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SilverFinOusin Red to investigate the disappearance The clues lead them to the castle of Lord Hellebore a madman with a thirst for power Despite unknown dangers James is determined to find the lost boy But what he discovers in the dark basement of Hellebore's estate will forever change his lif. Interest in this Young James Bond Young Adult series perked my interest when I read it was authorized by the Ian Fleming Estate It promised to probe into the pre 007 years when he was about 12 13 years old and his family and other things that may or will influence the character as an adult It surprisingly is uite violent and builds tension leading up to the plans of a psychotic Lord Hellebore who has plans of developing a master race in a lab in Northern Scotland near where Bond's Aunt and terminally ill Uncle both sister and brother to his late father are living It goes full tilt sci fi with mutant killer fish and animals and pre Nazi scientists this takes place before WWII Before the last third of the book the reader is shown Bond's first year before Easter break at Eton Bond's association with a very old model of Aston Martin car and meeting girls with captivating names that are descriptive in their allure Wilder Lawless and her horse Martini are also introduced by the author but though the villains are uite memorable the main character of young Bond is a bland and unexciting Then again even Bond in the Fleming books and films isn't a very deep individual in character or portrayal He is there to propel the plot and action which also happens in this teen read AS an adult it did bore me at times but I can see how this would excite a younger reader Lots of violence adventure and hair raising escapes

Summary SilverFin

Summary SilverFin ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ What does it take to become the greatest secret agent the world has ever known In this thrilling preuel to the adventure of James Bond 007 readers meet a young boy whose inuisitive mind and determination set him on a path that will someday take him across the globe in pursuit ofWhat does it take to become the greatest secret agent the world has ever known In this thrilling preuel to the adventure of James Bond 007 readers meet a young boy whose inuisitive mind and determination set him on a path that will someday take him across the globe in pursuit of the m. Take a wealthy madman a Nazi scientist a horde of killer man eating eels and a young hero on the cusp of manhood and you've got one of the best kids mystery novels I've ever read By the way the boy happens to be named Bond

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Ost dangerous criminals of all time Thirteen year old James Bond cannot wait to get away from Eton his stuffy boarding school and visit his aunt and uncle in the Highlands of Scotland Upon arriving he learns that a local boy Alfie Kelly has gone missing James teams up with the boy's c. First of series sets hero brave curious sponge for learning Give him skills languages from travelling with parents driving and Aston Martin from spy uncle Classic orphan needs friends and mad scientist in stone cellar Realistic rigid boarding school watery meals contrast with loving aunt Observant he notes footprint in dried mud others miss Fun kid to hang around with Alfie Kelly sneaks under arms merchant Lord Randolph Hellebore's fence to fish guarded Loch Silverfin but eels strangely aggressive pull him down screaming and he passes out when a hissing humanoid grabs him At Eton first year orphan James Bond struggles against bully George Hellebore two years his senior Endless rules and traditions James hated rules p 33 George cheats at long distance race after father initiated tri event Cup for shooting swimming and running Don't need name or breath smelt sour and sulphurous p 37 madness behind the eyes p 76 to peg villain Dedication For Frank and my own Uncle Max means gifts and words from Great War spy Uncle Max dying from lung cancer are his last Despite warning belly rotting fear inspires Nobody can hold a Bond forever p 215 He teaches James to drive his Aston Martin and wills car to the boy though two years under legal driving age Supernatural 4 am wake up call is a bit much Pretty girl at circus eyes vivid emerald color p 148 is Wilder Lawless some name that who rides to rescue on great black beast p 162 stallion Martini She older bigger stronger p 207 pins him down and stuffed his mouth full of dead leaves p 208 That'll teach you not to laugh at lasses uite a girl p 208 Without little white pills George misses mother Maude regains sanity Maude hired Pinkerton 'Meatpacker' Mike Moran although Huh is suspicious response to agency motto We never sleep p 173 Village bribed by donations local Sgt White is as much use as a pork pie on legs p 205 Cockney 'Red' Kelly investigates missing relative Two years older 16 Kelly convinces 'Jimmy' to distract station master and hide him from train ticket taker tags along as sidekick teaches him to fight dirty Always try and scare them off before they can get the measure of you p 153 Ignoring James' herb lore handful of bog myrtle and crushed its greyish green leaves resin midges keep them away p 159 makes him rude arrogant stupid Potential as future font of underworld and burglar tips mean he is likely to reappear in seuels Mostly exciting buildup to lair of biological mutants Lecture on internal combustion engine innards p 136 slows James' first driving lesson on hormone glands drags down crucial confrontation Scary feelings of drowning suffocating view spoiler Randolph's brother Alger eyes of sadness and pain p 273 once better looking twin p 274 became monster after injecting own chemical formulas caught trying to save Alfie then James When injected Alfie's heart gave out but James swims free given strength and stamina He drives lorry truck through castle gates climbs behind Wilder on Martini Enemy closing in he avoids expected destination returns to destroy lab helped by George Alger pulls Randolph down into lake where eels gobble both like gruesomely described body of Moran hide spoiler