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Download ´ A Good Student ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ When passionate Professor Conner Devlin meets oversexed student Emma Fiore the sparks ignite he'll train her to be his classroom sex slave carrying out his every desire while she gets to experience the forbidden pleasure of submissive love before her marriage to From the dominant's point of view A Good Student gives a rare and searing look inside a man s heart as he's caught in the throes of a compelling and overwhelming love and passion all his thoughts and feelings exposed Listening to Conner's confessions is like having your own personal Master tell you everything he feels with a poet's skill and a therapist's insight You ll never look at the dynamics of Ds and a man's sexuality the same way agai. I absolutely LOVED this book The words that comes to my mind when I think of itIs beautiful stunning erotically sexy and all the above This was jam packed with hot sex left and right More of sex than a story at times probably But it was stunningly hot written sex I adore this author's writing style It felt poetic and even philosophical at so many points Theres a rhyme and reason to everything that occurs in this story And I thought it all blended together perfectly Kinda a maydecember sort of romance Never states the age of Connor But I got the feeling that he was somewhat older than Emma Connor is her teacher at a local college she's taking classes at Which is another aspect that makes this even delicious ; Is the naughty professorstudent scenario The sex is too hot for words The back and forth dialogue and the descriptions And how filthy and naughty they get How it feels like Connor completely owns her body is so hot And Emma constantly struggles with the kinky side of herself She looks at it like something is wrong with her and its something she should be ashamed of Until she meets Connor He slowly but surely proves to her how to accept herself embrace it This had a lot of BDSM themes in it as well And I normally only like BDSM books every now and then But i enjoyed this so much Connor is such a loving naughty attentive filthy sexy as hell Dom that almost makes sex with him some kind of mind blowing out of this world experience The way he spins his words and it just felt like it took my mind to a different place and I loved it 5 stars for brilliance

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When passionate Professor Conner Devlin meets oversexed student Emma Fiore the sparks ignite he'll train her to be his classroom sex slave carrying out his every desire while she gets to experience the forbidden pleasure of submissive love before her marriage to a dull and unfeeling man But Emma's sizzling and insatiable desires soon overwhelm Conner and he finds himself hopelessly in love with his young submissive Emma accepts him as her sex. I really don't know what to say This one was one of those books that grossed the hell out of me It felt like author was trying to voice his own perverse fantasies rather than trying to tell a story to a reader I think this story should have stayed in his headI find teacher student relationships intriguing but this one was just weird There was no worries about breaking the rules about it being wrong or unethical or the conseuences of it No just Lock the door behind you let's do this kind of thing He is a collage professor and a writer He himself admits that his novels are rubbish and his stories the ones he publishes on a web are pornishThere was no buildup and no seduction although our collage professor would argue otherwise Already few pages in he was pushing her against the wall showing her panties down her throat and saying I knew that that is what she neededwanted WTFHeroine is 25 but acts like a doormat A lot of oh oh oh an oh god oh godWhat pied me off the most was the way this collage professor talked to her I'm all for dirty talk but there is a fine line between dirty talk and degrading talk and this author obviously doesn't know the difference It's not necessary about what have been said but the way it was said It was confusing because it's not Ds relationship it suppose to be erotic romanceIt's kind of hard to explain the woman did like it but I as a reader wasn't buying it I got this feeling that author was trying way to hard to convince me that she did There was a lot A LOT of this She was loving it and I was the one who could give it her It was said both in monologues and dialogues Self centered egotistical douchebag much The words bitch and whore was used and abused numerous times I love you you bitchwhore does not sound sexy or erotic to me no matter the context It's not an erotic novel it's a manuscript for a very lousy porno movie Yuck SIt was my first and last book by this author

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A Good StudentUal Master but will she have him as her real life lover Through the means of BDSM and the demands of extreme sex Conner tries to break down the barriers between them and make Emma acknowledge her feelings until one night things become too real and the games are forgotten Conner takes Emma prisoner for real and their passions erupt in a cataclysm of raw emotion that rocks them both and fuses them in a transcendent loveTold with intense honesty. Best freakin book i have ever read Period Non stop smut at the peak of perfection and a great short story of love and shame and passion that had me biting my lip the whole way through Will definitely read again in future