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The Stolen Girls review Ò 104 ½ Detective Lottie Parker is back again in another serial killer thriller as girl after girl goes missing just to turn up dead Can she find the latest victims before it is too late The young woman standing on Lottie's step was a stranger She was clutching the hand of a young boy Help me she said to Lottie Please help meOnTest victims before it is too late The young woman standing on Lottie's step was a stranger She was clutching the hand of a young boy Help me sh. 45 starsWow Ms Patricia Gibney has written a great follow up to her debut novel The Missing Ones The Stolen Girls #2 in the Detective Lottie Parker series packs a wallop DI Lottie Parker is back to work with the Irish garda police after a several month leave of absence following her harrowing adventures chronicled in The Missing Ones A single mom of three Lottie is seemingly operating with minimal sleep and piles of outside distractions mainly having to do with her highly stressed teenage kids and an intriguing side case that may or may not be tied in with her main mission To state that Lottie is edgy is a huge understatement As the heat on Lottie grows hotter she comes close to totally losing it while making decisions that are not in her or the cases’ best interests Fortunately she has a great partner in DS Mark Boyd who does his best to keep Lottie grounded In addition to their professional partnership they have an on againoff again mainly off again personal relationship that contributes to the strength of their rapport Their repartee is a highlight of the fine characterization in the book I love these two charactersLottie’s assignment in The Stolen Girls involves an intricate set of events including murders and disappearances along with plenty of deception seemingly with connections to 1999 Kosovo The setup takes a bit of time but it really did not seem overly slow and I was never bored At around the midpoint the story explodes like a rocket The twists start coming hard and fast and continue through to the end of the book We are dealing with a lot and I mean a lot of threads At times my head was spinning trying to keep up with everything But keep up I did I think The second half whizzes by at a zooming fast pace despite the book being 459 pages and is bursting with palpable suspense I found the ending great even though there were a couple of minor loose ends We don’t always need the perfect big red bow If I had one main criticism it would the high number of threads I had to stop and think on a number of occasions in order to keep everything straight in my head I believe the story would have been just as good and a bit easier to follow with one or two less threads There are also some scenes that are real ueasers especially if you are not a big fan of dark and gory I sense that there may be a welcome trend towards cutting back on to and fro timelines This book has a few very short mini chapters revolving around incidents in 1999 Kosovo interspersed here and there I found them totally nonintrusive and the flow undisturbed We also have 3rd person narrative throughout which is my favorite mode of story tellingIf you are looking to become immersed in a gripper of a story with characters easy to cheer for pick this one up I do however highly recommend starting with The Missing Ones 45 stars from me in order to fully appreciate the progressive development of the characters I’m so pleased to have found you Ms Gibney thank you Bookouture I’m now looking forward to book #3 of what I hope will be a very long seriesThank you Net Galley Bookouture and Ms Gibney for an ARC of this novel Opinions stated are mine alone and are unbiased in any way

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E said to Lottie Please help meOne Monday morning the body of a young pregnant woman is found The same day a mother and her son visit the house. Thanks to NetGalley for an uncorrected digital galley in exchange for an honest reviewYes I am handing out another 5 star to Patricia Gibney who is uickly becoming one of my favorite authors for police procedurals Earlier this year I read her debut novel The Missing Ones and was dying to get my hands on book two Thank goodness I didn't have to wait a whole yearThe Stolen Girls takes place four months after the events of the aforementioned book one and Lottie and her team have the task of finding out who is dumping young women near a construction site The bodies seem to also be missing vital organs and the police cannot help but wonder just what type of criminal operation have they stumbled upon From the streets of Ragmullin in 2015 to Kosovo in 99 The Stolen Girls is a pulse pounding thrill ride that kept me up until the crack of dawn In her personal life Lottie continues to struggle with communicating with her kids Son Sean is still reeling from the traumatic events that almost took his life daughter Kate has withdrawn into her room and dependable daughter Chloe is battling her own demons As Lottie continues to solve the case it soon becomes clear that her much loved husband Adam may be also tied to the case Then there are Lottie 's feelings for her partner Boyd that continue to be crackling with sexual tension But when Boyd's soon to be ex wife returns to Ireland issues certainly become much complicated which makes for a very riveting readNow to wait patiently for book 3

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The Stolen GirlsDetective Lottie Parker is back again in another serial killer thriller as girl after girl goes missing just to turn up dead Can she find the la. This is the highly anticipated follow up to Patricia Gibney's outstanding debut The Missing OnesI highly recommend starting with the first in the series as you’ll be introduced to all the players in Detective Inspector Lottie Parker's life Both personally and professionally We pick up the story a few months following the end of book one No spoilers here In this second installment Lottie's work and family life are eually divided and the lines get crossed or at least blurred in that respect Lottie is a take charge kind of gal that oversteps boundaries on than one occasion putting her professional life at risk I also love the banter between Lottie and her detective Boyd I'm still waitingThere are a few triggers that some might find unsettling or difficult to read including rape and sex trafficking The chapters are short the writing is easy and flows effortlessly Once you pick this book up don't make any serious plans because it's extremely easy to lose yourself in this one for an entire afternoon I’m absolutely drawn to Lottie and can’t wait to see her character develop further as the series continues This is uickly becoming a new favorite series for me and I am now anxiously awaiting book three BravoThank you to NetGalley Patricia Gibney and Bookouture for an ARC to review