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CHARACTERS ☆ Steamboat! The Story of Captain Blanche Leathers ã Popular PDF Epub, Steamboat! The Story of Captain Blanche Leathers by Judith Heide Gilliland There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcover and others isbn 9780789425850 32 pages and has a text language like EnglishR and others isbn 9780789425850 32 pages and has a text language like English. I will never look at the river the same way again“A dimple in the water That means BEWARE a sunken wreck awaits ready to tear out the bottom of a steamboat A faint shadow That means WATCH OUT a sandbar lurks below waiting to capture any boat that strays too nearA dark spot DANGER a lost island lies beneath the surface fishing for steamboatsAnd every day the river rises and falls making new loops and cutting off old ones sweeping away riverbanks and trees”


Popular PDF Epub Steamboat! The Story of Captain Blanche Leathers by Judith H. 45 starsThis picture book biography tells the story of Mississippi steamboat captain Blanche Leathers It is told in present tense in simple beautiful prose I wrote down the description of the river and if I can find it I'll add it to GoodReads uotations I loved the way the river was described instead of just telling the reader the river changes As a girl young Blanche Douglass is determined to be a riverboat Captain despite being told girls can't be steamboatmen Blanche marries a steamboat captain who loves her enough to teach her to navigate and steer She doesn't give up and impresses the men who said women couldn't be steamboat captains This is a really fun engaging book The prose is simple and tells an interesting story without too much information There is a map of the Mississippi in the front and a biographical note at the end The biographical profile is easy for younger readers to read and understand and contains a photograph of Blanche LeathersThe illustrations are modern I believe mixed media collages They are bright eye catching and colorful suited to young readers today who are bombarded by computer generated 3D graphics I enjoyed the modern look with an old fashioned flair The illustrations give the impression of olden days but in a fresh modern wayOn a personal note this book appealed to me because I work at a cotton mill museum along a river that was the hardest working river in America before the Mississippi Cotton was shipped up and down along the canal just as it is shown in the story Also the steamboat was actually invented not by Robert Fulton by a man who lived and worked and invented in my new hometown where the museum is located I loved seeing the depiction of something I describe everydayParents and teachers will be pleased to learn that Blanche's kindness won over the men This is an example of a picture book biography done well I recommend this for K 2 students and history nerds like me who always wanted to know about the women who dared to do things they were told women couldn't do

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Steamboat The Story of Captain Blanche LeathersEide Gilliland There are many interesting things in this book format Hardcove. Steamboat The Story of Captain is a about 30 pages long with a paragraph or two per page The main character of this book is Blanche Douglas a little girl who lives near the Mississippi River in the late 1800's and knows its characteristics better than most This includes the boats that come through including the JP Whittaker a large cargo ship Blanche's fascination with the steamboat is so grand that she decided she wants to be a steamboatman one day though she knows it's a dangerous job Eventually after many years of watching from afar she marries a steamboatman and joins him on his steamboat She tells her husband one night that she wants to learn how to travel the river as well and they embark on the journey of learning how She then takes an exam and does exceptionally well proving she knows all the ins and outs of the river Then it becomes time for her to try to navigate a steamboat on her own She does a perfect job even handling a deadly situation and at the end hundreds of people rejoice The vocabulary in the book has many water and boat terms that would be good for students to learn but nothing too hard that they would not understand The illustrations in this book are typically double page with intensely deep colors of blues for the water With varying strokes of a paint brush the illustrator can demonstrate the mood of the water There are also other textures and many geometrical images to better depict Blanche's environment and lifestyleThis book would be a good asset to a classroom for maybe a personal reading section or free read time Potentially it could be used when learning about the Mississippi River or boats in general A great situational use for this book would be if a girl or boy student was upset sue to thinking they could not do a particular profession because of their gender considering Blanche prevails through the odds of being a girl wanting to be a steamboatman