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Would you recognize the Devil if you met him?Surviving an abusive relationship Jenny Deville is dealing with the pain of her past Noticing a sudden change in her son’s behavior and his horrifying drawings of murders no child should ever witness she must decide if her abusive ex husband is the cause Supernatural events begin to transpire with all signs leading to the town’s Enter IF YOU DARE Jerry Roth's world of devilish takes place in a world you have never been b4 and scary assed excursion into the SICK mind of the worst kind of EVILthe Human KIND Get ready for 'Bottom Feeders' First off I wanted to personally thank Jerry Roth for sending me this book after a mess up with the USPS and with that this does NOT affect how I rated and reviewed this bookLook for my Youtube Channel; AreYouIntoHorror video review soon here Well welcome to the 'life behind bars world of Reclamation Prison for the criminally insane'however you are also welcome to the lives of many many people who come from different lifestyles beliefs and both good and the worst of EVIL Welcome to Bottom Feeders This book was such an incredibly violent disturbing creepy as fuck and scary AND heartbreaking all at once and it throws into something you are not soon to forget Trust Me Now this is coming from a man who has never been able to get thru the movie 'Pulp Fiction' because it was just 'way TOO confusing for me to stick with' and just let me say; the story is only 304 pages long but it comes at you like a speeding train that is off the tracks and bound for HELL At first I thought; 'this is not going to be HORROR it started to read as a sick crime thriller I was totally wrong It starts off with the most disturbing and creepy birth of a child that happens 30 years ago; then it jumps to two other stories and your first thought is'what the hell is going on here?' Roth's writing skills with this being his DEBUT novel yet are so perfected that with all that is going on at one time I would have loved to have seen how many pages of note taking he had to keep it all straight and non confusing When you crack this book open you need to go into it very open minded and not thinking about anything else now that does not mean it is confusing because it is not and all these story lines come together so flawlessly and well at the end that you are just blown into a total head trip of evil sadness and Horror Robert and his wife Jenny have just moved with Jenny's son; Zack to a new town because of a new job as head warden that Robert has recently accepted With Robert being the youngest ever warden in the prison's history he goes into this with many fears and nerves wondering if he can really do the job well or not Jenny's past is a doozy coming out of a marriage that was very abusive and demeaning and it all came from her husbandZacks father On Roberts first day he enters his new office headuarters in the old wardens office and notices the most 'disturbingly beautiful' solid hardwood desk but this is no ordinary desk It possesses Robert in a way that he is suddenly seeing horrific visions of flames death and feelings that 'something Evil is in the prison' Upon opening a sort of hidden drawer he finds an old journal written by someone by the name of 'Joseph' It is titled 'Joseph's Diary' and what is uncovered in this trascript will for ever change Roberts life as warden From here you meet the prisoners and let me tell you there are many that take place and are all important to this story but dont try to think 'how am I going to keeep all this straight' because that is what I was feelingit all works out very well and you are HOOKED Upon discovering that there are local young boys in the town missing and being tortured Jenny immediately has weird thoughts that her ex husband has somthing to do with itis he could she be right? Then Zack starts having the strangest 'artistic and visually disturbing visions of these acts of violence' and this is where Bottom Feeders starts you on a trip to the inner most evil place in your imaginationReclamation Prison What does this place have to do with 'the Devil living here' or is there a connection with someone in there that has to do with these horrific crimes against children? And what became of the infant birth at the beginning of the book? Crack open 'Bottom Fedders' by Jerry Roth And if you don't get a tear in your eye at the endyour not a human Get readyit's a fucking TRIP you are not going to soonforgetNow for my rating of this novelit was going to be a well earned 5 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 all the way but there are the most messed up one line editing problems in a book that I have ever seen that just annoyed the hell out of methere are random placed BOLD typed and italicized words that show up all the time Why? It never makes sense and comes across as an editing or proof problem so am giving it a 475 But this has got to be one of the most perfectly written; mind numbing books i have read in a LONG long time and it deserved a 5 Stabby rating Enjoy Just added pertaining to the above commenteverything has a reason 🤫🤐Thank again JerryRichard

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Bottom FeedersT learns a prisoner thought to be the Devil was hidden away under his feet Was this prisoner responsible for a fire that killed hundreds of prisoners? Did he play a part in the murder of a local family years earlier? Robert must learn the prisoner’s true identity and unravel his mystery Why hasn’t he aged in decades? Was the prisoner locked away for his protection or ours? Thank you Jerry Roth for a review copy of Bottom Feeders for an honest review SummaryJenny has no idea what she is getting herself into when she begins to track down a child murderer in hopes of saving her son Meanwhile her husband Robert takes a new warden job at the local prison There he discovers the prison may have once contained the devil himself and he becomes obsessed with uncovering the last warden's secrets A convict involved in a bank robbery gone bad gets a shot at redemption while serving his time Things hardly ever seem to end well when the Devil's involved though Personal opinionThis was a very entertaining thriller mystery It kept me guessing and there were a few twists I didn't see coming at all The opening chapter was a great beginning that had me excited to keep readingThe characters were well written each with their own flaws and strengths The point of view changed between 3 different characters to really give each side of the story and kept things interesting My favorite was definitely Jenny She goes through uite a bit and finally manages to overcome her past trauma to do what needs to be done Gage despite being a convict was also a good character I connected with I was pleasantly surprised with how well written this book was description wise since this is the first book I have read by this author The bigger twists were also well hidden until their reveal which I always enjoy in a book Overall the story was a good thriller with a uniue and entertaining plot I would recommend to those who love a good mystery

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kindle ☆ Bottom Feeders Õ Paperback read ´ moneyexpresscard Þ Would you recognize the Devil if you met him?Surviving an abusive relationship Jenny Deville is dealing with the pain of her past Noticing a sudden change in her son’s behavior and his horrifying drawings of murders no child should evePrison and its poisonous past With children mysteriously disappearing from the community Jenny has little time to prove he’s the killer before her son becomes his next victimA decaying prison hides a dark secret Robert Deville the youngest prison warden in the history of the state never expected to feel a supernatural connection with a prison After discovering a diary Rober A monster story of the human kind Full of atrocity and evil Levels and layers of wickedness Once you realize that evil is everywhere it will not surprise you when it shows its face What if the devil was imprisoned in a physical human body? What if that human committed extreme atrocities and then got further imprisoned in an actual prison? That’s a lot of imprisoning of a prisoner in a prison yeah? Maybe you as the warden of this prison become privy to this information You have an inmate who claims to be Satan incarnate Gotta be insanity yeah? Total bullshit right? Every prisoner tries to blame their evil on some other source yeah? Just wait This is the major backdroptheme of this book but there is a lot going on A lot Having finished this book and now looking back on the thing as whole I will say that it is uite a satisfying experience This is a thick busy plot and the author does a nice job of tying things up I really liked the back half of this book Let’s talk about a few problems that I had with it and then we can move onto the stuff I likedBefore I go into issues that I had with the book I want to say that I am not schooled in editing style or writing at all I just call things like I see them If something feels off I say it There were some minor editing issues here and there I am not the type of reader that dwells on that stuff and has to point out every single error That being said in this case there were a couple times that the mistakes did stop me in my tracks and make me re read the line or passage altogether I did not mark these little issues throughout the book but if you need an example this one from late in the book stuck with me Page 276 the line about the car There were places where it felt like the author used character’s names too often The example of this that stands out to me was the robbery scene in chapter 4 It’s a scene with 4 characters Gage Ricky Victor Clyde and the usage of the character names over and over and over made me take notice There were also some dialog issues again just my perception but there were times where a character would say something and a different character would perform an action on the same line and it felt off I actually had to re read a handful of scenes due to this Generally it was when the character was giving a short or one word response It happened than once An example is on page 294 “Sedge” Raylen nodded This comes right after Reginald delivers a line then Robert says “Sedge” but we aren’t told that it is Robert and Raylen nods Hopefully you can see what I mean It wasn’t really confusing just felt a bit odd I am going to tell you that I enjoyed the first 100 pages or so a lot less than the rest of the book Things started to pick up and come together for me in the middle third of the book and I ended up really enjoying the last third where the story went how the storylines came together and the ending That feels like a lot but it really wasn’t None of this stuff destroyed the book in my eyes just stuff I noticed along the wayThis thing has a huge cast There are loads upon loads of characters I am going to try to give you a brief synopsis on each of the storylines that eventually are all pulled into one 1 Robert is the new warden at our prison He is learning the ropes learning the layout of the prison The location is pretty detailed and I enjoy prisons as settings Big layers upon levels old castle like structures with plenty of secrets and passages Robert doesn’t really feel like a good guy but it’s just a feeling This piece of the story has a huge cast within the cast Guards prisoners etc I cringed a bit through Jake’s a prison guard piece of this but ultimately loved how is story ended up2 Robert finds the old warden’s journal The flashbacks from the journal feel like their own line in the narrative3 Jenny is Robert’s wife She has a son Zach from a previous marriage Zach hasn’t been himself a bit disturbed Local kids have been going missing she starts to think it is her ex husband She plays detective with a friend and tries to track down the culprit There are ghostly appearances in this part a ghost of a missing murdered child Zach possesses this rare ability to draw the scenes of the crimes in startling detail That is really the only plot point that I felt lacked a bit of explanation Anyways this was a wild and harrowing piece of the narrative4 Gage is a criminal but the good kind He commits a robbery to try to get money for his sick kid Things go south he winds up in prison I really enjoyed Gage’s part of the storyHopefully that is enough information to relay what I mean by the story being thick As these story lines started to merge and the pace picked up I really started to settle in and enjoy the rideJerry uses the music of Tom Petty in a couple places I always enjoy those types of musical references in books and there is actually a really cool Petty related easter egg in this book Ultimately this is a monster book Human monsters the best kind in my book You don’t have to invent one and dress it up with fangs and scales when humanity holds so much horror Monsters in cages and monsters walking free I had a few minor issues with the telling of the story but the story itself wound up to be a damned thrilling fulfilling experience