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In Want of a Wife Summary ß 4 ì He calls her The Annoying OneLiz overheard him say it to his friend and that's just fine She doesn't like him anyway Vince Darcy is cold arrogant and detached from genuine feelings and he's become her closest rival in the local antiues market He might be her new neighbor and Liz's sister might be falling for his best fSn't going to like him He thinks she's The Annoying One She can't fall for a man after that Pemberley House is a series of modern reimaginings of Jane Austen novels and the books are set in a historic mansion in Virginia that has been converted into condos In Want of a Wife is loosely inspired by Pride and Prejudice. I've read a few other books by this author and I liked them When I saw this on netgalley I told myself not to reuest it because my ARCs are getting out of control I told myself again not to reuest it when I saw the publish date was so soon I already had a few books I 'had' to read before the end of the month and didn't think I'd get to it and then I saw the title and read the synopsis and it was all over red rover I cannot resist anything PP related and from an author I've already read and liked ImpossibleRight at the beginning the author says this is not a retelling I love PP retellings so I was a teensy bit disappointed and worried about that but there was no need The bones are there with small changes and other things that are all Noelle Adams not Jane Austen It flowed so well I adored all the characters I already need the next ones stat I loved Vince and Liz so so much I loved the spins that Noelle put on the story I just loved it okay Okay Seriously It was adorable and fabulous Super short too so I read it in a couple of hours I think this would appeal to non PP fans as well though I do think PP fans get a leg up on these kinds of books because we understand the characters already Honestly I don't think I have a bad thing to say about this book I liked the others I've read by this author but this is by far my favourite What a delightful read That epilogue killed me dead with all the feelings I tell you Loved it highly recommend it Need the next one now received ARC from netgalley in exchange for honest review

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He calls her The Annoying OneLiz overheard him say it to his friend and that's just fine She doesn't like him anyway Vince Darcy is cold arrogant and detached from genuine feelings and he's become her closest rival in the local antiues market He might be her new neighbor and Liz's sister might be falling for his be. 45 rounded up to 5 starsThis is a really nice modern romance loosely based on Pride and Prejudice It's easy to spot parallels in iconic spots but as the author points out in introductory remarks these characters have different modern issues The names are tweaked to reflect that they're NOT Jane Austen's characters This book also establishes secondary characters who will have their own stories in future books of this seriesVince Darcy is not shy nor is he prideful but he does distance himself from everyone except his mother and his friend Charlie Fielding Liz Berkley and her sister Jane live in a lovely Pemberley House condo and their spoiled sister Harriot who goes by the appropriate nickname Riot still live with their parents The Darcys and Berkleys own competing antiue shops although Riot in rebellion against her parents works for the Darcys Mr Darcy recently died and Vince has moved to help his mother manage the business Liz and Vince first meet at an estate sale where he makes a less than positive first impression and the same day he and Charlie move into their condo Liz's friend Em Woodson is up on all the local gossip and relates that Charlie had been in a longtime relationship that ended not that long ago so he's probably not ready to start dating again He and Jane seem to connect immediately but he persists in the friend zone as an amiable neighbor and Jane can't tell whether he wants from their relationshipThis is definitely a modern romance that reflects modern attitudes Liz and Vince's mutual attraction leads them to a no strings attached sexual relationship fairly early Both want from their relationship but Vince's inability to open up is often off putting and by the time he declares himself things up between them just blow up The book's turning point is similar enough to be recognizable from PP while taking its own path to an HEAI found myself very invested in these characters who feel real The writing is excellent yes including the steamy bedroom scenes It definitely gave me the feels One detail related to the resolution of a problem seemed improbableview spoiler Considering how extensive a financial loss is reported to be repayment over only a few months from a non skillled position shouldn't really be possible hide spoiler

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In Want of a WifeSt friend but that doesn't mean Liz cares what Vince thinks of herYes he's hot Very hot Way too hot It's another one of his infuriating characteristics She's having trouble resisting his hotness so she might consider a casual fling with him as long as they keep it a secret and it doesn't become complicatedBut she i. Lovely start to this new series Pemberley House is an old mansion now separated into condo units and this series is about the women and men who live there with Jane Austen's stories as inspirations in this case it's Pride and Prejudice We are uickly introduced to our heroine Liz Berkley who lives with her sister Jane at Pemberley and her best friend Em who has one of the luxurious suites with her aging father Liz works for her parent's antiue shop and she has uite a competitive nature so when one of her estate sales brings a rival into her midst she's ready to show him that she plays to win Vince Darcy has moved back to town to help his mom out after his father's death and is than a little stunned at his intense reaction to the beautiful woman who clearly cheated to get at a painting at the estate sale before him And now he discovers she's his neighbour too as he's just moved in with his friend Charlie at Pemberley House The Darcy's have put in a bid to buy the Berkley's shop but with the caveat that the Darcy name be the one to stay an offer the Berkley's have refused In close uarters Liz and Vince start out as rivals but can't deny their attraction to each other and engage in a secret sex only fling But what happens when one of them wants I enjoyed this story Vince might seem cold and arrogant but really he's just shy and not good around strangers or new situations and that's definitely the water he's in here It takes him a while to warm up and to show Liz his interest but once that happens they connect and share some sensual love scenes Liz's feelings for Vince are complicated by the stress of her family's financial situation and by her sister Riot who is currently working at the Darcy's shop mostly to annoy their parents and is getting herself into than a little trouble that Liz will have to deal with There are a few small misunderstandings that lead to the big black moment and then the chance to apologize and make things right with a lovely romantic ending Fans of Noelle's previous books will enjoy this one and new fans will have a great place to startNote a copy of this story was provided by the author for review