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The Clinic Reader ☆ 11 pages à Jonathan Kellerman did not write “Pooh’s Book of ABC’s” for Golden Books Isbn belongs to Kellerman’s The Clinic Isbn #author”translation” were correct Corrected title added photoAuthor”translation” were correct Corrected title added photo I don't know why but this reminded me somewhat of Miami Vice Everyone is a player Except for one young woman a rape victim Everyone else not playing is excusing the player's behavior twisted as it is because the players also do some good as if it made it all balance out As if Reading these books in the Delaware series gives the reader real insight if you have the experience of knowing a lot of people and if you want to really understand what makes people tick From my own experience though nice people usually want to think the best of others not the worst However I find the story of the scorpion that needed a ride on a human's shoulder over a shallow stream instructive The nice human asked if the scorpion would sting him if he helped him cross the stream The human was kind wanting to help the poor animal but was leery enough to worry about being poisoned by the scorpion's tail The scorpion promised so the human carried it across the shallow stream As soon as the crossing was done the scorpion stings the human As the human falls dying he cries you promised The scorpion shrugs saying you knew I was a scorpion Admittedly humans dealing with humans is complicated and so is this story While you can look at a real scorpion and identify it in the world of cops criminals and psychologists it isn't so easy to identify the scorpion minded among us Bad behavior is a big clue as well as selfishness and unusual cruelty Nice people often discount such scenes or disbelieve their own senses and cover up for the scorpion people Other folks admire the scorpions and help them thinking being near the 'power' will spill over by the proximity blinding themselves to the fact they are close to a scorpion person Delaware and Milo never do but unraveling disguises to reveal the scorpions is a lot of leg work particularly in this storyRespectable scorpions are still scorpions even when the human ones hide their stings in gifts of education and money and sympathy The problem with 'The Clinic' is almost everybody is a scorpion I could not care about any of them even the nicer victims because they were still scorpions I'm talking about their dark sides not their childhoods They chose scorpion adulthoods after surviving evil and I can't care about scorpions no matter how much I 'understand' them

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Jonathan Kellerman did not write “Pooh’s Book of ABC’s” A bit slow moving in th first half this book speeds up towards the end with a rush to the final conclusion as the last piece in the jigsaw falls into place Alex Delaware plays the key support role after Detective Milo Sturgis is given a murder case of a psychology professor that has made no progress for 3 months

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The ClinicFor Golden Books Isbn belongs to Kellerman’s The Clinic Isbn # Without a doubt I am a huge fan of the Alex Delaware series The concept of this book was truly brilliant and Kellerman's descriptive writing gave me chills The characters the scenes popped off the page For those of you who love mysteriesthrillers do not miss this series