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The Collected Stories Read ✓ 109 Ñ The Collected Stories a stunning volume of William Trevor's unforgettable short storiesWilliam Trevor is one of the most renowned figures in contemporary literature described as 'the greatest living writer of short stories in the English language' by the New Yorker and acclaimed for his haunting and profound iThe Collected Stories a stunning volume of William Trevor's unforgettable short storiesWilliam Trevor is one of the most renowned figures in contemporary literature described as 'the greatest living writer of short stories in the English language' by the New Yorker and acclaimed for his haunting and profound insights into the human heart Here. I tend to think of William Trevor as Ireland's John Cheever whose work was known to me first There are no doubt myriad differences between the two writers but what they have in common seems to me too striking to ignore There is a certain preference for bibulous upper middle class affluent couples People bored with their creature comforts and their money and their children and their marriages; professional people usually bored too with their jobs and their tawdry affairs and their colleagues Both Trevor and Cheever also with great skill in their own way articulate the grand compromises in the lives of these individuals and how they deny that any compromise has been made how they talk themselves out of it or rationalize it awayFor example in Angels at the Ritz we begin with Polly and Gavin Dillard on their way to a party deprecating their friends' penchant for wife swapping It's 1975 and Margaret Thatcher has just taken over the leadership of the Conservative Party At the end of a vinous evening all the husbands throw their keys on the floor and the blindfolded wives crawl on the floor to pick out a set of keys at random The Dillards in their early evening sobriety think that this is exactly what they don't want and they deride it at length but by the end of the party all of that changes doesn't it

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A modern master'A textbook for anyone who ever wanted to write a story and a treasure for anyone who loves to read them' Madison Smartt Bell'Extraordinary Mr Trevor's sheer intensity of entry into the lives of his peopleproceeds to uncover new layers of yearning and pain new angles of vision and credible thought' The New York Times Book Revie. On November 1 1992 Viking published the entire first seven collections of short stories of one William Trevor called the greatest living writer of short stories by Booker prizewinning Irish author John Banville This awesome tome has 1296 pages The NY Times Book Review calls the stories treasures of gorgeous writing brilliant dialogue and unforgettable lives For a taste of Trevor may I recommend a smaller Penuin paperback entitled IRELAND 1998 that contains two of my favorite stories The Paradise Lounge and The Ballroom of Romance This sampling relates unforgettable lives not dysfunctional families and provides a vivid almost painful at times picture of relationships in a setting evoking a strong sense of placeIn his story The Paradise Lounge Trevor uses the warm and friendly atmosphere of an Irish hotel pub to parallel the romantic lives of two Irishwomen For thirty five years Miss Doheny local spinster has strolled through the town on Saturday evening to the Paradise Lounge in Keegan's Railway Hotel to meet her friends the Meldrums At the time of the story the uiet conviviality of place allows Miss Doheny a silent interaction with a younger woman an outsider in the lounge with her married lover Here's Trevor's description of the settingThe bar was a dim suare lounge with a scattering of small tables Ashtrays advertised Guinness beer mats Heineken Sunlight touched the darkened glass in one of two windows drawing from it a glow that was no unlike the amber gleam of whiskey Behind the bar itself the rows of bottles spirits upside down above their global measures glittered pleasantly as a center piece their reflections gaudy in a cluttered mirror The room had a patterned carpet further patterned with cigarette burns and a diversity of stains The Paradise Loungehad been titled in a moment of hyperbole by the grandfather of the present proprietorMost material for this posting came from a final college paper THE IRISH SENSE OF PLACE Setting in the Short Story written in 1987EnjoyJane

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The Collected StoriesIs a collection of his short fiction with dozens of tales spanning his career and ranging from the moving to the macabre the humorous to the haunting From the penetrating 'Memories of Youghal' to the bittersweet 'Bodily Secrets' and the elegiac 'Two More Gallants' here are masterpieces of insight depth drama and humanity acutely rendered by. Somewhere about around 30 years ago I read the short story In Love with Ariadne either in a laundromat waiting in an airport or bored above the Arctic Circle in winter orsomething I think it was in the Atlantic Magazine or some otherI almost immediately also fell in love with Ariadne And with the writing of William TrevorThat short story and many many others are collected in this book And any one who has read William Trevor will not need to be told that he is a master of the short story Certainly one of the best writers everAbout 15 years ago I bought this book And since that time this has become one of my permanent books of choice for laundromats waiting in line at the DMV or bored above the Arctic Circle in winter orsitting alone at home with my catWilliam Trevor can create a very memorable and human soul place that soul into a profoundly real place and then compel an unforgettable and important struggle for that character and the reader to grapple with And this has occurred so far for me in every single story Trevor's people are flawed people very hard not to love Trevor's struggles are real as cancer And Trevor's stage sets are possessed with a sense of place so real you feel as if you have been there15 years later at this time I have probably read than 34 of this book I've been picking stories at random all that time And I don't really know because I am not counting I don't want to know nor do I hope to finish soonI am writing this review now although I have not completed this book because it appears to me that by Goodreads standards I may never complete this book I refuse to read this book in a linear fashion straight through from page one to page 1260 or whatever it is because I don't want to ever realize that I am done This is one of those books you know the type that is so good that you don't want it to endI have finally decided that this is the one book that for me will never end