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review Islam Between East and West Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB Î كتاب «الإسلام بين الشرق والغرب»، هو نتيجة لدراسة واسعة متعددة الجوانب لأبرز الأفكار العالمية في تاريخ البشرية المعاصر إن ظاهرة نسيان الذات التي لغربي معزولاً عن قانون الوحي ـ هي فكرة شاملة للإبداع والحضارة والفن والأخلاق، وبهذا حلقت المسيحية في روحانية التاريخ أما الإلحاد الذي يستند إلى مدخل مادي ـ الاشتراكية منظوره العملي والتاريخي ـ هذا الإلحاد هو العامل المشترك للعناصر التطورية والحضارية والسياسية والطوباوية التي تُعنى بالطبيعة المادية للإنسان وتاريخه. if you wanna dig deep read it only for who wants to think

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كتاب «الإسلام بين الشرق والغرب»، هو نتيجة لدراسة واسعة متعددة الجوانب لأبرز الأفكار العالمية في تاريخ البشرية المعاصر إن ظاهرة نسيان الذات التي تميز بها التاريخ الحديث للعالم الإسلامي، تضع المفكر الشرقي والغربي على السواء في موقف مماثل من هذا الكتاب فمن خلال الدراسة المقارنة للمقدمات الأساسية والنتائج المترتبة علي. One of the greatest Islamic concepts that is all but completely obscured in today’s reactionary Western media is the fundamental idea of “The Middle Way” This idea is lost on extremists as well who are just as reactionary in the way they view the world as some can be in the West Past all the cultural trappings of the way Sharia has been constructed past the use of religion as cover for underlying grievances and perceived slights past the misunderstanding of the deeper truths for which religion as institution only serves as a symbol “the middle way” is precisely that space where humanity exists It’s a forgiving space a place of freedom that allows room for error and it’s where we actually find authentic truth The middle way as the path between two extremes is a profound idea It can be seen in everything from the resolution of opposites which true unity implies to the deep desire for a “balanced” life to ultimately allow for a not less inclusive vision of reality The we run to any extreme the we run directly into what we’re trying to avoid and away from a unified worldview This has perhaps been my greatest lesson from studying Islam The particular language of the tradition has been one in which I’ve come to see at least a glimpse of universality I fully acknowledge that given other life circumstances this view of universality could have just as easily evolved from another tradition But what it’s caused me to see is that ultimately however we describe our particular philosophy of life the semantics we use are not as important as the truth itself This is of a reflection than a review of the book but I believe it’s consistent with the message Izetbegovic is trying to convey Islam between East and West is one form of a middle position which can be described as that between culture and civilization science and religion rational philosophy and mysticism in metaphysics We tend towards extremes and as Arthur Koestler and from another position the Perennialists also describe we have evolved into civilized worldviews which eliminate a part of the whole Islam is the religion of ONE of unity To fully understand truly Islamic concepts in our time it might be necessary to actually remove the term “Islam” or “Muslim” from the discussion It might definitely be necessary to completely avoid anything resembling traditional Sharia or Islamic law Due to cultural baggage from all sides these terms can carry connotations today which they were never meant to imply To realize unity we must be inclusive not exclusive Izetbegovic does a masterful job of incorporating the best examples from our philosophical scientific political mystical and religious traditions to show that however we’re viewing life it’s from one perspective only and is at best a partial truth He certainly has definite positions in regards to science political philosophies such as Marxism and yes religion itself as Islam but his approach is one of humility which sees the best in our various traditions and acknowledges that there is no room for dogmatism in a unified position The space where humanity resides is fluid and is one where there must be room for error just as there must be room for incorporating all forms of wisdom – those from areas we can explain and those mystical ones that seem to allude us as well This book was written nearly thirty years ago but is probably timely and needed today than it was then even in spite of some of the dated political references It’s a refreshing view on some deeply polarizing ideas and I returned to it after first reading it two years ago

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Islam Between East and Westها في المجالات الاجتماعية والقانونية والسياسية والثقافية والنفسية، وغيرها من المجالات للأيديولوجيتين اللتين حددتا أقدار الجنس البشري على مدى القرون الأخيرة من خلال هذه الدراسة يكشف لنا المؤلف عن أعراض المشهد المأساوي المتزايد للتنصير والإلحاد في هذا العالم فالمسيحية كمثال لظاهرة دينية حضارية ـ أعني دينًا بمعناه ا. It's difficult to really write a review for this book It deals with Islam not as a typical religion per se but as a comprehensive way of life that deals with both the spiritual and societal Mr Izetbegović contrasts Christianity which is purely spiritual in his view with Marxism and other related movements which are purely societal in his view In this same way he describes the difference between culture and society the view of man as a soul vs as a unit of society and many other distinctions that work toward proving his thesis of sorts Though the book can at times be difficult to follow due to the many references made and vocabulary words used I cannot praise it enough for explaining each of the author's opinions in detail He truly was a very intelligent man and it's too bad we don't have thinkers like him nowadays