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Spectrums: Autistic Transgender People in Their Own Words Read ✓ 100 ´ Solely written by trans people on the spectrum this collection of personal stories foregrounds their own voices and experiences on a range of issues such as coming out access to healthcare employment relationships parenting violence and laSolely written by trans people on the spectrum this collection of personal stories foregrou. As an autistic non binary person this non fiction anthology is one of the most empowering and affirming things I've ever read It's such a diverse collection of voices people of very different backgrounds and with very different life stories and identities It truly shows how both being autistic and being transnon binary are different experiences for everyone It was also amazing to see a lot of somewhat older people being included in this since a lot of people make the assumption that these identities are somehow newOne thing I found lacking is the writing style Of course everyone wrote their own contributions and because of that not every story was as readable On the plus side I did think this also enhanced my reading experience at times because the stories didn't feel polished and that made them feel very real

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Nds their own voices and experiences on a range of issues such as coming out access to heal. Spectrums is an anthology of personal writings from people who are both trans and autistic The contributers cover a wide range of gender identities races locations and life experiences These pieces of writing are human stories at the intersection of two identities and they are wonderful to read Some of the pieces are short others are longer and many of them do cover heavy topics such as suicideAt the beginning of the book there is a short discussion on the benefits of research about trans and autistic people The numbers show that trans people are likely to be autistic and vice versa and I found it interesting to read about why the data is a bit confusing One example is that different researchers count different groups of people as transgender This book takes a wide view of the word trans not limiting itself to strict definitions of medical transition and binary genders which is really great to see Some of the pieces talk about the uniue ways a lot of autistic people interact with and understand gender so if you've ever been curious about words like neurogender this book has some insight It is made clear in the introduction that any research into these intersecting ideas must prioritise the voices of trans autistic people Research should be of benefit to the people it is about and a lot of research in the past related to these two groups has been detrimentalAll of these pieces are in the contributors' own word and the pieces take several different forms Some are accounts of their life and journey some are poems and some integrate special interests One of them 'An Exploration of the Intersection of Autistic and Transgender Coding in Star Trek' even has a academic feel to it This brings variation to the anthology There is something new to discover in each chapter There are lots of differences between the life experiences of the contributors Different schooling from home school to mainstream school to SEN school Different journeys to transition whether socially or medically Different journeys to an autism diagnosis sometimes self sometimes medical sometimes as a child sometimes as an adult But weaving the different pieces together are many similarities The positives of being autistic and celebrating being neurodivergent Interacting with the world in uniue ways both to do with autism and gender identity Taking ownership over your own body claiming autonomy which is something often denied to both trans and autistic people The pain of living in a world not built for your neurotype or your transness The joy of finding your people and understanding yourself Comparing the experiences of masking as an autistic and passing when trans comes up multiple times along side discussions of the exhaustion and stress of having to change the way you are for society's benefitOf all of the pieces two stuck out to me in particular The slam poem 'Ableism in Poetry' was really powerful 'The Rightness of Being Wrong' described a trans narrative that of not being born in the wrong body but of becoming wrong for the body you were born in which really struck me as describing my own experience with genderThis book contains advice explanations encouragement explorations expression and validation It holds hope for the future of autistic trans people Hope of growing up and finding happiness and our place in the world I see myself reflected in these stories Maybe you'll see yourself too Or maybe it'll give you a window of insight into people who are doubly misunderstood

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Spectrums Autistic Transgender People in Their Own WordsThcare employment relationships parenting violence and later life self discovery among othe. I received an e arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFirst let me start off by saying that although I am part of the lgbt community I do not think I am either on the autistic or the trans spectrum Despite the fact that I read this from an outsider's perspective and I couldn't rely relate with a lot of things there is something really special about this collectionThrough the essays the poems and every single text you get to see all those difference experiences you find all the different ways in which those identities exist Most importantly this book is a great medium to put these voices on a loudspeaker of people that might not have been heard otherwiseMy only problem and the reason I don't give it 5 stars is to be expected really This anthology is not written by professional authors or something similar In some texts this is evident meaning that occasionally their 'style' makes them harder to read But as I said that is to be expected when the writing is not made by people who are professionally doing that Other than that everything else was really greatYou should definitely have a go at this book