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review ✓ The Fallen (The Fallen, #1) ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë Aaron Corbet isn't a bad kid he's just a little differentOn the eve of his eighteenth birthday Aaron dreams of a darkly violent landscape He can hear the sounds of weapons clanging the screams of the stricken and another sound Her But gazing upward at the sky he suddenly understands It is the sound of great wings angels' wings beating the air unmercifully as hundreds of ard warriors descend on the battlefieldOrphaned since birth Aaron is suddenly discovering newfound an. I've tended to avoid the YA surge of urban fantasy as revisiting teen angst is something I leave for watching the comically ameliorative episodes of Buffy but every once in a while I will dip back into those dank waters and find a fun novel such as Sniegoski's I was first drawn to this title through some oddly convoluted Goodreads recommendation and the angel imagery of the cover Being fairly obsessed with angelic images I ordered the book thinking that the story was likely not going to elicit much enthusiasm from me As one might gather from my rating I was pleasantly surprised The story follows Aaron Corbet and yes he has his issues like any teenager but what makes him redeemable to me is that he isn't a massive whiner about it He is a shy kid stuck with a bad start being bounced from foster home to foster home but finding his footing in a good place with a good family attempting to make the best of himself and his life When he starts having bizarre dreams and then suddenly develops linguistic capabilities allowing him to understand what his goofy yellow lab is telling him and that the cute Brazilian girl he likes thinks he's cute too events escalate until he is being hounded by heavenly Powers intent on removing his stain from the earthThis stain you ask Apparently Aaron is a Nephilim recounted in Genesis 61 4 as the offspring of mortal women and angels I suppose all the gonadically female angels were relegated back up in Heaven Not only did they do the nasty with the human women but they also apparently taught humans bad things like how to beat the crap out of each other in full scale war and gave women make up see angels cannot be utterly straight to be able to pass on such a skill they must be bisexual or pansexual So Aaron is supposedly one of these half beings made all the stranger when an angelic protector enters the scene proclaiming he is the One No not of the Matrix variety although there is some spectacular aerial combat near the end soThis novel lays the groundwork for several follow up novels and ABC Family made a TV movie of it I just hope a particular scene near the end made it into the movie so I'm going to head over to Netflix right now to reuest the DVD

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Aaron Corbet isn't a bad kid he's just a little differentOn the eve of his eighteenth birthday Aaron dreams of a darkly violent landscape He can hear the sounds of weapons clanging the screams of the stricken and another sound he cannot uite decip. What feels like eons ago The Fallen by Thomas E Sniegoski was a VERY popular book among my classmates Me being the closer Avril Lavigne esue bookaholic decided I was not going to read what the popular kids like Now that it's 2019 I decided that it was time to see what all the fuss was about and I was right in my original decisionI did not enjoy this book It was well written and truly intriguing but I just couldn't get into it I was going to DNF this book but I decided to finish it off and send it on it's merry way to a Christmas Adoption some teenagers were looking for presents and I'm sure that age group would like it than me It felt like a stereotypical YA novel angels nephilim and magical powers with one guy being the most special but it felt very very slow I'm a fast paced kinda girl so this book made me feel boredMy biggest positive for this book was that the descriptions and building plot was marvelous It was truly awesome to read how Thomas was building up this series but it felt like that part of a series and not an initial stand alone Books that build up for a bigger universe tend to fall flat for me I need a good initial story to pull me in and hook meMy biggest pet peeve was the dog incident If you read the book you know what I'm talking about I just nope Big nope for me No matter if it's a happy ending or not that hurt wildly and I put the book down for DAYS because of it Overall I'm glad I picked the book up to see what all the hype was about but it just wasn't for me One out of five stars

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The Fallen The Fallen #1D sometimes supernatural talents But it's not until he is approached by two men that he learns the truth about his destiny and his role as a liaison between angels mortals and Powers both good and evil some of whom are hell bent on his destruction. The book is fast paced and it is very easy to like the main character Aaron I love that a dog plays a big roleIt is very much like his recent book A Kiss Before the Apocalypse I can't decide if it's distracting or enjoyable I generally like when a premise is created and carried throughout different books by an author I did enjoy Apocalypse and the premise Some of the uestions raised What happens to angels when G d stops talking to them Will wethey recognize His messages when they do come Does He really have a plan Why do people have to suffer Is it worth it if some can be redeemed