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Love and LoathingA spunky chorus girl A hotshot movie star An unforgettable stage kiss Beth Bennet can’t keep her mind off of Will Darcy but only because he’s infuriatingly arrogant just like every other Hollywood type she’s known It’s definitely not because he’s drop dead gorgeous If she didn’t need this job so badly their choreography would be like stage combat toe curling kiss notwithstanding And since she s. Love and Loathing is just a delightful modern re telling of Pride and Prejudice with a hint of Cinderella mixed in It particularly resonates for me because the setting is a professional theatre production of Pirates of Penzance which my choir just performed a few months ago Made it so easy for me to visualize and hear in my headThis operetta is Beth Bennet's first big break in the acting business She has the role of Edith one of the Stanley sisters and Will Darcy is the big screen action hero who is the surprising casting choice for The Pirate King Beth's roommate Jane plays Mabel the female lead while Darcy's protege Bing plays opposite her as Frederic The parallel to PP is obvious but there are plenty of surprises in the way the plot unfolds I don't want to spoil any of them though I have to say I love the addition of Dame Stella Gardiner She isn't Beth's aunt here but instead has a role akin to a fairy godmotherThe story related in first person shifts between Beth and Will The author does a wonderful job making both of them believable I really enjoy the various musical movie and book references that pop up Beth has an endearing aversion to cursing and each day she substitutes iconic character names for the epithets she might otherwise unleash This is one feisty lady who prefers blunt speaking to polite nothings Naturally Will finds himself fascinated by her and the course of true love does not run smoothlyThis is clever and funny and clean I can enthusiastically recommend it

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Read & Download ↠ Love and Loathing 105 Þ A spunky chorus girl A hotshot movie star An unforgettable stage kiss Beth Bennet can’t keep her mind off of Will Darcy but only because he’s infuriatingly arrogant just like every other Hollywood type she’s known It’s definitely not because he’s drop dead gorgeous If she didn’t need thWore to loathe him for all eternity falling for him would be an extreme inconvenienceWill Darcy is only doing this musical as a favor to a friend and he certainly could do without the distraction from the sassy and spirited Beth Bennet even if she invades his daydreams like an over zealous photo bomberAs sparks fly riotous drama ensues when they can no longer fight the attraction on and off stage But when. This is a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice full of fantastic fun and humour Elizabeth is a struggling actress who lands a part in Pirates of Penzance alongside famous Hollywood actor Will Darcy The story very much follows Pride and Prejudice and it was interesting to see how the same plot could happen in modern times There are some real laugh out loud moments Elizabeth is a complex character she's funny but it masks vulnerability and insecurity in her Will is also an amazing character as we get to know him we can appreciate his difficulties and why he manages to get things spectacularly wrong with Elizabeth Normally Lydia's character is one I almost always struggle to like not here she is a really likeable funny character but who is also reckless and impulsive I enjoyed this book it's witty funny and kept me interested It is a long book and I really loved the last half of the book which on reflection made the first part seem a bit long When Will and Elizabeth start working things out I just loved it It was a shame the reader doesn't spend time with them in the romance part of the story it was definitely my favourite part The book is written so we see the different perspectives of Will and Elizabeth I just loved seeing how his feelings were so different to hers and how completely clueless he was at knowing what to do with her The inner voices of both characters are hilarious They are both uite self deprecating but this makes for good fun as they can laugh at themselves It also helps the reader truly get to know these characters I really liked them bothDue to the book being set in a theatre there are lots of film and theatre references which I didn't truly appreciate as I'm not hugely interested in film and theatre but I enjoyed the book all the sameUsually I'm not a fan of the Epilogue this book has a short one that just rounded this story off perfectly It was really cute and lovelyI got an Advance Reader Copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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The curtain falls and the lights dim is their on stage romance than just a fantastic performanceLove and Loathing is a clean romantic comedy and a standalone in the Backstage Romance Book Series If you like enemies to lovers chemistry witty banter and giggle inducing humor you’ll love Gigi Blume’s hilarious retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Buy Love and Loathing today and enjoy the show. That book was fantastic I enjoyed reading it ever so much Pride and Prejudice has been one of my favorites rereads since high school And musical theater was my life for four years The combination of the two was sheer delight I giggled loudly at several parts Fortunately my family is used to this and politely ignored meIt was so fun to read along seeing how different aspects of PP played out in a contemporary setting and trying to guess how and when certain iconic scenes would be portrayed I was not disappointed with the characters dialogue or plot at allThat epilogue was one of my favorite ever I had to contain my high pitched 'sueeee' as my husband was sleeping next to me and it may or may not have been close to 2 in the morning