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Heaven Can WaitMe a ghost rather than go to heaven and be parted from DanBut it turns out things aren't uite as easy as that When Lucy discovers that Limbo is a grotty student style house in North London she's less than thrilled Especially after meeting her new flatmates grumpy cider swilling EMO kid Claire; and Brian a train spotter with a Thomas the Tank Engine duvet and a big BO problem But Lucy has a major problem on her hands if she wants to. You know how there are some books you pick up and know from the first few lines you’re going to love them Well for me this definitely was one of them I immediately warmed to Lucy who is a little ditsy but completely loveable By page 9 I’d already laughed out loud a few times with a scene where Lucy is reminiscing her first date with Dan having me in stitches while scarily being able to relate to and cringe along withLucy’s death happens very early in the book but if your thinking this may sound a bit morbid you’d be wrong The details of her death are kept to a very bare minimum as that’s not what the story is about If you’re completely unable to suspend reality and just go with a story then to be honest this probably isn’t going to be the book for you From this point on Lucy returns to Earth as a Living Dead and moves in with fellow wannabe ghosts Brian and ClaireI absolutely loved the interactions between the three housemates who are so completely different in every other way but one While the story is told in the first person from Lucy I also found myself really warming to both Brian and Claire and becoming wrapped up in their personal stories too Despite being dead the three all have something to learn about themselves before they finally pass on and I thoroughly enjoyed each ones journey I thought Claire in particular was a fantastic character and her story is incredibly touching Lucy’s human task Archie is also extremely well written with characteristics that are so realistic I could imagine him perfectly I think it’s a huge credit to Cally Taylor that in a story that defies reality she manages to create such perfectly believable charactersI flew through this book once I got time to settle down properly with it and finished the 370 pages in a couple of days The writing is fast paced and I found it very easy to get completely engrossed in I was also never uite sure where things were going Lucy may well be a typical chick lit character but her situation isn’t typical of the genre at all and so I really didn’t know uite what to expect There are a few twists and turns along the way that kept me intrigued and a real shocker at the end which I didn’t see coming at allWhile I did have tears with this book most of them came from laughing or because it was just so lovely and touching not because it was depressing Heaven Can Wait was a real emotional roller coaster of a read to me taking me from laughter compassion sadness and joy Lucy’s love for Dan is so simple and beautiful it’s hard not to get wrapped up in it all If you love chick lit then you will love Heaven Can Wait Perfect beach read or cosy weekend in this is a real treat of a book and I highly recommend

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Free download Õ Heaven Can Wait º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ 'What would I do without you Lucy Brown' he said and kissed me softly I held his face in my hands and kissed him back I felt that life just couldn't get any perfect And I was right it wouldn't By the end of the next day I'd be deadLucy is about to marry theBecome a ghost and be with Dan she has to complete an almost impossible task How the hell does a girl like Lucy find a girlfriend for the dorkiest man in England IT geek Archie's only passions are multi player computer games and his GrandmaBut Lucy only has twenty one days to find him love And when she discovers that her so called friend Anna is determined to make a move on the heart broken vulnerable Dan the pressure is really on. I loved it so much Chick Lit esue this one has ghostly going's on and despite the fact that the leading lady dies within the first few pages it's really funny I especially loved the other characters Stinky Brian was my favourite Bless He's got a rug in his room that smells like boiled cabbage and a Thomas the Tank engine duvet cover Loved himAnyway as mentioned Tess dies on the eve of her wedding and is given a choice go straight to heaven or go back down to earth and become a ghost so she can hang around her husband to be Dan She chooses to become a ghost so needs to pass her 'task' first and she's got 21 days to do it in She shares a grotty bedsit in London with a couple of other Wannabe ghosts who also have their own 'tasks' to complete and it's impossible to not get dragged in to their respective dilemma's and feel for them The characters are so well written that I pictured them clearly in my mind and couldn't put the book down until I knew how their stories ended I really felt like I knew themTrainspotter Brian has his work cut out for him with his task and has some fantastically funny moments trying to solve it Damaged Claire's has attitude and has erected a shield of bitchiness around herself to mask how vulnerable she really is I felt really sorry for her The IT guys are suitably geeky and it's like watching an episode of 'The IT crowd' when they get going the boss especially reminds me of the IT crowd boss Even the secondary characters are fleshed out and Sandwich Sally is like a little powerpuff girl cuteness and sass all rolled into one Love them allThe only bit I wasn't overly fond of was the last chapter I didn't care for how it ended Really given that this is chick lit it was the only way it could have ended but that doesn't mean I like it The options were probably limited and another ending would have given a whole different feel to the book but I still wasn't keen on that last chapterThat said though I wish this was a series so that I could read about other wannabe ghosts I'd auto buy all the others if it was I might even go back to this one for a re read some time I'd definitely LOVE to see this made into a movie

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'What would I do without you Lucy Brown' he said and kissed me softly I held his face in my hands and kissed him back I felt that life just couldn't get any perfect And I was right it wouldn't By the end of the next day I'd be deadLucy is about to marry the man of her dreams kind handsome funny Dan when she breaks her neck the night before their wedding Unable to accept a lifetime's separation from her soulmate Lucy decides to beco. This is a chick litromance novel with a difference I don’t want to say too much and give the plot away but it is different uirky and hilarious It also had twists and turns I wasn’t expecting Overall a fun well written book