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Algorithmic ShapeshiftingRansgender Speculative Fiction and finalist for the Hugo and Locus award. VERY GOOD

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Winner of the Lambda award for editing Transcendent 2 The Year's Best T. Algorithmic Shapeshifting by Bogi Takács is a collection of mostly speculative poems I'm not a big reader of poetry but I have mostly enjoyed for example the poems that appear in Uncanny Magazine Since I also enjoy Takács's writing this seemed like a good place to start reading poetryThere is a variety of poems contained in this collection from very short to longer works and written in different styles Some are narrative and some abstract A lot of them tell a story although a few fewer than I expected to be honest went over my head Some were very sweet love poems some were chilling dystopian tales Most tended towards the science fictional or the fantastical which definitely appealed to me Several poems engaged with Jewish themes in various ways A few were less conventional I think that's the right description such as The Tiny English Hungarian Phrasebook for Visiting Extraterrestrials which told a story in a clever way and The Oracle of DARPA which was an amusing poem in the form of an interview between DARPA trying to build a weapon and an oracle giving obliue answers and unexpected side effectsWith short story collections and anthologies I usually include comments on each story unless it's flash fiction I didn't think that would work for me with poems so instead I'm just going to discussreact to some of the poems that stood out for me I was expecting A User Guide to the Application of Gem Flowers to be horrific rather than wholesome I was wrong Trans Love Is was very sweet as were a few other love poems I didn't explicitly mark out Periodicity and Flee to Far Shores were both about leaving bad political situations and migration; I found them uite meaningful I found the sort of reveal at the end of The Third Extension uite satisfying A Hail of Pebbles and Dust was particularly science fictional about a tidally locked planet I liked the way The Size of a Barleycorn Encased in Lead engaged with the idea of time proof sign posting for nuclear waste Six Hundred and Thirteen Commandments told a nice story in several verses spread across time about completing commandments in different livesFinally I want to mention that I had a review copy of the ebook and there were a few typographical notes in there about how the ebook differs in presentation from the original intended form One poem ought to have had two verses printed on opposite sides of a double page spread Another was originally published in an animated form online and although there description prefacing it was uite accurate I didn't fully understand the point until I clicked through to see the original version It's interesting given these two examples that neither the ebook or the paper book can be truely said to be the definitive version of the entire collection I kind of like the idea of there no being one true versionIf you are a fan of poetry or Takács's writing generally then I heartily recommend this collection I am far from being an expert in speculative poetry but I enjoyed it a lot and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others who are also interested in reading speculative poetry perhaps in between their speculative fiction45 5 starsYou can read of my reviews on my blog

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Algorithmic Shapeshifting Summary ☆ 109 Í Algorithmic Shapeshifting is the first poetry collection of Bogi Takács winner of the Lambda award for editing Transcendent 2 The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction and finalist for the Hugo and Locus awardsAlgorithmic Shapeshifting is the first poetry collection of Bogi Takács. This is my first poetry collection coming in MayJune 2019 from Aueduct Press With a foreword by the awesome Lisa M BradleyCover announcement and Patreon special offer of the book I wrote it Does this count for my yearly challenge