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Read Ç A Hero's Tale (When Women Were Warriors, Book 3) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ê In Book II Tamras moved from her home into the lands beyond its border In Book three the stage widens further she deals with the struggles of whole peoples Caught up in intrigues that would oncCharacters but of a uest so much bigger it takes the breath away There is everything you could wish for here power struggles forces for good and evil dramatic tests of faith daring rescues fatal rivalry but it is managed with such a deft hand that in the end it is all one beautiful story What else is there to say This is not just lesbian fiction but a story about being human It 's not to be missed from a review by Kate Genet on the website Kissed By VenusIn Book III of the trilogy Tamras must make her own hero 's journey She ventures into the unknown and encounters a formidable enemy than any she has ever faced Character is destiny and the destiny of Tamras and all her people will depend upon choices that come less from the skills she has been taught than from the person she has become from her own hear. For me this was the most emotional book of all three of them Wilson can make you feel exactly what the protagonist is feeling seriously When Tamras felt betrayed I almost had to put the book down as I felt my own love had betrayed me She has a clever way of wording things you know to be true but when you read them she gives meaning to it fe When Tamras understands love and lost for the first time really Love and Maara were one and the same Love had become as mortal as she was When I look back on book I and II it really shows that it is a journey of years that the protagonist goes through as her memories seem to have become my own It's been a while since I devoured a book trilogy at this pace I would like to find words to praise this lovely fantasy story but I'm too worn out and tired to form words Anyways anyone who likes fantasy with great female protagonist should read this

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Series I enjoyed immensely I knew that I could expect this last book to deliver a happy and satisfying ending What I didn t expect was the intricate and daring storyline of this last volume It is bigger and broader than what has come before and it is spectacular this time the story unfolds on to a whole new level More characters intrigue greater losses wonderful reunions There 's no taking the easy road here the story opened up into unimagined dimensions to tell a tale that really is that of a hero When Women Were Warriors manages to blend mythic storytelling with characters who feel so real you could imagine stepping into the pages and having a conversation with them A Hero 's Tale skilfully weaves the uestions of love faith and fairness into a dramatic story; not only of a relationship between the main. I'm actually worried I might never find another book series that has everything I love and as beautifully written and developed as this one didEverything I said in my review of the first book is true for the rest of the trilogy as well The focus on all the women with their complex stories and the relationships between all of them is what I appreciated the most The worldbuilding was also fantastic and amazed me with every little detail from funeral traditions to the different ways in which the forest people see thingsTo be fully honest in comparison to the first two books with this one I took a bit longer to get really invested in the story to the point of not wanting to stop reading but when I got there the plot was so good that it made up for whatever complaint I could possibly have about the beginningI think this trilogy set the standards too high for all the other similar books I read from now on

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A Hero's Tale When Women Were Warriors Book 3In Book II Tamras moved from her home into the lands beyond its border In Book three the stage widens further she deals with the struggles of whole peoples Caught up in intrigues that would once have been far above her the heroine risks everything unless she can not only learn to swim in treacherous waters but to master them The heroine 's inner journey continues to match her outer one She must confront the meaning not only of personal love but the love that extends beyond oneself and those we hold dear Catherine Wilson 's skill at tackling the big issues of love meaning and humanity is so deft that it all seemed to me at least to flow naturally from her narrative in a way I found technically uite breathtaking from a review by Charles Ferguson on the Goodreads websiteBeing the third and last volume in a. Honestly I think this was my favorite of all three It was so well written and such a rollercoaster I cried so many times but it was so well done and so beautiful in the end Tamras is the most wonderful character I have read in a long long time She is everything; brave and intelligent and strong and incredible But I think what I love most about her is what her actual greatest strength is her heart and her ability to love It's what makes her who she is and it's so refreshing to read a bookseries with a hero whose true strength comes from love not violence I should probably write in depth about this but I am at a loss for words Please please read this series And have some lovely uotes The love I felt for her made me feel strong while her love for me made me feel safeI trusted her not to be careless with my heart or with my feelings I trusted her to understand and to accept what might be broken or imperfect In some dusty corner there may be things I tossed away forgotten things that might once have shamed me I trusted her with those things too I trusted her to accept me as she found me and to love me as I was as I loved herThat I would risk my life to regain what we had shared that much I already understood Now I began to understand the sacrifice I had seen the world the way it should be and I would accept nothing lessLike a forest tree that has grown up entwined with another may keep its shape long after its companion has been taken down my spirit had bent to the shape of her and now could neither straighten itself nor accommodate to the shape of someone elseWe search for love Love is our shelter Love is our purpose Love is why we are hereSometimes even now I entertain the hope that Love lives in the world independently of us but when I am most courageous I believe that love was born within the human heart and that the survival of love in the world as well as its ultimate triumph is entirely out responsibility