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The InformationOnce close friends writers Gwyn Barry and Richard Tull now find themselves in fierce competitionWhile Tull has spiralled into a mire of literary obscurity and belletristic odd jobs Barry’s atrocious at. I need to force myself to take a break from Martin Amis I'm pretty sure I've never felt so thoroughly repelled by yet drawn to a man I haven't slept with This creepily eroticized one way relationship with a writer especially one with such an uncomplicatedly obnoxious public persona is embarrassing and I shouldn't feed into it I also probably shouldn't broadcast it on the Internet but what can I do Is this a common response to this particular author Based on talks with a few people I think it might be Amis has some undeniable gifts but he's deeply flawed; there might be something uniuely addictive about his mix of talent and failure I find Amis's books wildly entertaining moronic poorly structured imaginative insightful glib pretentious annoying hilarious moving infuriating clever compelling and inevitably profoundly very disappointing And there is something about that disappointment that keeps me coming back for I can't explain why my confusion about Amis translates into a compulsive desire to read of him so I'll save that one for therapy Or likely for my next Amis review

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The Information Free read Ï 7 ✓ Once close friends writers Gwyn Barry and Richard Tull now find themselves in fierce competitionWhile Tull has spiralled into a mire of literary obscurity and belletristic odd jobs Barry’s atrocious attempts at novels have brought him untold success Prizes prestige and wealth abound and from far below Tull can only Tempts at novels have brought him untold success Prizes prestige and wealth abound and from far below Tull can only watch stewing in tormentUntil that is resentment turns to revenge Consumed by the uesti. Original ReviewThis scathing and outrageously elouent satire on literary envy is clearly Mr Amis’s magnum opus Amis probes with excruciating minutiae every nook and cranny of the writer’s psyche leaving no area of the literary life unflamed with his blowtorch of masterful prose hilarious wit and Nabokovian wordplay Even when Amis “does the proles” his writing is still at its mesmerising peak This is a book writers everywhere will adore hopefully blasting a few scribes from their ego clouds and patterns of lunacy in the process Amis was paid a whopping £500000 advance for this novel which he would spend on repairing his teeth In my opinion it was worth every penny In a canon of perpetual disappointments flops and follies this is the one true gem Additional FunkDid you know Martin originally intended to release a now suppressed novella Green Frog in 1994 as a taster for this book Here’s the original cover art stolen from the Crusty Books website

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On of how one writer can really hurt another Tull’s uest for an answer will unleash increasingly violent urges on both writers’ lives‘A funny vicious portrait of literary London’ Evening Standard. I know that this is one of the most polarizing books from a very polarizing author but it is one of my touchstones and I consider it severely underrated I first read it when it came out in '95 and it has stuck with me ever since Re reading it now it has lost none of its power on every single page there are at least five sentences that make me catch my breath If you dislike the trope of hyperbole Amis' chief weapon in his war on the cliches that our lives have turned into look elsewhere but for me this book is easily the eual of the much celebrated Money and London FieldsI think I will be coming back to scratch and re scribble this review until this book is finished with me I can't see that happening anytime soon and am already plotting another readingOne of its many pleasures is sharing failed writer Richard Tull's very real and yet laugh out loud comical pain His first book Aforethought seems typically tyro in an ambitious sort of way or vice versa If you homogenized all the reviews still kept somewhere in a withered envelope allowing for many grades of generosity and I then the verdict on Aforethought was as follows nobody understood it or even finished it but eually nobody was sure it was shit It got him off the dole and it was the high point the book ends up being read only by a low level criminal who finds it in a hospital library and who subseuently enters Richard's life and not in a good way of his career Richard published his second novel Dreams Don't Mean Anything in Britain but not in America His third novel wasn't published anywhere Neither was his fourth Neither was his fifth In those three brief sentences we adumbrate a Mahabharata of pain He had plenty of offers for his sixth because by that time during a period of cretinous urges and lurches he had started responding to the kind of advertisements that plainly came out with it and said WE WILL PUBLISH YOUR BOOK and AUTHORS WANTED or was it NEEDED BY LONDON PUBLISHER Of course these publishers crying out for words on paper like pining dogs under a plangent moon weren't regular publishers You paid them for example And perhaps importantly no one ever read you But at least Richard gets a job out of it editing cajoling flattering and publishing the other poor sods who come to the Tantalus Press for the same reason that he did But what can a poor boy do Well how about continue wrestling with his muse sacrificing his life for his his art Ahh his art For an hour it was the new system he worked on his latest novel deliberately but provisionally entitled Untitled Richard Tull wasn't much of a hero Yet there was something heroic about this early hour of flinching flickering labor the pencil sharpener the Wite Out the vines outside the open window sallowing not with autumn but with nicotine In the drawers of his desk or interleaved by now with the bills and summonses on the lower shelves on his bookcases and even on the floor of the car the terrible red Maestro swilling around among the Ribena cartons and the dead tennis balls lay other novels all of them firmly entitled Unpublished And stacked against him in the future he knew were yet further novels successively entitled Unfinished Unwritten Unattempted and eventually Unconcerned The Victorians who pretty much invented hysteria got it all wrong of course Hysteria has nothing really to do with women with its