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Copy of a hot fantasy novel they are transported into the novel Having accidentally killed the book'. If you take fantasy books as serious business for example if you’ve ever yelled this at someone ” How dare you say Hobbits aren’t real” then this book is not for you But if you can find humor in things you enjoy then I have a feeling you’ll like this book I didNow the characters At first I thought this book would be about Veronica since she’s the one who actually reads fantasy books and knows the layout of the world her and Heather are zapped into Don’t try to figure out the science behind a faulty barcode scanner becoming a means for teleportation into a book Just nod your head like this makes perfect sense especially if you’ve read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde After introducing Veronica however the focus shifted to Heather the shallow popular girl that used to make fun of us in high school I know we didn’t go to the same high school but I’m 96% sure you were a fellow nerd like me during those teen years Heather’s not altogether bright but I grew to like her especially after she butts heads with a haughty elf Don’t worry he had it coming to himThere are definite references to The Lord of the Rings As I haven’t read many fantasy books that’s the one I noticed the most but there might be others At one point Dungeons and Dragons was mentioned and I sent a mental high five out into the collective nerd mind You should have felt it It happened about ten days ago Anyway every little reference or similarity made me smile Some made me laugh at the absurdness usually the ones that caught me by surpriseBut it wasn’t all fun all the timeFor being a parody there’s actually a plot and a sense of earnestness in the characters I honestly wasn’t expecting much but it was surprisingly good It was cute and sometimes funny in a ridiculous way If you’re looking for a light fantasy read this is itPosted at WhatchYAreadingnet

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The Wizard the Witch and Two Girls from JerseyS heroine Vero and Heather have no choice but to try to save the land of Galma from the Twilight uee. This was a cute YA book that could have carried a better message and had a better ending Our girls had read this some years ago I was cleaning the bookcase and came across this one remembering that they all had enjoyed it so I read it to determine whether or not I should keep it This story is about two girls who are opposites but get sucked into a fantasy novel as they are fighting over the last copy in the book store the night before the book report is due Once they enter the story the plot goes completely out of whack and nothing goes as planned Veronica is a young girl who has deep memories attached to this book as her father read it to her often when she was a little girl Heather is a popular girl who at the last minute decides that she needs to write a good book report so she doesn’t receive a bad grade in class Heather never read the book but ends up being the ‘star’ of the story ‘ueen of Twilight’The main thing this book had going for it was that it wasn’t like a typical fantasy story in a sense However the author kept pointing that out and that got to be a little redundant Also the story for the most part was written in third person with an occasion ‘aside’ by the author such as ‘I told you that this is a little different’ types of asides Luckily these weren’t freuent enough to be annoyingI would have liked an ending that wrapped up things a little better in the ‘real’ world I thought the choice of one character was unrealistic and would have had deeper repercussionsThis book I am sure is better suited to a younger population that doesn’t uestion endings I also thought that the author could have done a better job of showing a lesson or two that heroes come in different sizes and that people can change who they are if they want to be

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The Wizard, the Witch, and Two Girls from Jersey Free download è PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free í When mortal enemies Veronica and Heather get hit by a bar code scanner while fighting over the last copy of a hot fantasy novel they are transported into the novel HavinWhen mortal enemies Veronica and Heather get hit by a bar code scanner while fighting over the last. I checked this out of the library for myself but my 12 year old daughter got to it first She devoured it in two days and proclaimed that I had to read it Her enthusiasm was the only thing that got me through this predictable book To be fair the one dimensional characters probably wouldn't be so predictable to a middle schooler who hasn't been exposed to as much television and film as I have You have the nerdy girl and the rich airhead the less handsome guy who turns out to be a better person than the buff hotties and the wisecracking talking animal thrown in for comic relief I knew before the end of the first chapter what lesson each girl needed to learn This would be the perfect set up for a Saturday night movie on Disney Channel but in print it fell flatNot only was the book predictable but it also had an identity crisis There were a couple dark secrets thrown in that didn't fit the otherwise light tone of the book not too dark for a 12 year old to handle but dark enough to make you wonder which direction the book is going in If I had a choice I would have gone with the serious tone and get rid of the lame jokes that sound like they were cribbed from an episode of Suite Life of Zack and CodyBottom line although many YA novels appeal to adults this is not one of them Save it for your kids