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Rehearsal play Wikipedia The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton Goodreads The Rehearsal is the debut novel by Eleanor Catton the author of The Luminaries which I very much enjoyed and which won the Man Booker Prize in Despite the praise which her second novel has had relatively few readers in comparison seem to have come across The Rehearsal I was so looking forward to reading Catton's debut which was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award The Rehearsal novel Wikipedia The Rehearsal Welcome to The Rehearsal Sukkot Website Come join us at Twin Lakes Bible Camp for the festival of Sukkot as we practice in anticipating for the coming of our Messiah and King We are pleased to offer this pilgrimage site that is in the upper Midwest area of the United State. Since this book is partly about a bunch of teenagers trying to get accepted into a top dramatic academy I have an excuse to tell you a recent sad but true anecdote which featured my daughter’s fellow Corridor that’s their band named Helena If you’ve seen the youtube videos and they really want you to she’s the very tall very thin uite pretty and extremely blonde one She’s a good actress I’ve seen her in school plays and a good singer dancer and she’s totally in love with acting So with all that going on she thought she’d be able to get into a top dramatic academy This is the frantic year when they’re all applying to university So she went to the first audition She’s been used to acting performing with a lot of different types of kids it’s an extremely mixed school The casts of all the shows she’s ever been in a lot have been black brown short tall all kinds of kids all jazzed with acting like some kids are When she came back from the first audition she was devastated She was thinking I’m sunk I’ll have to think of something else Why Because when she walked into the room and met the other wannabe actors they were all extremely tall extremely thin extremely blonde pretty 18 year old girls No one else had applied The whole room was full of Helenas I thought I’d read The Rehearsal because I just didn’t fancy the 2000 page long Luminaries all the reviews gave me the idea it was a little bit too meta a gigantic brainy well written shaggy dog story or maybe a shaggy god story which would be worse So I thought let’s try the first slender novel instead Maybe that will inspire me But it uninspired me This story has two parts to it The kids auditioning for the academy is one and the scandal of a girl being sexually abused by her music teacher is another Both of these plot strands are groanworthy especially the latter because we have had a lot of this kind of thing in the history of fiction Tampa Notes on a Scandal Innocents heck it’s a sub division of fiction it’s the psychological aftermath of the abuse rather than the thing itself but still you get to wear the been there done that t shirt Dull subjects can be made into great novels everyone knows that Look at Ulysses – guys wander about Dublin and drink in pubs Molly Bloom shags her boyfriend End of story For 900 pages Look at Moby Dick Boy meets whale boy loses whale boy can’t take no for an answer and pursues whale For 900 pages Look at Jean Rhys’s four novels – woman mopes around That’s it But this one I could tell Eleanor Catton could turn a deft phrase and make many astringent observations but I just didn’t want 300 pages of deft phrases astringent observations about teenagers and their trembling psyches and undulating nether regions Not right now and maybe never

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The RehearsalThe Rehearsal film AlloCin The Rehearsal est un film ralis par Alison MacLean avec James Rolleston Kerry Fox Synopsis Un tudiant en art dramatiue se base sur le drame de sa famille comme source d'inspiration pour The Rehearsal Wikipdia The Rehearsal est un film britannico grec ralis par Jules Dassin sorti en The Rehearsal IMDb Directed by Alison Maclean With Michelle Ny James Rolleston Ella Edward Erroll Shand First year acting student Stanley mines his girlfriend's family scandal as material for the end of year show at drama school The result is a moral minefield rehearsal English French Dictionary WordReferencecom rehearsal dinner n noun Refers to person place thing uality etc US celebratory pre wedding meal tradition nord amricaine dner de rptiti. Eleanor Catton is a witch I say this out of great respect as I was taught to do by my Fake Auntie Barbara who is also a witch I know that Catton is a witch becausei I do not care about sexuality in fiction It's been done to death primarily I suspect because it lets writers who like to think they're pure as the driven snow feel like victims Most writers of course are wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of the rest of the human population and got that way because of a wide range of historical injustices It lets writers think they have something interesting to say about The Human Condition when they have nothing to say about actual human lives ii I don't much care about coming of age novels because most teenagers are dull repetitive irritating and or less subhuman The ones that aren't don't act like teenagers and coming of age novels involving them are thus weird and not really coming of age novels iii I do not believe the whole world's a stageiv With few exceptions I don't like jazz So Catton has written a coming of age novel which is primarily about sexuality and The Theater and focuses on the symbolism of jazz saxophones You'll note that despite all this I really liked this book But there is evidence still There are books good books which are unreadable for the first x chapters Consider Catch 22 which I at least found boring and baffling for the first 100 pages and then fell for hard as hard as a teenage saxophonist Or Death in Venice which did nothing for me for about the first third but so much for me in the last two thirds that I've gone on to read Dr Faustus twice And I'm not at all masochistic Mann just does it The Rehearsal is an outlier even on this scale though For the first 200 200 pages I was mostly put off I had no desire to keep reading The two narratives seemed to have nothing to do with each other; the stylistic fireworks grew tired uickly about half of the book takes place somewhere between reality and a saxophone teacher's perception of that reality which is symbolized by characters being lit as if on stage; points i through iv had been firmly established I figured I'd finish it because it was shortish and the Luminaries is apparently the greatest shit ever But I was just as likely to play video games as pick the book up And then the two narratives came together and I became a lunatic obsessive about finishing the book My wife typically asks how a book was once I'm done and I say things like It was good except for x y and z and I don't think the author put enough thought into a and I don't know I liked it okay That's the books I really like And she says Are you going to read author's other book Maybe Not right now But with The Rehearsal the conversation went like this How was itGreat Huh Are you going to read the LuminariesYes You should read this It's really great Enough beating my chest Why is it so good Well Catton takes those tired topics and implausibly makes something new from them by looking at how adults perceive teenage coming of age sexuality how theywe exploit it distort it and impose our own codes and experiences on the young She writes about being a teenage boy touchingly than any ex teenage boy for them apparently life was mostly about The Penis For me as for Catton's young man life was about substantially important things as well as learning to cope with aforementioned Penis She writes with awareness of the constructedness of her own fiction ie the book is a stage but without any suggestion that the constructedness of it makes it less valid It's almost as if the constructedness is something to enjoy because it makes it possible to tell truths about the non fictional world in the case of this book that growing up is akin to rehearsing for the outside world ie it is not the case that all the world's a stage at all it's far terrible than that and you should revel in the moments when you can act out fictions And she writes about homosexuality without Writing About Homosexuality It's just that between one and three of her characters would rather make out with someone of their own gender If that's an issue for you that's on you The book does not care about your stupid issues though it does care very much about the way the world treats those one to three characters ie shabbily I grant you that sounds weird Almost as if it's hard to explain using reason Almost as if the author is a witch

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The Rehearsal Summary ó 100 ß The Rehearsal film AlloCin The Rehearsal est un film ralis par Alison MacLean avec James Rolleston Kerry Fox Synopsis Un tudiant en art dramatiue se base sur le drame de sa famille comme source d'inspiration pour The Rehearsal — Wikipdia The Rehearsal est un film britannico grec ralis par Jules Dassin sorti en The RehearsOn nm nom masculin s'utilise avec les articles le l' devant une voyelle ou un h muet un Ex garon nm On dira le garon ou un garon They held the rehearsal dinner at the bridegroom's family home Le dner de rehearsal Traduction en franais exemples anglais The recording also contains a rehearsal of choral music L'enregistrement est aussi compos d'une rptition de musiue pour choeur File containing mainly photographs taken at a rehearsal in Montreal Dossier contenant principalement des photographies prises lors d'une rptition Montral Traduction rehearsal franais | Dictionnaire anglais | Reverso traduction rehearsal dans le dictionnaire Anglais Francais de Reverso voir aussi 'dress rehearsal'rehearse'rephrase'reversal' conjugaison expressions idiomatiues The. 45 A formidably clever book with a rubbish cover Both the jacket and the synopsis a scandal over the relationship between a sixth former in British parlance and a 31 year old teacher look like something from the younger end of a publisher's commercial women's fiction dept But as the polarised ratings show those looking for a straightforward beach read will be disappointed by an experimental theory driven novel which speaks the unspeakable As with Joanna Kavenna another intelligent writer whose first novel was cursed by a chicklit cover I wouldn't have discovered Catton if it hadn't been for a prize listingThis is not an easy book to write about; I've seen hardly any blog posts or reader reviews which capture it well and I doubt this one will either The professional reviews are relatively useful but The Rehearsal could do with an academic introduction The aftermath of the school sex scandal an event which is significant because of what others think about it and the ripples it produces the two central participants having few direct appearances is interpolated with the first year of a group of students at a nearby highly selective university level drama academy The students have an annual tradition of a devised play with a history of success and controversy; this year they make their topic the teacher pupil affair The Rehearsal is a book which deals with social roles especially those adopted by or foisted on to teenagers and with the construction of stories in judgemental gossiping reality in people's heads and in different fictional forms In saying for instance what it might be like if the girl playing Bridget were instead playing Isolde there is a sense of characters with independent lives yet also constructed by the writer and the onlooker that reminded me of a intellectually sophisticated version of Jasper Fforde's book world It also made theatre performance and novel seem much similar audience experiences than they generally are and I felt a little bit of the world sliding to make a different shape Some synopses of the book say that it's intentionally unclear whether the school scenes are real an idea which makes one realise the daftness of asking what really happened about a fictional work However this appears to me to break down when accounts of the drama academy's play show some roles as having been played by boys when they've been described in this detached what if way using examples of girls And the drama students' ideas and dialogue are less complex and intelligent than those expressed by characters in the school scenes The Rehearsal is not a book to underestimate though so I may have missed a point of theory here Acting theory is another significant component of the book as well as literary theory which Catton refers to in this interview; a 20 year old grade five Speech Drama plus a few Wikipedia articles were not enough to appreciate its uses in this book fully I'm very much in favour of fiction which uses specialised knowledge as I mentioned in my review of Hunters in the Snow though I only gravitate towards it when it deals with fields I know something about Possibly related to acting there were shifts in modes of presentation and communication which had a deliberate consistency although the author's background reasoning sometimes remained opaue to me From the point of view of reader enjoyment the drama students were compared with the school pupils and teachers terribly bland They are of course new actors whose purpose is to be trained to express others words and not their own So the blankness is deliberate just as is the way their teachers are referred to by their departmental roles not their names and few of the students gain names until late in proceedings The teachers at least have strong personalities But the most prominent drama student Stanley is he supposed to echo Flat Stanley is so damn nothingy that it's boring reading about him this often I couldn't bring myself to care about this character in the slightest which is very unusual for me My favourite thing of all though and the thing which instantly attracted me to the book in the first pages of its preview is the way that the characters in the school scenes speak their thoughts aloud in intense and beautifully described terms In some conversations between the saxophone teacher and various mothers these could judging by the other party's small talk responses have been pasted over what was really said as if the thought bubble and the speech bubble in a comic had been mixed up ETA The comics analogy was instinctive but here Catton mentions Alan Moore as an influence Mrs Henderson At present your daughter is simply too young Let me put it this way a film of soured breast milk clutches at your daughter like a shroud‘I reuire of all my students’ the saxophone teacher continues ‘that they are downy and pubescent pimpled with sullen mistrust and boiling away with private fury and ardour and uncertainty and gloom I reuire that they wait in the corridor for ten minutes at least before each lesson tenderly nursing their injustices picking miserably at their own unworthiness as one might finger a scab or caress a scar If I am to teach your daughter you darling hopeless and inadeuate mother she must be moody and bewildered and awkward and dissatisfied and wrong When she realises that her body is a secret a dark and yawning secret of which she becomes and ashamed come back to me You must understand me on this point I cannot teach children’ Then there is the uite wonderful seventh former Julia who says much what I'd have thought in the same place though unlike her I have usually considered it better not to bother articulating controversial opinions in certain company because I detest rows She challenges a school counsellor's lecture which trots out pat PC party lines and black and white binaries about power and boundaries But what if it's a same sex relationship Surely comparison plays a much bigger role in same sex relationships If comparison is abuse does that mean you reckon same sex couples are abusive than ordinary couplesI don't agree that Mr Saladin wanted to gain controlSleeping with a minor a seventeen year old not even a minor here isn't exciting because you get to boss them around It's exciting because you're risking so much And taking a risk is exciting because of the possibility that you might lose not the possibility that you might win It was exciting because he stood to lose so much if anyone found outAnd anyway isn't every relationship a power imbalance in some wayLike me when I was at school Julia also possesses that fear of being thought creepy by other girls at the same time as feeling annoyed by many and attracted to a few The book though does have some of the sort of generalisations about female group behaviour which I only ever hear of in fiction by women writers My school was a bit odd and devoid of all manner of things good and bad which other people I've since known experienced at school Our year never really gelled said the teachers which may be the reason for certain absent social features Plus the most of the women I'm good friends with in than a basic social networking sense tend like me not to be fans of hanging out in big all female groups But despite all the occasional things that for me missed the mark The Rehearsal captures very well the suffocating experience of being a teenage girl in a single sex school when you just don't see most things the way the others doIn characters like the saxophone teacher and Julia and in various features of Victoria's relationship with Mr Saladin or even the psychologist father who tells tired old paedo jokes I saw a challenge to a PC puritan orthodoxy and an understanding of people that made me like Catton and her book immensely However the unlikely lumping of the drama students into discrete groups of boys and girls with uniform thoughts about one another they're drama students no gay boys really was ostensibly disappointing in contrast to the nuanced treatment of the school pupils Another interview indicates that Catton is no fan of binary oppositions either; she's seeking to mess them up as the book goes on but I don't think it comes across as clearly as it could in the drama academy sections of the novel Then the students' use of language about the case seems to be drawn mostly from media sensationalism and that seems to be nearly the final word on the affair itself Catton's conclusions about the matter and morality of the relationship are somewhat opaue rightly so for something which is easily treated with too much absoluteness And this is a better book for not overtly preaching for simply setting out jigsaw pieces of opinion and experience This is one which than most books I've read would benefit from re readingA couple of other long interviews with the author about The Rehearsal