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Download Aléxandros: il confine del mondo í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ All his life Alexander defied the limits the gods gave mortals That passion overwhelmed cities and armiesand united a vast empire Alexander was no longer simply King of Macedonia The Pan Hellenic League had named him Supreme Leader Egypt O had guided troops to victory beyond the Nile the Tigris and the Euphrates Now conuering India would place all of Asia in his hands But his army reached the limit of its endurance and the cost of triumph had been high in blood betrayal and tragedy Alexander lost Barsine his first beloved; Bucephalus a steed uneualed; Peritas his loyal hound; and Hephaestio. The concluding novel to Manfredi's Alexander Trilogy is the biggest in the series which reflects Alexander's growing ambition as he turns his sights on the Persian empire and beyond Like the first few books the novel moves at a brisk pace and deals with the struggles that the army endures both from the environment and every varying foes The author must be commended for the exhaustive effort that has gone into the background research for this book as well as for depicting the events of the novel in a way that is easy to follow due to his choice to use contemporary language while depicting the events of the novel in as realistic a way as possible While it is understandable that anyone who goes to such lengths to research and understand a character should view him or her in a positive light the author however seems to give Alexander the benfit of the doubt with regard to the burning of Persepolis where it is portrayed as a tactical decision rather than the result of a drunken orgy While the author himself admits that this is his version of the event and there are no accounts of what the real circumstances were as to what took place it felt in a way that the actions of Alexander were detached from the rest of his generals and men which may in fact be what the author was trying to convey Indeed when Alexander first entered Persepolis he was even embarrassed to sit on Darius's throne but after the burning of Persepolis in uick succession he married Darius's daughter adopted Persian customs and his ambitions grew with it By the end of the novel Alexander went as far as to create a spectacle out of the funeral pyre for Hephaeston which was a clear example of his excesses One criticism I have of the novel is that it seems to follow the received wisdom that the downfall of Alexander can be attributed to is embracing of the Persian culture which is presented in a way that is characterized by excess This is uite surprising particularly given the fact that Macedonian culture for all its aspirations of being a martial culture does give way to these same excessesOne of the things I would liked to have seen in the novel would have been to get a glimpse of what the sentiment was back in Macedon and how Alexander's immediate family coped with his absence It was also uite disappointing that the story involving Aristotle and his uest to find the true culprits behind the murder of Phillip was left in an unsatisfactory mannerHowever apart from these the novel is punctured by some great emotional momentsOne of my favourite scenes is the scene of Alexander's companions saluting and standing by Alexander's decision which was a throwback to a scene depicted in the first novel The scene underlies the role reversal that has taken place from when they first gave the Salute to a Young prince Alexander in the first book when they were fugitives from King Phillip to now where they were masters of their own destinies world The other strength of the novel is the depiction of the changing landscape and the wonderment of the troops as they push the boundaries of the known world and travel towards the Ends of the Earth The ending and the epilogue of the book is bittersweet and it seems that this objective of reaching the ends of the

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N the closest companion of his youth Still he sought the wisdom and might to transform the empire he had claimed into the one of which he dreamed no longer divided into victors and vanuished but a unified people under his rule For Alexander was destined for timeless glory in the domain of heroes and gods both in his lifetime and in the realm of eternal lege. Listen to the ever so slightly entertaining audio version here is the 3rd and final book of Manfredi’s Alexandros series; a timeless tale of too much too soon and let’s stick around to watch it crash and burn in a spectacular fashion Woo By the end of this journey it felt like Alexander a gifted climber had put a leash on his cat his army and proceeded to drag it up Everest Similar to most tales of trying to conuer the world it was never going to end well And after his wife one of them at least and his dog and his horse and his best friend all died it didn’t take Carl Lewis to make the leap that Alexander was next His demise reminded me of Coop in Wet Hot American Summer as he stepped in a bucket slipped on a banana peel fell in a kiddie pool and then had the bucket land on his head Well he had a good run “The lamp that burns brightest in the room is the one that is destined to burn out first but all those present will remember just how beautiful it’s light was”Not exactly Shakespeare is it But a decent summation of the life and legacy of Alexander the GreatReally this is an adventure book about Alexander and homies His daddies friends Cleitus the soon to be killed and the old war goat Parmenion Leonnatus the giant cleaver wielding Zangief Eumenes his wet blanket advisor Nearchus the salty seaman har har har Calisthenes who before inventing aerobics was Aristotle’s favorite student and resident Alexander historian Bucephelus his roided up crossfit horse Peritas his weaponized Lassie Craterus Lysimachus Perdiccas Ptolemy and Seleucas all important homies in their own right And of course his bisexual bestie Hephaestion Sidebar Are Alexander and Hephaestion the inspiration for the ambiguously gay duo Ace and Gary I can’t help but imagine them wrestling around with their shirts off getting all sweaty and poking each other with their little hard aubergines Anyway Let’s also not forget all the women that populate this book for Alexander to make love to Sorry ladies but you can’t retroactively insert progressivism into history and you’re not going to find a lot of strong female role models in this story Here’s a typical scene you can find in this book I’m sorry about your husbandfatherbrother that totally died because I’m a power hungry maniac with delusions of divinity he was an honorable man I will kiss you gently now and we’ll be married in the morning woman swoonsI mean I get it he’s the big dick daddy powerball winner Todd Bezos in armor but it’s still a bit cringeyIt’s not easy being King just look at this passage from page 203 “But who are they” the King asked the Persian officer who was leading the escort“Your concubines my beloved husband” replied Stateira before the officer even managed to open his mouth Three hundred and sixty five one for each day of the year each with their own entourage naturally”Ahh poor poor AlexanderSpeaking of his wife Stateira page 222 let’s you know here’s a girl that knows how to Netflix and Chill “He was completely enad of her fresh ingenuousness her docile and accommodating nature and the fact that she made no demands on him not even in the letters she wrote”Alexander might have lacked creativity but certai

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Aléxandros il confine del mondoAll his life Alexander defied the limits the gods gave mortals That passion overwhelmed cities and armiesand united a vast empire Alexander was no longer simply King of Macedonia The Pan Hellenic League had named him Supreme Leader Egypt crowned him Pharaoh And all Persia acknowledged him as Great King He was a true heir to Achilles and Hercules a leader wh. Aléxandros il confine del mondo Alexander The Ends of the Earth Aléxandros #3 Valerio Massimo ManfrediThe Ends of the Earth original title Il confine del Mondo is the third and last part of Valerio Massimo Manfredi's trilogy on Alexander the Great After the Oracle of Ammon told him he is the son of Zeus Alexander feels invincible and marches north towards the historic town of Babylon The beautiful city is ravaged and the Palace of Persepolis the former residence of King Darius is burnt to ashes together with the memories of the old Empire It is now time to start anew and Alexander decides on yet another hard task unify the Persian people with the Macedonians As he struggles to convince his countrymen to come to cultural compromises with the Persians he falls in love with ueen Roxane And it is this love that gives him the strength to fulfill his epic destinyعنوان اسکندر جلد 3 آخر دنیا؛ نویسنده والریو ماسیمو مانفردی؛ مترجم فریده مهدوی دامغانی؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، وزارت فرهنگ و ارشاد اسلامی، سازمان چاپ و انتشارات، 1382، در 3 جلد، جلد 1 فرزند یک رویا در 482 ص، جلد 2 شنهای آمن، در 574 ص، جلد 3 آخر دنیا در 712 ص؛ شابک دوره 9644226356؛ 9789644226359؛؛ شابک جلد 1 9644226321؛ چاپ دوم جلد 1 9789644226326؛ شابک جلد 2 چاپ دوم 9789646348؛ شابک جلد سوم 9789644226336؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایتالیایی سده 20 مهجوم اسکندر تا دل آسیا و سرزمین اسرارآمیز هندوستان گسترش می‌یابد ارتش مقدونیه همچنان به جلو پیش می‌رود، و در هرجا که با مقاومتی روبرو می‌شود، بیدرنگ آن را در هم می‌کوبد زیبایی بابل، به سرعت به نابودی کشیده می‌شود، کاخ افسانه‌ ای و بی نظیر تخت جمشید، در یکشب، خاکستر می‌شود؛ و سرانجام امپراتوری بزرگ و توانمند ـ اما رو به افول ـ هخامنشیان، نابود می‌گردد، و دوره‌ ای نو و خونین سر برمی‌آورد اما رویاها و خواسته‌ هایی دیگر در اندیشه ی اسکندر هنوز وجود دارد نقشه‌ ای جاه‌ طلبانه برای وحدت بخشیدن به ملل گوناگونی که در امپراتوری او حضور دارند او بر آن است تا همه ی ملل را به قومی واحد و یکپارچه، مبدل سازد، و با این وحدت کلی، نظمی دقیق به جهان بخشد این اندیشه، تا بدانجا پیش می‌رود، که روح و جان اسکندر را اسیر می‌کند، تا سرانجام زیبایی شگفت انگیز شاهزاده‌ ای پارسی، به نام رکسانا، قدرت لازم را به او میبخشد تا ادامه داستان ا شربیانی