book

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America's Champion Swimmer Gertrude EderleE medals at the 1924 Olympics in Paris But what she planned to do next had never been done b. This is an empowering picture book about Gertrude Ederle who was the first woman to swim the English Channel The book outlines how she began swimming as a young child and all of her swimming accomplishments later on in life This book would be an excellent biography with a strong female main character to incorporate into a third or fourth grade classroom I could see myself using this book to deepen my students' understanding of plot due to the suspenseful story of Gertrude's many attempts to cross the channel You can have students identify the conflicts that she faced both internally and externally within the plot line I would also use this book to help build my students' understanding of drawing inferences in complex texts There are several spots within this story where you can draw inferences about Gertrude's motives how she was feeling and the message the author was trying to convey Additionally I believe that this book could even be used to build classroom community by analyzing how supportive her family and trainers were throughout her journey This book could open up conversations within your classroom of how your students could support one another This book was a WOW book for me as it is a great reminder to all students that you can do anything you set your mind to with determination It was also incredible to have such an inspiring young woman to be the main character As both a female and a swimmer I found Gertrude's hard work and passion for swimming to be really admirable