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READ Precursor Foreigner Book 4 100 Ë National best selling author and winner of three Hugo Awards CJ Cherryh returns to the universe of her acclaimed Foreigner trilogy with an epic tale of the survivors of a lost spacecraft stranded on a planet inhabited by a hostile sentient raceThe beginning of a second trilogy Precursor follows a single human delegateNational best selling author and winner of three Hugo Awards CJ Cherryh returns to the universe of her acclaimed Foreigner trilogy with an epic tale of the survivors of a lost spacecraft stranded on a planet inhabited by a hostile sentient raceThe beginning of a second trilogy Precursor. Back to one of my favorite SF seriesIt's amazing how hopping into space after having such a thorough grounding in Atevi society can feel like coming homeReally Like a holiday where all the in laws are fighting and sending coded messages across the small and cramped house where both tradition and the cold vacuum of space keeps everyone cramped and anxious as the great uncles suare off against each otherAnd in the meantime Assassin's Guilds and being steeped in truly alien emotions feel like a welcome surcease of conflictHumans They're the real monsters At least the Atevi are very logical and practical even if they think that liking someone is on par with a preference for salad It's the captains in the spaceship that are the real aliensConflict intrigue mutiny and a certain Dowager make this fourth book a real delight to read One might say it's the start of the second trilogy These things are rather well organized I can't wait to sink my teeth into the next book

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Follows a single human delegate living among aliens who are just gaining access to spacePraise for PrecursorAn addition to Cherryh's superior alien contact seriesAnother intriguing humanalien struggle Kirkus ReviewsA powerful look at the effects of alienation on individuals and societi. I made a terrible mistake I bought this book with my last Audible credit I should have known that it is impossible to read just one of these books Luckily for my sake it is possible to do them in three book chunksThe Foreigner universe books are divided into trilogies I loved the first three Foreigner Invader and Inheritor and found that it was totally impossible to stop until I had finished the entire trilogy Then I did stop because I had to pace myselfCherryh's science fiction is an unusual blend of sociological and psychological introspection with an uncompromising hard sf edge Her world building focuses on culture linguistics and intricate politics that are always personal than ideological She weaves such a tight fabric that they easily sustain incredible tension and stressA lot of the subject matter of her books is fairly typical conflict between alien species assassination coup and war but her approach to these topics is very very different from what you'd get in for example military sf The simplest insight to convey that is simply this her hero is a diplomatAs a kid I was often frustrated in Star Trek The Next Generation episodes because they didn't have enough action I always wanted the Enterprise to open fire and solve problems with phasers and explosions And I still love action whether it's John Ringo or Marko Kloos I am a fan of some military sci fi specifically for the action and explosionsBut Cherryh's brand of suspense is just as addictive even if it's in a totally different flavor All of the same concepts are there high stakes subtle strategy unexpected plot twists betrayals and reversals and somehow the fact that an awful lot of it hinges on translation issues or missing letters or blocked communication doesn't seem nearly as frustrating as those old STTNG episodes The violence of the books is used so sparingly and the conseuences treated so realistically that avoiding an all out war isn't a disappointing failure to reach the exciting climax it is the goalHonestly I'm just kind of amazed that the series hasn't won awards and attracted attention than it has She published the first book in 1994 and the most recent the 16th this year with another one already announced This is an incredibly dynamic really uniue totally awesome series that is long and on going and yet I still almost never hear about Cherryh through my sci fi sources and I don't know whyAll I know is this the 4th book was a worthy follow up to the first trilogy I think the entire trilogy took place over the course of just a few days that gives you an idea of how much detail is involved and this book also occupied just a few days although it is set several years later That and the expansive world Cherryh has created means that she's got lots and lots and lots of room to grow and cultivate the series without getting at all repetitive And yes as I write this review I've already purchased the next two books in the trilogy Not only that but in just one day I already listened to the entire 2nd book which I'll review soon

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Precursor Foreigner Book 4Es Locusand CJ Cherryh's Foreigner UniverseSuperlatively drawn aliens and characterizationa return to the anthropological science fiction in which Cherryh has made such a name is a double pleasure Chicago Sun TimesAn incisive study in contrast of what it means to be human Library Journa. WOOHOO Atevi in spaceDamn this was a crazy book Bren and the gang end up on the space station in the midst of a xenophobic crisis after all humans are involved; of course they're racist towards the only sensible people on the planet When Bren view spoiler said he'd pull out a contract with the assassin's guild if anything happened to Jason hide spoiler