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Download The Vagina Monologues ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ã I was worried about vaginasI was wor. My vagina is a shell a round pink tender shell opening and closing closing and opening My vagina is a flower an eccentric tulip the center acute and deep the scent delicate the petals gentle but sturdy No it isn't It isn't a flower it isn't a tulip it isn't a shell or a piece of coral or an exotic orchid It's a tract of epithelial tissue just like everyone else'sDon't get me wrong vaginas are lovely – I'm a massive fan – but these monologues represent the sort of facile pseudo feminist waffle that is actually anti feminist First of all it's uestionable that reducing women to their vaginas can really be helpful in the first place; but since that's the premise of the whole thing I won't go on about it More to the point though this is simply the other side of the coin from standard run of the mill patriarchy the idea that women are ‘other’ – wild mysterious lunar creatures with baffling anatomies and magical hidden depths that can be reawakened if they would only discover themselves and get comfortable with their own menstrual blood It's just utter bullshit from start to finish Or it's not what I believe anyway I think women are just normal people same as men are Why can't someone write a play about that revolutionary ideaI do feel bad slagging this off because the stories in here are clearly meaningful for the people that experienced them and maybe if you have had a certain kind of upbringing then this might be useful or liberating I don't want to devalue the positive experiences some people have obviously found here Particularly when I don't have a vagina myself But Christ it's all so po faced and earnest and humourless My wife has never seen it staged but she started the book and threw it across the room on page 46 The passage that finally finished herMy vagina amazed me I couldn't speak when it came my turn in the workshop I was speechless I had awakened to what the woman who ran the workshop called “vaginal wonder” I just wanted to lie there on my mat my legs spread examining my vagina foreverIt was better than the Grand Canyon ancient and full of grace It had the innocence and freshness of a proper English garden It was funny very funny It made me laugh It could hide and seek open and close It was a mouth It was the morning‘Why do Americans have to turn every part of my body into some psycho sexual epiphany’ — Hannah OK this book isn't aimed at me And it's probably not cool to borrow Hannah's reactions to try and make my own review seem valid But with all of that said and understood my own humble opinion for what little it's worth is that this goes for lazy feel good ‘community’ spirit at the expense of genuine insight and I suspect that ultimately it's pointing gender relations in the wrong direction Maybe it's a generational thing

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T vaginas. I did not see my vagina as my primary resource a place of sustenance humor and creativityYou know I don't see it that way either I thought the source of all that was my brainI must not have been abused enough as a girl because I always feel like vagina centric art projects like this reduce me to a piece of anatomy just as much as does the alleged male fantasy of big boobs and miles of legWhich is not to say that there weren'taren't some seriously screwed up ideas about female reproductive anatomy out there just that I think it's possible to go too far in the other direction It's just another body part Two arms two legs one vaginaAnd sorry but isn't statutory rape still statutory rape regardless of whether the rapist is male or female

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