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FREE DOWNLOAD Þ A Crown of Swords Í Elayne Aviendha and Mat come ever closer to the bowl ter'angreal that may reverse the world's endless heatwave and restore natural weather Egwene begins to gather all manner of women who can channel Sea Folk Windfinders Wise Ones and some surprising others And above all Rand faces the dread Forsaken Sammael in tAbove all Rand faces the dread Forsaken Sammael in the shadows of Shadar Logoth where the blood hungry mist Mashadar waits for pr. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureMy reviews of The Wheel of Time novels are getting just as repetitive as the actual books There's really not much to say A Crown of Swords is another long slow installment in which there are too many detailed descriptions of clothing references to spanking concerns about bosoms and people blushing There are pages and pages which chronicle secondary characters' extensive internal thoughts But what bugs me most though are the constant depictions of people and places as if they have a corporate personalityMen strutted arrogantly along the streets with often ragged vests and no shirts wearing great brass hoops in their ears and brass finger rings set with colored glass one knife or sometimes two stuck behind their belts Hands hovering near knives they stared as though daring someone to give the wrong twist to a look Others skulked from corner to corner doorway to doorway with hooded eyes imitating the slat ribbed dogs that sometimes snarled from a dark alleyway barely wide enough for a man to sueeze into Those men hunched over their knives and there was no way to tell which would run and which stab By and large the women made any of the men appear humble parading in worn dresses and twice as much brass jewelry as the men They carried knives too of course and their bold dark eyes sent ten sorts of challenge in every glance Children darted from every second door with chipped pottery cups of water sent by their mothers in case the Wise Women wished a drink Men with scarred faces and murder etched into their eyes stared openmouthed at seven Wise Women together then bobbed jerky bows and inuired politely if they could be of assistance was there anything that reuired carrying Women sometimes with as many scars and always eyes to make Tylin flinch curtsied awkwardly and breathlessly asked whether they might supply directions had anyone made a bother of themselves to bring so many Wise WomenIf I found myself in this place I'd think it was The Twilight ZoneI will say however that someone must have told Mr Jordan to uit with the braid yanking because Nynaeve seems to be attempting to stop the habit Now if we could just get all of those ladies to stop adjusting their clothes every time they feel any sort of negative emotion and I'll be happy on the day that an Aes Sedai can walk down the street without making someone flinch cringe jump sueak drop something or run awayWith all this detailed description there's not much time for action There are only a few significant plot developments The most important one is an event which we've been waiting for for the last 3 books at least which finally occurs very uickly and anti climatically in the last chapter of this book But if you've read this far into The Wheel of Time that's no surprise is it And if you've read this far you feel like it's too late to stop now don't youI'm listening to this on audiobook no patience for the print versions and I should mention that Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are amazing readers After all this time I suppose these characters are almost like family to them and they've got the personalities down perfectly Their voices and additions of droll humor really instill some much needed life into these novels Read Robert Jordan book reviews at Fantasy literature

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Weather Egwene begins to gather all manner of women who can channel Sea Folk Windfinders Wise Ones and some surprising others And. Month 7 means book 7 of the Wheel of Time series with the Hard Core Fantasy buffs at Buddies Books and BaublesThe Wheel of Time and I have an interesting relationship Almost all of the characters totally infuriate me but I love the writing cultures world building and overall plots so even when in this book everything moves at a snail’s pace and almost nothing really happens plot wise I’m still thoroughly entertained and enjoy most of the story But seriously the plot is moving along like thisBut here is what I’ve learned during my time with the Wheel❶ The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills What does this mean exactly Well it pretty much means that at any time anything can happen Especially with Ta’veren about to increase the chances that the pattern will adjust to their needs at anytime “Untamed men are often the most interesting To talk to” A finger outlined his lips “An untamed rogue who travels with Aes Sedai a ta’veren who I think makes them a little afraid Uneasy at the least It takes a man with a strong liver to make Aes Sedai uneasy How will you bend the Pattern in Ebou Dar just Mat Cauthon” ❷ There will be a prophecy or five and it will probably not go exactly how you think “The White Tower will be whole again except for remnants cast out and scornedwhole and stronger than ever Rand al’Thor will face the Amyrlin Seat and know her anger The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire and sisters will walk its grounds This I Foretell” Although most of this one could go like I think the part about the Black Tower is still very up in the air❸ If you are from the Two Rivers then you are likely to distrust the people you grew up with and completely trust someone who is most likely a darkfriend Seriously this is that part that frustrates me the most Rand Mat and Perrin were best of friends growing up Thick as thieves all of their lives Now each is Ta’vern and has a specific part to play in the final battles to come and they are likely to distrust each other than to try to help each other out Actually often times when they do help each other it is by complete accidentAnd the women they grew up with Egwene and Nynaeve it is the same issue You would almost think they were enemies the way they all treat one another instead of people who were close in a small village and grew up together But throw a darkfriend or Forsaken in the midst of them and that is almost always the person they decide to trust with a ridiculous amount of information and power❹ If you can channel the one power then you lose some form of common sense I seriously think that there is only a small section of Aes Sedai that I like For the most part they seem far too arrogant and self serving to actually get anything done Even the ones I dodid like tend to go to extremes and I really want to smack them Mixing with Aes Sedai was too much like wading the streams in the Waterwood near to the Mire However peaceful the surface currents beneath could snatch you off your feet ❺ The details for the cultures and places is going to be fantastic and rich You will definitely see not only the great differences but also the nuances between the Aiel Domani the Sea Folk and Seanchan There are rich histories and reasons that each culture evolved as it did This is really Jordan’s strong suit He completely struggles a little with interpersonal relationships but the world building is impeccableEven though this book barely moved any portion of the plot forward I still enjoyed most of it There were a lot of great parts and fantastic characters I did have a huge problem with one section thought and I’m totally going to go off on it for a secondAs I said before Jordan struggles with interpersonal relationships Often for our main characters the jump from just meeting to being in love is really short and has very little page time dedicated to the buildup of an actual relationship But in this book he really missed his mark with the character development he was trying to give MatWhat I believe Jordan was trying to do Mat is a bit of a skirt chaser but we always get the sense that the skirts want to be chased and everyone is having a good time But when Jordan tried to turn the tables on Mat and have a woman in power go after his attentions it is supposed to come off as a little funny and haha Mat how does it feel to have the tables turned This is needed to set him up to be receptive to the Daughter of the Nine Moons who he was prophesized to marry eventually It was supposed to be cute and maybe a little What actually happened or at least how I saw it was totally and completely rape view spoilerLook I get that isn’t what he really wanted to come across but that is totally how I saw it The ueen Tylin takes a liking to Mat and decides he is going to be her lover She tries to get him alone she limits what the kitchens will give him as food she ambushes him in his rooms and when he tries to turn he down and move her away setting his hands on her she pulls her knife and there is a fade to black scene The next day Mat is ashamed wants to cry and doesn’t want anyone else to know There is no mention that he loved it and wants to be with her He acts like he was a victim and tries to avoid her at all costs hide spoiler

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A Crown of SwordsElayne Aviendha and Mat come ever closer to the bowl ter'angreal that may reverse the world's endless heatwave and restore natural. I'm loving them as I go along 🖤