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علمياً إضافة الى الحدود المعوقة التي فرضها الاستشراق على الفكر والفعليأتي الكتاب في هذا الإطار وفيه يتناول إدوارد سعيد موضوع الاستشراق وخلفياته وكيف استطاعت الثقافة الغربية من خلاله ان تتدبر الشرق وحتى أن تنتجه سياسياً واجتماعياً وعسكرياً وعقائدياً وعلمياً وتخيلياً ومن جهة أخرى يتحدث إدوارد. An intelligent and insightful book about how the West has stereotyped and dehumanized the East through racist and oppressive representations of the East as backwards uncivilized and in need of Western revitalization or aid Edward Said writes at length about the origins and development of Orientalism throughout history and how it has culminated in and contributed to anti Arab sentiments He raises important and thought provoking uestions about interrogating how places are represented who has the power to create representations and what are the conseuences of those representations His point about how universities in the United States wield so much power in their construction of knowledge about the East struck me – just as much of this book did – as unfortunately relevant to today still even though this book was published in the 1970’s Here’s one uote in particular that I liked “In a sense the limitations of Orientalism are the limitations that follow upon disregarding essentializing denuding the humanity of another culture people or geographical region But Orientalism has taken a further step than that it views the Orient as something whose existence is not only displayed but has remained fixed in time and place for the West So impressive have the descriptive and textual successes of Orientalism been that entire periods of the Orient’s cultural political and social history are considered mere responses to the West The West is the actor the Orient a passive reactor The West is the spectator the judge and jury of every facet of Oriental behavior Yet if history during the twentieth century has provoked intrinsic change in and for the Orient the Orientalist is stunned”I give this book four stars instead of five because I found the language super dry and hard to get through at times despite the uality content It took me over a year to get through this book because I would read it for a little and find myself dissuaded by the writing like am I just not “smart” enough to get this book or enjoy this dense writing Maybe I’m not and that’s fine with me But if not for a burst of motivation over the past couple of days I’m not sure when I would’ve finished Orientalism Even though I found the language somewhat tedious I’d still recommend this book given the pervasiveness of imperialist and racist notions of the Middle East that exist today

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Orientalism Western Conceptions of the Orientسعيد في كتابه هذا عن الاستشراق الذي احتل مركز السيادة بحيث فرض قيوده على الفكر الشرقي وحتى على من يكتبون عن الشرق وغاية حديثه هذا هو الوصول الى كيفية حدوث كل ذلك ليكشف عنه وليظهر أن الثقافة الغربية اكتسبت المزيد من القوة والهوية بوضع نفسها موضع التضاد مع الشرق باعتباره ذاتاً بديلة النيل والفرات. Yes in many ways Said's Orientalism is a classic And he's right about some things Western art and literature created a whole fantasy world about the Orient which included the Balkans and Russia over the last few centuries; Western scholarship about North Africa or the Middle East or India could be and was used by colonial powers But as critics especially Bernard Lewis and Robert Irwinhave pointed out Said took a handful of serious ideas and created his own fantasy world of Orientalism destroying as Lewis lamented a perfectly honorable scholarly term Said and his followers very nearly argue that any Western study of the Orient is invalid and nefarious from the start and that any scholarship by Westerners is a tool of oppression and political domination Said notoriously got the careers and beliefs of the great Orientalists of the 18th and 19th centuries wrong and despite some fine writing produced in the end a book that conflated artistic and literary visions with intelligence gathered for conuest or rule and which came close to saying that only scholarship with a correct political message about the Middle East could ever be acceptable A necessary read but one that has to be complemented with a reading of Lewis' critiues and the debates between the two and perhaps since the critiue is from the Left even so by reading Robert Irwin's Dangerous Knowledge

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Free read Orientalism: Western Conceptions of the Orient ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ يعتبر الاستشراق، انطلاقاً من أواخر القرن الثامن عشر، مؤسسة مشتركة للتعامل مع الشرق وحكمه، إنه أسلوب غربي للسيطرة عليعتبر الاستشراق، انطلاقاً من أواخر القرن الثامن عشر، مؤسسة مشتركة للتعامل مع الشرق وحكمه، إنه أسلوب غربي للسيطرة على الشرق، وإذا لم نكتنه الاستشراق بوصفه إنشاء فلن يكون في وسعنا أن نفهم الفرع المنظم تنظيماً عالياً الذي استطاعت الثقافة الغربية عن طريقه أن تتدبر وتنتج الشرق سياسياً، وعسكرياً، و. The following is a true storyMe in a San Franscisco bar reading OrientalismThe blonde girl next to me reading over my shoulder So what's OrientalismI explain as best I can in a couple sentences Her There are so many isms in Asia like Buddhism and Taoism You know what book you should read The Tao of Poo It's sooo good It's like the perfect way to teach Americans about Eastern ReligionHorrified I look back to my book and take a sip of beer