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The Worst Journey in the World recounts Robert Falcon Scott's ill fated expedition to the South Pole Apsley Cherry Garrard the youngest member of Scott's team and one of three men to make and survive the notorious Winter Jour. Never again Never again will I complain About anything The sufferings heaped on the members of Scott’s second polar expedition make the ordinary misfortunes of modern life – the fender benders hangovers and breakups – seem like pleasant diversions There are passages in this amazing memoir where the reader appalled begins to suspect that these men were collaborating on a metaphysically refined form of self destructionApsley Cherry Gerrard – and let me say now what a wonderfully plummy name that is worthy of some mad suire in a Waugh novel – was at twenty four the baby of the expedition Passed over for the doomed ‘Southern Journey’ to the pole he survived and made it back to England Years later at the suggestion of his neighbour George Bernard Shaw he put together an account of his experiences calling it with good reason The Worst Journey in the WorldActually the titular journey is not the famous ‘dash’ to the pole but rather an earlier sub expedition Cherry took part in a hellish five week slog through the permanent darkness of an Antarctic winter This has got to be without uestion one of the most whacked ape shit schemes in the history of exploration A few random details temperatures so low that sweat would freeze the instant it emerged from the pores; frostbitten flesh that would break out in horrid suppurating blisters the very pus of which would itself freeze in turn; agonizing eight hour marches that would cover barely a mile at the end of which Cherry and his two companions would spend an hour thawing out their sleeping bags so they could burrow into them only to shake and thrash uncontrollably for the rest of the night Oh and here’s a nice touch Cherry’s teeth spontaneously shattered in the 75 degree air After a few days of this it occurred to them that they were all going to die in that howling void Cherry at least welcomed the idea I for one had come to that point of suffering at which I did not really care if only I could die without much pain They talk of the heroism of the dying – they little know – it would be so easy to die a dose of morphia a friendly crevasse and blissful sleep The trouble is to go onBut I haven’t even told you the truly ape shit part yet The ape shit part is why they did it the goal of the journey What then could have prompted three otherwise sane men to VOLUNTEER for five weeks of continuous torture Penguin eggs That’s right – they were looking for penguin eggs The narrative of the ‘Winter Journey’ takes up only about 70 pages – or slightly than a tenth of the book’s total length – but it’s clearly the emotional core of the story Whereas much of the other material is slapdash and filled out with excerpts from other members’ letters and diaries here Cherry is speaking in propria persona the whole time Not a professional writer himself and repeatedly cautioning that the horrors he endured are indescribable he nevertheless gets across some of the – for lack of a better word existential brutality of the journey We were very silent it was not easy to talk but sledging is always a silent business I remember a long discussion which began just now about cold snapswhat constituted a cold snap The discussion lasted about a week Do things slowly always slowly was the burden of Wilson’s leadership and every now and then the uestion Shall we go on and the answer Yes It almost sounds like Beckett doesn’t it A funny thing about The Worst Journey For the longest time as I read I had the nagging sense that something was missing; some hovering absence dogged the text but I couldn’t put my finger on it Then it hit me irony There’s no irony here Cherry may have died only twenty years or so before I was born but the world he represents is as different from my own as feudal Japan He belonged to the last western generation capable of living unironically Maybe that was his tragedy his later life was rather sad and haunted and the tragedy of the whole expedition Our tragedy is – irony won’t get you to the Pole

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The Worst Journey in the World Antarctica 1910 1913Pses of Scott and his men who had long since perished from starvation and brutal cold It is through Cherry's insightful narrative and keen descriptions that Scott and the other members of the expedition are fully memorialized. The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley George Benet Cherry Garrard is his account of the 1910 13 Terra Nova British Antarctic Expedition made when the author was 24 Initially rejected as being unualified because he lacked a needed background in science Cherry Garrard who had read classics studying Latin Greek at Oxford was eventually chosen as an assistant zoologist when he guaranteed a substantial amount £100 the euivalent of 130000 in US currency today to help fund the expedition He had also been recommended by Edward Wilson MD a close associate of the expedition's leader Robert Falcon Scott The tale beginsPolar exploration is at once the cleanest most isolated way of having a bad time which has been devised It is the only form of adventure in which you put on your clothes at Michaelmas Sept 29th keep them on until Christmas save for a layer of natural body grease find them as clean as when they were new It is lonely than London secluded than a monastery the post office comes but once a year Compared to Antarctica the hardships of France Palestine Mesopotamia or WWI trenches were a comparative picnic Until someone can evolve a better standard of endurance I am unable to see how anything can be done to compare with it All in all I do not believe anyone on earth has a worse time than an Emperor PenguinCherry Garrard goes on to point out the many rigors of life on such an expedition among them the interpersonal suabbles called cags inherent with keeping vigorous men of different temperaments in close uarters for an extended period of time working in the midst of blinding blizzards the long days without sun the boring nature of the food when mealtime stands as the highlight of the day rashes infections that seemed to routinely occur and a lingering sense of boredom with only sleep offering a certain numbed pleasure Occasionally a dessert involving tinned peaches with accompanying juice seemed a hint of paradise and an on board gramophone with classical other records brought an extreme sense of comforting nostalgia for civilization Many of the men did read books by Dickens Thackeray Browning Hardy Charlotte Brontë while one of Cherry Garrard's favorite books was Rudyard Kipling's novel Kim A few read the King James Bible or updated a journal while others played chess or backgammon but card games were not in vogue even though there were decks of cards available The author spends considerable time discussing the character of the expedition leader Robert Falcon Scott His commentary on Scott seems at times curiously descriptive painting him as often subject to deep depression hardly the stuff of a legendary British heroEngland knows Scott as a hero; she has little idea of him as a man He was certainly the most dominating character in our not uninteresting community But few who knew him realized how shy reserved the man was; it was partly for this reason that he so often laid himself open to misunderstanding Add to this that he was femininely sensitive to a degree that might be considered a fault it will be clear that leadership to such a man may almost be considered martyrdom the confidence so necessary between leader followers becomes itself difficult Scott was not a very strong man physically temperamentally he was a weak man who might very easily have become an autocrat He had moods depression which might last for weeks However what pulled Scott through was character sheer good grain which ran over under through his weaker self and clamped it together And not withstanding the immense fits of depression which attacked him Scott was the strongest combination of a strong mind in a strong body I have ever known Practically speaking he was a conuest of himself And he will go down in history as the Englishman who conuered the South Pole who died as fine a death as any man has the honour to dieAs most readers are aware the expedition did not achieve all that it had set out to do being bested in reaching the South Pole by Amundsen's Norwegian expedition by a matter of weeks though considerable research was performed Beyond that Scott Dr Edward Wilson Henry Bowers encountering overwhelming blizzards eventually ran out of fuel food en route back to base camp from the South Pole died in their tents Another member of their small South Pole team by the name of Capt Lawrence Oates in the midst of dwindling supplies felt it necessary to help the remaining trio by sacrificing himself for the good of his mates wandering off into a blizzard his last words being I am just going outside may be some time His remains were never found but those of the other three were eventually located in their tent collapsed under the weight of snow found along with their journals very touching letters to loved ones personal effects with Cherry Garrard part of the team that went in search of them as amply detailed in The Worst Journey in the World I very much enjoyed the uality of Cherry Garrard's prose including a comment encapsulating the expeditionOther things being eual the men with the greatest store of nervous energy came through best Having imagination they have a worse time than their phlegmatic companions but they get things done And when worst comes to worst their strength of mind triumphed over their weakness of body If you want a good polar traveler get a man without too much muscle with a good physical tone and let his mind be on wires of steel And if you can't get both sacrifice physiue and bank on willWithout uestion The Worst Journey in the World is one of the memorable adventure tales I've encountered though I much preferred reading Alfred Lansing's account of the Shackleton led Antarctic expedition Endurance Meanwhile the stature of expedition leader Scott has diminished somewhat over time particularly when reckoned with that of Ernest Shackleton But let's permit RF Scott a few last words Had we lived I should have had a tale to tell of the hardihood endurance courage of my companions which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman Instead these rough notes our bodies must tell the talePhoto images within my review #1 the author Apsley Cherry Garrard; #2 Robert Falcon Scott; #3 Scott those who perished with him after reaching the South Pole

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REVIEW ↠ The Worst Journey in the World Antarctica 1910 1913 ¶ The Worst Journey in the World recounts Robert Falcon Scott's ill fated expedition to the South Pole Apsley Cherry Garrard the youngest member of Scott's team and one of three men to make and survive the notorious Winter Journey draws on his firsthand experNey draws on his firsthand experiences as well as the diaries of his compatriots to create a stirring and detailed account of Scott's legendary expedition Cherry himself would be among the search party that discovered the cor. As Apsley Cherry Garrard states in his introduction to the harrowing story of the Scott expedition to the South Pole Polar Exploration is at once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time which has been devised Cherry Garrard's The Worst Journey in the World is a gripping account of an expedition gone disastrously wrong The youngest member of Scott's team the author was later part of the rescue party that eventually found the frozen bodies of Scott and three men who had accompanied Scott on the final push to the Pole These deaths would haunt Cherry Garrard for the rest of his life as he uestioned the decisions he had made and the actions he had taken in the days leading up to the Polar Party's demisePrior to this sad denouement Cherry Garrard's account is filled with details of scientific discovery and anecdotes of human resilience in a harsh environment Each participant in the Scott expedition is brought fully to life Cherry Garrard's recollections are supported by diary excerpts and accounts from other teammates Despite the sad fate of Scott the reader will grudgingly agree with the closing words of The Worst Journey in the World Exploration is the physical expression of the Intellectual Passion And I tell you if you have the desire for knowledge and the power to give it physical expression go out and explore If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward so long as all you want is a penguin's eggApsley Cherry Garrard's gripping account of his experiences as the youngest member of Captain Scott's polar expedition team adapted by Stef PenneyIn the austerely beautiful icescapes of Antarctica things go disastrously wrongApsley Cherry Garrard Matt GreenCaptain Robert Falcon Scott John McAndrewDr Atkinson Carl PrekoppCaptain Oates Mark MeadowsLieutenant Bowers Peter CallaghanCharles Wright Simon Lee PhillipsDr Edward Wilson Richard MitchleyPO Tom Crean Jack ReynoldsTaff Evans Huw DaviesSpecially composed music by Will Gregory of Goldfrapp orchestrated by Ian Gardiner and performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Grant Llewellyn